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  1. Oh right... comp called "team balanced" 4 eles and 1 thief. 🤡
  2. I remember time when mesmer did a bit more damage on some skill than needed, fixed within hours. Here is very improtant trait (and trashy design - fully projectile depandt spec, kekw) cant work in the sea of reflects and projectile hate... Given that they dont fix harb projectiles that cannot be reflected... Doesnt seems like they have people who can actually fix thier mess
  3. I will come with some nice excuse in case of losing then, like "my cat was playing!". xD Distortion 50s cd, slash 8 to reactivate, someome has problems with math?
  4. Few days ago alrdy killed your signet abomination....
  5. Were they afk? You are losing to my power mirage on your condi meme.... just saying.... Since its 100% beatable, beat my bswn with any rev or mes, with a ratio better than 20 death to 1 random win, will ya?
  6. Only 6? You gotta pump these rookie numbers! The class is so braindead I cant even describe it, you cant lose to anything with it, beyond stupid damage, sustain and slash that just ignores everything and people cant interrupt it, not every can spam 2 cc's every ~12s just to stop DT, let alone kill it. Cata is would be next in the menu for nerfs after BSWN 😉
  7. That a BS. If they would want to make it intentionally terrible (they mastered this art of making everything they touch tbh) they would just delete unblockable description and call it a day, its pure incompetence, to leave crucial trait that is meant to make it playble but since there is "the balance intern" that hate mesmer... that seems to be a bit more real
  8. Like FML, it has been reported 27 march even, that it doesnt get unblockable part at all. What kind of bugs they fix even? Someone fix "bugs" that affect only DPS in pve? 🔕
  9. Someone noticed that looooooooong ago, how many f**s anet given? 0
  10. Psychic Riposte doesnt give unblockable bladesongs at all (it gives blades, it shows unblockable trait, but blades are blockable/reflecable), everything gets reflected/blocked or sometimes 1 blade hit... and then everything being blocked.
  11. Psychic Riposte doesnt give unblockable bladesongs at all, everything gets reflected/blocked or sometimes 1 blade hit... and then everything being blocked. Tested in pvp. Besides this bug... what the hell is dagger should do in pvp? It sucks at all ranges, has no damage, no utility, its so terrible, designer of this spec overall should see the door. Also since beta distortion on blade renewal never gave reflects from inspiration traitline, to give reflects on distortion, it works with signets and regular shatter distortion but not with blade renewal. APPARENTLY it doesnt w
  12. Idk, I'd rather fight harbs than braindead bladesworns. OP should make one
  13. You should watch this, thats clearly about you I'm a clairvoyant apparently
  14. They care enough to split some trait for an entire necromancer so other specs dont have to get to suffer because of the scourge; care enough to split vigor for vindi so the rest dont have to suffer, meanwhile didnt give a single f**k to screw over vigor for mes (since you have problem with reading, I repeat - there is a 100% copy version of that trait but it was nerfed specially for mesmer, a big "f*ck you" right in the face). Which doesnt make sense, thief/war/ranger evade way more often and their problem was mirage cloak but they couldnt miss such a great opportunity to hurt yet again alrdy
  15. Failed to prove your claim before and now. That is going to happen if you dont stop spam skills or dont know how condi cleanse works or have condi cleanse that remove only 1 condition 😉 Your posts there indeed.
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