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  1. I'm not singling you out, forgive me, just commenting on this general sentiment. If GW3 comes out or gets announced as in development I wouldn't bail on 2. It could be years before its release. A realistic timeline could be 2030 at some point unless they have a team, engine and design plan already ready to go.
  2. Warrior Fighting Berserker Fighting/Fire Spellbreaker Fighting/Psychic Bladesworn Fighting/Dragon Guardian Steel Dragon Hunter Steel/Dragon Firebrand Steel/Fire Willbender Steel/Fighting Revenant Ghost Herald Ghost/Dragon Renegade Ghost/Dark Vindicator Ghost/Fighting Thief Poison Daredevil Poison/Fighting Deadeye Poison/Flying Specter Poison/Ghost Ranger Grass Druid Grass/Fairy Soulbeast Grass/Psychic Untamed Grass/Dark Engineer Electric Scrapper Electric/Steel Holosmith Electric/Fire Mechanist Electric/Fighting Necromancer Dark Reaper Dark/Ghost Scourge Dark/Ground Harbinger Dark/Poison Elementalist Normal Tempest Water Weaver Fire Catalyst Electric Mesmer Psychic Chronomancer Psychic/Fairy Mirage Psychic/Ground Virtuoso Psychic/Steel
  3. Probably. Although I do think this game is in desperate need of some eye-popping prestige items. Mount skins would be lovely, even if the majority are always on the shop. Some guaranteed and rare drops scattered around the world and different achievements would really bump up the number of people engaging with certain types of content.
  4. IDK why OP is getting so many confused emotes, I feel inclined to agree with them. As a personal anecdote, I have tried to get people to play this game but when they see all the store outfits and the loud glowing auras and wings they think it's a Korean MMO. That in itself would not be a problem except those games carry the reputation of being aggressively monetized. It's an immediate turn off for them. I kinda wish they'd take a note from FFXIV, another game with a massive store and plenty of silly items but at least the silliness is still themed around things that exist in that universe. It definitely flirts with the line of "too much" here and there but it never crosses over into lacking a coherent visual identity which GW2 does whenever you are suddenly surrounded by other players. Therefor, people can look at gameplay or screenshots of FFXIV and not be immediately confused.
  5. I am fine with skipping elite specs for a round or two if it means polishing and expanding on the ones we have.
  6. I wouldn't say this is true as someone who mostly engages with open world. For folks coming here from other games the GW2 open world can be pretty brutal. ESO, WoW, and FFXIV all have pretty trivial open world content. (This isn't a complaint, mind you. I love GW2 because it offers a big, open world experience the others don't.) I had to experiment with different classes and builds before I landed on one that seemed to do what I wanted. And you have to gear for soloing the open world, just like with dungeon content. Now, that all said, is it as hard as instanced content? Not even just slightly. I'm not about to argue it is. But it IS hard enough that some builds have easier times than others in very noticeable ways. I will also agree that buff-nerf cycles are more impactful in the instanced content and WvW stuff than in open world, though it does still have an impact there.
  7. Although if anyone is curious in 2023 I main a staff Mirage for open world and die almost never. It can get rough in places but nothing I can't recover from.
  8. I can see why it annoys people but even without a flying mount it takes me maybe 1.5-2 hours to loop around Path of Fire zones and get all of my hero points. Some End of Dragon spots are even easier. Add flight that cuts down the travel time considerably. It's not that bad. Plus I always end up with sacks full of goodies to sell on the AH.
  9. Not so much a bug as an oversight. The boss Mordrem Leyleecher heals itself when its attacks land so the player needs to avoid them. Unfortunately it will continue to attack pets and heal from them very quickly. Rangers and Mechanists can dismiss their pets but minion Necromancers cannot so they have to die on purpose and restart without summoning.
  10. It can be annoying but it definitely makes leveling easier so eh. Edit: I got a confused emoji for this. Isn't this the thing that stacks up to mini "achievements" that grant tons of experience or am I thinking of something else? Those dings have given me multiple levels in one go.
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