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  1. I have been thinking about the current progress in the lore since the fall of Zhaitan and I think it's coming short. Most of the characters remain the same and they are starting to age their stay. Not to mention their stories are mainly irrelevant and forgettable in my opinion. Marjory and Kasmeer are overused; Braham is a dumb nord stereotype; Rox is normal but she is barely mentioned and mainly ignored; Taimi does not have enough backstory and that bothers me given she has so many lines and annoys the crap out of me; I had started to like Gorrik and his story but the recent events just makes
  2. I totally agree with you, engineer sucks the only thing that's saving it is the new elite skill mechanist and because you can play healer and support with the scrapper skills. Sadly this will probably not change because the reason for this is to grab more cash from you if you really want to fully unlock the content of the game.
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