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  1. i was in a team with someone who said is playing @ 1600+ rating and i am just doing some placement stuff to get my badge and rating. and as usual i go home, and all the 4 of them died so fast as if they forgot to use their healing skill. lelz.
  2. warrior/sb just depends on heal sig ticks, adrenal health and might makes right. so you have to always hit the target and crit, hit your bursts and be sure to NOT activate your heal sig (but there are times that you need to activate that).
  3. when you go home point and 4 of them go mid and they all go down and dead as if they are not using their heal skill, the game is over. but there are exceptions.
  4. full solid zerkers. damage runes/sigils. when they dead, you no dead.
  5. well i had a 4000++ hours suspension for typing an expletive word for 3x. so those charrs must be as light as a potato chip.
  6. even nature says that it is not ABOUT the NUMBERS. It's all about NUMEROLOGY.
  7. just a thought. coz even the "most defensive computer user" (lelz) there is has these lelz programs installed out of no-where. real talk: this is to prevent CC theft for the common gamers who are not that wary of some malwares or overly trusting to their computers. Platform: iOS since the game has a client in MaCOS. you can even interface it with Android. Schematic: [secure phone] ( GW2 Gemshop -> $$ __ gems -> kaching! || Log on game on the computer - 00 -> ($$)___ gems are there. regards, alCoPaUL [MATH]
  8. You'd do the same amount of damage by auto attacking. Throw bolas covers any immobilize needs. The long duration immobilize might be useful in Queensdale, but after that you're better off on Core Sword to just not use F1. skill slot vs a f1 skill and you want your warrior to wield sword? so which is a waste? i could even double endure pain replacing that bolas. lelz.
  9. Uhm... you let Flurry finish its cast? Or you immediately weapon stow it after procing Megabane Tether and immobilize? Or was it sarcasm? I am confused.You really think that people in current balance will happily wait for your Flurry to finish its cast and eat that super amazing damage with some bleed stacks? Oooof... you dont even need to stow weapons. flurry and immob, don't finish the full fanning of sword by weapon swapping, of course you're in GS now right? hundred blades + burst etc etc.
  10. WoW Classic is akin to Microsoft Making 64 bit compilers to make 32 bit files. and yes, They already got 32 bit compilers specifically for that task. that's the trend in Computer Science/Information Technology - going forward and then retarding..
  11. always been the case. and i don't wonder why.. METAFAMOUS lel.. and are you not wondering why they are DEFENDING ARCDPS TO DEATH? that by itself leads to some funny situation that they are in atm.. lel.
  12. and also don't forget to properly load the TP, with all the correct data there otherwise it will undercut significantly your sale of anything you threw in the TP. noticed on some mats. and think about how many gold will be lost if you sell a Volcanus or FlameSeeker Prophecies and you experienced the bug above?
  13. i think it's an internet speed problem. get a higher bandwidth from your ISP. or get a VPN with high bandwidth (and if its all rounded up, that VPN~ISP will be your internet speed. it is good if your VPN optimizes the routing) or if you want to do something, be sure that if you exclusively play GW2 at given time, don't download stuff (which is given). i also said the above sentence because there might be some programs you installed/or/surreptitiously installed which can literally reduce your bandwidth by 100 mb/s. and if the above is not the case, turn off in-thebackground downloads, (any prog
  14. go to the kitty golem it counts your dps without the need for ArcDPS. I already said that but you ignore it for some reason. I bet your dps on the kitty golem (which is stationary, you don't even have to dodge) is worse than my dps in actual fights. Go try the golem and I'll show you from actual fights, we can compare, you know I'll show you dps from bosses that actually move and fight back, and you'll show your dps on a stationary golem that doesn't fight back. i said my DPS varies. so that fight alone is done. I said Damage should be calculated during the duration of the instance (even asse
  15. do you know skimming? like you get what it meant by fast reading?
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