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  1. I was under the impression they would also change certain weapons and traits that are not (or very rarely) used, on top of balance changes. Not gonna lie, it's disappointing to say the least.
  2. I'm aware of that and I agree it's not the best. However, I'm talking about the "feels bad to play" part, as it isn't the case for me. It's very much enjoyable to play, but I guess that would change with some harder stuff, and it really depends on personal preference. I still feel its survivability is a lot better than some other classes though you'd expect more survivability since its damage isn't the best.
  3. Something unique that will distinguish you from the people who haven't completed that content. If I can just buy the skins off of AH with gold, then what's the point? If it just rewards a bunch of mats (like everything in game already does) then it doesn't feel any more special to complete that sort of content, compared to let's say meta events. It feels bad when you spend X amount of minutes getting Y amount of gold, when you can spend the same X amount of time earning a lot more gold by doing something else, that's also much easier to do. I generally dislike the overall reward system in
  4. I don't know how good it does in group content, but I've just leveled my Engineer to 80 and I'm having loads of fun playing Scrapper. At first I thought I'd go for Holo, but I just love how Scrapper has multiple big AoEs that surround it, + barriers are cool. It definitely fits my playstyle and it's def gonna be my main now. It doesn't look like it's the top dps class, but I've seen worse. Also, in terms of survivability, it really depends, with some mobs I can just sit still and just do my rotation, but some would kill me pretty quickly unless I dodge their op attacks. Having a consta
  5. I agree with what you've said here. The reason so many games have abandoned sub fees and went f2p, might be because they're not great games. I know most of them ended up being p2w after that, or got ruined by publishers. But there's also a reason why a certain hyped game, currently in development, is looking to go for a sub fee model on release. Both can work, the reason why people might suggest a sub fee introduced to GW2 is because of this thing you've said. Time is money, manpower requires money, and priorities have to be set due to a lack of time, money or manpower.
  6. I also prefer one time fees and dislike subscriptions, but sub model is more healthy for the game than other models. The reason GW2 is still going and hasn't died out, is not purely due to that fact you mentioned, but also due to way the game is designed. You have to fund the game somehow, you need to pay the devs, you need to pay for the game to be run and updated regularly, you need to pay for new features. Free-to-play games mostly do this by having p2w systems, that are either "convenience" based, or straight up power based. They will often milk whales. Usually those gam
  7. I'll have to say Thief. It's the only class that has some real differences in terms of class identity between the 3 specs. Druid does it for the Ranger, but the other 2 elite specs don't offer that huge of a difference in terms of class identity. Scourge also changes things up for Necro by removing the shroud.
  8. Sadly I don't think they will ever add new professions. Besides that, the general opinion of the community seems to be against it anyways, for whatever reason. The main arguments are balance and money/effort required. While I can agree with the 2nd, the first point just makes no sense, as the game is unbalanced anyways and it isn't suddenly gonna become unbalanced with introduction of new professions (though let's be real it can become more unbalanced than it is, though only for a short period of time). But with that being said, here's what they could add. Light Armor: I'd agree wi
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