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  1. There is just a lot of people in here that want to have a fun AND viable spec coming february
  2. Although I like what the spec wants to be, I have some issues with the traitlines and utility skills. All the comments and suggestions are coming from a PvE power spec background. - F2 and red utility spells feel unrewarding and free of impact - Major adept traits dont offer any choice because they all sound bad - Major master traitline feels excessive to only offer three variants of the same thing - only the bottom grandmaster trait feels good to use, although the middle one still kinda works. The top grandmaster trait makes the class feel clunky with its 4 second a
  3. I did not know how much I need this. This is literally the only way to make me care for stat infusions other than give them ridiculous power levels like +20.
  4. I feel very sorry for you OP that you have to put up with the worst outliers of the raid community apparently all the time. The current balance should allow you to play almost any DPS at any boss as long as you respect their limitations (as in play condi DPS on strict condi bosses and vice versa). Reaper even becomes more valid every time! There will always be some rotten people but I just cant believe you have never had a good experience PUGing. For me personally I might run into bad squads/commanders maybe somewhere between 5-10% and then I just leave or block the toxic parts.
  5. Dunno man... you are probably right to some extend but I get the feeling that the majority of the MMO audience have a problem to stay engaged to a game without vertical progression. There is a recent video of a WoW streamer watching a GW2 summary video (wont post it, its everywhere anyways) and he likes everything about the game EXCEPT the lack of vertical progression. And that alone seems to be reason enough to not even try the game because you "cant feel better than others" without an item level to grind out. WoW itself even reintroduced PvP gear because players over there feel like their ti
  6. You could also just buy the insignia for 25 LI, thats half of the crafting costs of most ascended armor pieces. And it lets you choose stats on top of it. LI surely could use some more purpose though. Like maybe let us buy bufffood or utility crates. Or at the very least let us buy the raid shards with it. RE: Deadvillagerli for asc gear is a waste. I have two characters full of asc boxes. and everytime I get asc weapon from raid I salved them immediately. there is no more space to put asc grear. if you raid a lot, you get a lot of shards, those shards already can be used to purchase asc gre
  7. Its not really an off hand choice if you ask me. You can decide if you have a better WH skin or Focus skin for your outfit since you wont use anything of either in DPS phases. I brought a Focus to the last Dhuum raid for Focus5 but other than that I believe it doesnt really matter which one you bring.
  8. This one sounds like healthy gameplay. You need enough time to react to an engagement and to utilize your skill and knowledge while you also need clear purposes for bunkers and glass cannons. Oneshot builds with long range or out of invisibility only serve the purpose of killing freshly interested players in unranked.
  9. warhorn is a core ranger weapon, boost by nature magic, that is also core ranger. Nothing boost warhorn in druid and has nothing that trigger for it. It's like saying scourges are great because epidemic (just an example, I don't know how epidemic do now :) )Because the core class has something, make the elite specialization worse... seems logic Okay let me rephrase then: Scourge has about as much or even less boon support than a traited core ranger spell. It is just not intended to do those things and has other strengths like temporary health and boon corrupt (admittedly similar to core necro
  10. You could also just buy the insignia for 25 LI, thats half of the crafting costs of most ascended armor pieces. And it lets you choose stats on top of it. LI surely could use some more purpose though. Like maybe let us buy bufffood or utility crates. Or at the very least let us buy the raid shards with it.
  11. 1)No one is taking druid to be the number one DPS on a raid party. Players want to do enough DPS to at least be compatible and dangerous in PvP.2)Players like the concept of druid from a fantasy stand of view and want feel capable and have options with their favored spec(build diversity).3)Since when support specs ca't do massive damage if they are build for it, look at firebrand and scourge, both doing arguably better job at team support with better defenses and much better damage. 1) You are far more compatible and dangerous with a soulbeast or core ranger. Druid is probably the most defen
  12. I dont really understand why you would take the druid spec for damage. If you are too "lazy" to swap your specs all the time depending on whatever content you are currently playing, I can totally understand. Why you would pick druid with the intend to ignore its core mechanic and do damage with a wet noodle weapon instead is beyond me though. Not saying that the 20% stat squish on pets was needed but thematically speaking, Anet could also have reduced your offensive stats or total damage output instead. You got away pretty good with the pet nerf.
  13. You forgot the obviously correct option of Asuri.
  14. This is not supposed to be a simple patch bashing thread, please don't stop reading >.< I actually like the (potential) ideas behind the changes to these two skills. Making WH5 a melee AoE lifesteal enforces the close range/teamfight sustain theme of the warhorn, completed by the area daze on WH4. The rework of Focus 4 was desperately needed to give it a more reliable nature. The original skill was sadly never a good option because you lose damage whenever that damn scythe rolls to an ally and does whatever it did (I never bothered finding out). The new focus snipe sounds really fun and
  15. They are fine as is, as long as they are playable. The one thing that always annoys the hell out of me is condi immune essential objects. This isnt even about clear speed any more. It just renders a huge set of builds pretty much unusable in some dungeon paths.What I would rather like to see instead of a complete rework is new dungeons introduced with expansions. Give us one dungeon per expac release and one dungeon per LW season. This would already warm my PvE-corrupted heart.
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