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  1. Nothing. We lose nothing by not having a subscription. Absolutely nothing. The game is one of the finest MMO's on the market, has been for over ten years, with just as much effort, time, and skill put into it as the other top contenders (more, let's be honest about some of GW2's competitors here..) Arenanet is the one who is missing out, along with their shareholders. From what I understand, Guild Wars 2 is a top contender in both quality and player numbers, but it lags behind severely in revenue. "But Isabel, more revenue means more money to spend on the ga
  2. Guild Wars doesnt neccecarily need a full decorating function, though. It could be fun, but I think in the end the cons (empty game world, lack of player interaction, beautiful public environments going unused) will weigh heavier then the pros (minigame, showing off your house). As a roleplayer I used to think housing was vital for it but the housing feature seems to kill even those communities off rather then support them. In the end there are other games with a full housing and decorating feature and it isnt a fix that -needs- to be in the game in my view.
  3. I would prefer to have no housing in Guild Wars 2. I am a housing nut, and I love tinkering on houses, but they also have a way of draining the game world of players and making the world seem empty and inactive, as every player just does their thing from their own house instead of the central auction house. Expand the guild halls function instead.
  4. I played original Guild Wars since the day it launched since the day it ended. I was ecstatic about Guild Wars 2, and I never felt different about that to this day. It was a brilliant move - The game had a wonderful story and wonderful mechanics, but fire it up now and you will see it's age. At a certain point it was just done. It felt done. It had told it's story, and rather then endlessly trying to expand what they had, Arenanet fast forwarded the clock, brought in a changed world where all these interesting races and nations I saw in Guild Wars 1 had time to change and flou
  5. That reads like another question: Should open groups be elitist by default or inclusive? I would say inclusive so long as the group can clear the content. After all, you can't expect complete strangers to live up to elaborate requirements, and a gaming environment where you get constantly kicked for not having x achievemenet, or x gear score, like on some other MMO's? That's not my idea of fun, I don't think that's what we should want for Guild Wars, and, to get back to the core point of this post, it is not neccecary for fractals. It's different if you put it loud
  6. In the end this game is being played for fun. Now "fun" has a very different definition for some people rather then others, and that is fine. Personally I think that so long as my party is able to clear the content, how we clear it (as in, with what builds), shouldnt matter. I know there are some people who will very angrily disagree, but in public groups at least, I think people need to have a little bit of patience and joviality. Get your friends together and be as elite as you like, but expecting it from randoms might be pushing it a little.
  7. For me, the important difference between elitism and efficiency is if you remember that: - An MMO is a social activity to be shared with other players I am currently trying to dip my toes into endgame content myself and I do things that drive folk mental. I dont always know what to do or even what gear I need. For me, the elitist is the person who will smacktalk me and kick me from the group without even trying to help, while the efficiency-oriented player is the one who helps me out by telling me what I need to do, what gear I need to get, and how to aquire
  8. I wouldn't worry about that. Even some of the most ancient, archaic MMO's of the first generation are still running (and, shockingly, still have players!). It is vanishingly rare for an MMO to be shut down, shelved, and never accessible again. It does happen, of course, but it isn't the norm for established titles. More often then not an MMO gets put into maintainance mode, meaning the game still runs, and can be bought, but the developers no longer actively update it. Guild Wars 1 is a good example. Even that I dont see happening anytime soon, this is a great time
  9. Region: EU In-Game Name: Ziya Pronouns: She/her Species: Asura Position in the Pact: Junior aviation developer, vehicle engineer. Years of Service: 1325 AE - Present Brief Rumors: - Rumored to have worked on the development of the Pact's airships. Later served as an engineer for Pact vehicles, both ground and air. - Rumored to have seen battle despite her scholary role. Scuttlebutt has it she uses an Asuran golem suit for it. Additional Info: During the events of Heart of Thorns, she picked up a lot of improvisational skills, using wreckage of the crash to improvise a
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