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  1. Hello, does anyone have problems with login servers? Because i really often, like each 2 days , get errors saying "The servers was unable authenticate your gameplay privileges" or "Game is not able connect to log-in server" . Tried restarting router, sometimes it help, sometimes not, deleting cache, etc..its really frustrating
  2. I bought warhound mount for my first account, and i plan buy for my other account that warhound mount too, but it dissapperar, and instead in gem shop is an raptor, raptors i really dont like...it will be nice if anet give to gem shop some jackal skins really...so please, give to gem shop some nice jackal skins..
  3. For me will be okay too, if Anet give Jackal Adopt License, with random Jackal skins, Raptor Adopt License, etc...i really dont want this lottery..i am using only jackal, dont want grifon, dont use raptor, and very rarely i use other 2 mounts..so for me are these Adopt licenses really useless
  4. Hello. I want halloween skin for mount for my jackal, but i really dont want other skins, because i use jackal often, others only when needed, and griffon i dont have, and for now i dont want it. It is possible to add these skins separately too, without 20% discount? for price 400-500 gems? thanks for answer
  5. Hello, i want marshall stat combination, so i want buy spearmashall recipes. Game dont let me buy them from trading post, client loading prices, but nothing more happens, other things i can buy on trading post. Can u fix it? Thanks
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