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  1. Wondering the same thing. It's actually insane lol. Firebrand 100% needed nerfs, but diversity is gonna die for guard more than likely. I guess guard isn't allowed to dps. xd Mrauls says to hope big game hunter will carry our damage, so we'll see if some kind of power DH build comes out that doesn't use a bow. But it's a yikes.
  2. I sure do still play GS core, lol. It's a shame to hear it's going to be dead-dead though. Greatsword just feels really good to me (for the most part) and I played it to P1-P2 a while back. I'm going to be quite interested in seeing if a DH build without a bow emerges. I guess I'll have to wait and see, I really hope I don't have to put away the GS. :[
  3. Looks pretty bleak to me, with our access to quickness being removed and Lesser Symbol of Wrath immob going to 1 second on top of the other nerfs, it doesn't seem good. Granted I could be over reacting, but I've enjoyed playing my core guard for the past few years. :[
  4. I feel like power GS guard is gonna be in a real bad spot after this, lmao. Not even gonna discuss the DH nerfs because yikes...
  5. Still playing DH here. It's pretty obnoxious to fight certain things IE Spellbreaker and Scourge depending on your positioning. Still seems effective though. (Duelling spellbreakers is winnable but it makes me wanna tear my hair out and takes a looooooong time.)
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