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  1. I came in expecting a "ooh! Good discussion" only to be met with... things you want. As in easy legendaries, easy gold, etc. And increase the level cap?! NO. I spent WAY too long on my Ascended Gear ALREADY for my daredevil, I'm NOT going to throw it all away and start over to get to 90. NO. NO Level cap increases. EVER.
  2. Came here to suggest this exact idea! Love the amount of thumbs up!I - for one - would LOVE to visit Lion's Arch as it was before Scarlet's war. It would be nice to have it as one of the Pass Hubs, with all the old NPC's and dialogue, residing within the Mists. Bonus points, if we could use mounts and gliders in the instance. Another thing I personally would love, would be a Weaver themed (BLC?) weapon set. Ice & Fire Staff (If this ever happens, please design it as a scythe! <3), Fire & Air Dagger, Air & Ice Warhorn, Earth & Ice Shield etc.. The point would be having multip
  3. You're in luck! As soon as I finish my Rydia Fan Fic, I'm going to start uploading revised chapters of Vini's Story! I may also stick a chapter in the middle somewhere showing how the asura of Rata Sum treat Pol--being Vini's brother. It's sad, yet you'll get to see more of Vini's protective/loving older sister side. :)
  4. This item was removed quite some time ago. @Gaile Gray.6029 ETA on when we'll be getting it back?
  5. Of COURSE. XD I loved that conversation during Halloween. I took a screenshot, and this is how it goes:Human: "I can't believe you prefer Halloween over Wintersday."Slyvari: "Wintersday is no fun."Human: "You don't think getting gifts is fun?"Slyvari: "I don't think getting ugly sweaters is as much as fun as beating you in a costume brawl!"
  6. Niether have I. Even more embarrassingly, I haven't finished the last chapter of LS3 (got the first part done). It's just that my brother got the Switch version of Skyrim for my brithday... so... I'm a bit... distracted from Guild Wars 2 right now. XD
  7. While... yes, I know what "meta builds" are. I feel like my power build is very meta because it works. (Note: I don't raid)
  8. Maybe they could use that money to invest in a better balance team.
  9. I think d-u-m-b is censored, too. As an example:"You're dumb, you'll die, and leave dumb corpse."
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