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  1. As an engie main I really like the no down state event in WvW. It gets me back in the action quicker instead of sitting there while I wait for someone to finish me off or bleed out. I mean it's not like engies have any down state skills that are worth a kitten, except to pull your killers in to put you out of your misery. It's literally been "no down state" for the Engineer class going on 10 years now.
  2. It would be great if classes like the Engineer could use pistols...instead of them just being pretty hand decorations.
  3. If you think the devs "hate" rangers try playing a core engie sometime...
  4. roses are redviolets are bluecore engie is badand if you play it, you will be too
  5. Nobody else gets to complain about OP downstates while Guardian still has that sad little puff and nothing else. Try playing an engineer.. WORST.DOWNSTATE.SKILLS.EVER.
  6. I third this. Pistols..my God it's as if they are there just to have something occupy your hands while switching to a kit. Truly sad..
  7. I name mine after characters in Jane Austen novels
  8. So Core isn't bad its just that everything else is better? Isn't that the definition of bad?
  9. This is what happens when you design yourself into a corner. Until core classes are de-coupled from specializations this will continue ad nauseam. This just highlights the fact that "specializations" are a flawed concept and they should just make everything a separate class (which will never happen).
  10. This There are so many traits and skills in the game that aren't just "undertuned", but either old, dull, useless and all combinations of those words. There is just to much stuff that could be done about them. Agreed. This is especially true with the engineer. A good portion of the core skills (turrets, shrapnel mine, slick shoes, pistols etc.) are ineffective and are rarely used. It's so bad that the core engineer is barely played at all especially in WvW.
  11. Agreed but this would essentially split core engineer into a separate class...which is what should have happened with the specializations. This would have avoided having the core specs suffer when a particular specialization build is OP. Unfortunately this requires more effort which means it won't happen.
  12. Discord and the like obviates the need for in game voice comms. However adding speech to text would be interesting and would allow for faster communication with ALL players. I work with several STT APIs at my job and they are amazingly accurate. Unfortunately the licensing and/or usage fees would probably be too prohibitive at the scale needed for GW2.
  13. Engies have been living with “no down state” for over 8 years...garbage DS skills...
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