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  1. Knowing Anet you you would need 100% map completion on all games, HOT, POF, EOD etc. You would need to combine all the pieces to form one gift and then combine that with 3 other gifts to make another gift that would be then used with X Icy Runestones, and you would need 2 other sections like COMPLETION of events, random materials. You make it cut and dry which is good but you def need to add multiple 4 craft tiers of of the gifts. and then make it repeatable up to 6 times.
  2. HAHAHA wasnt there instrument skins at one point? That would be so epic to see flaming Charrs on a turtle. MAKE THIS HAPPEN
  3. Its a great idea I dont know why people are confused by this? The turtle mount does nothing in PvE except bragging rights
  4. Im talking a legendary skin able to be crafted. You can buy weapon skins you can buy mount skins, have a legendary one that can be crafted
  5. Why isn't this a thing yet? Could be a really cool concept that acts like a mobile bank or some sort of carrier for items. No idea how this would work but doing another legendary option but purely cosmetic with some utility would be really cool. Maybe one per mount for now? Thoughts and is this even possible?
  6. Make this happen, I never see the Turtle in PvE, hardly at all in fact and I think it's time to add it to WvW. Can really help with long range and possibly curb the boon blob, add an option for walls. Might add a possibility of seeing a wall of turtles followed by players behind it, so could be a fun trojan horse meta option but the turtle in my opinion is pretty useless. Sorry just Griffon, Skyscale is pretty much the dominate one and don't see the need for a turtle so let's put it where it belongs.
  7. I guess I read that attuning rings change the stats only once but does that work with earrings, backpiece and amulet? Just no information on this with wiki
  8. This one I am curious on. We can stat swap ascended weapons and armor but why not trinkets? WE can do the exact same recipe as armor with ectos, the item, and the insignia plus Shards but why not trinkets yet? It's not much fun to farm up ascended trinkets then select stats like Misntrel, Trailblazer, Dragon, Ritualist just to have the meta change then no one will select us because our stats are off. Those ascended trinkets take forever to farm up sometimes. The easiest is bitterfrost Frontier with the berries and I like that I can get an ascended relatively quickly but some of the other ones take a lot of investment I DID see that stats on bloodstones can be swapped, so my bad, but my question is why was this never added for the rest of trinkets?
  9. Armor and trinkets are the only thing worth on legendaries the weapons are nothing more than cool skins. Ascended weapons you can get every weapon you want, with all of your stats and use a couple slots in your inventory to transfer to different builds and all of this will still be WAY less than any legendary weapon you craft
  10. Armor and trinkets maybe? Weapons are for skins only def not worth it
  11. Warrior Guardian I think would be a staple... But mixing would be interesting. I think Necro and Guardian would be hysterical. Let's give boon strip Scourge with a second health pool and add Stability and Aegis plus staff buff of 4 skill.
  12. By that logic maybe that player who thinks that needs to decide if Guildwars is really for them then? Something to ponder, if you cant put the time in for certain aspects then perhaps Diablo or COD or something like that. MMO's take a certain level of investment
  13. Ye and thats cool because there is some theme its that basic recipes and basic armor is extremely annoying to find information on. I dont mind needing map currency for this rune or that rune thats cool. But I do get sick of every map in every part of the game having berserker gear. Literally EOD introduced so much new things and they are 75% all berserker 25% ritualist. I like pushing ritualist in EOD thats cool, make the ascended and exotic stat selectable or maybe stat selectable for certain stats... I just hate that it auto has berserker stats
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