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  1. Well, in some way, the Guardian can be a Gunmage with a pistol in each hand 😎 We don't know which weapon will be melee or ranged yet sadly, so anything is possible. The chance for a melee staff for warrior like revenant or thief are high though, but I could also maybe see it as a thrown spear type of weapon.
  2. Every class can use their elite spec weapons with any spec. Additionally: Guardian: Pistol (main and off hand) Revenant: Scepter (main hand) Warrior: Staff Engineer: Short bow Ranger: Mace (main and off hand) Thief: Axe (main hand) Elementalist: Pistol (main hand) Mesmer: Rifle Necromancer: Sword (main and off hand)
  3. Well maybe, just maybe, the pistol will be condition damage weapons. Scepter and longbow lean way more into the strike damage line. They would absolutely make sense and be in the theme of holy fire(power) pistols.
  4. Purging heretics with holy firepower will be a blast (pun intended).
  5. I would be funny if they rename the dragon hunter to demon hunter with the new expansion. That wouldnt even change the DH abbreviation.
  6. I am really looking forward to condi willbender with axe/torch. Hopefully the pistols are condi weapons too, so we can switch to an actual ranged condi weapon.
  7. It's true that it looks most like a Human. The last time this was discussed, I think we came to the conclusion that the current image of the core Revenant was not intended as such. An indication of this is the image you can see when you are on the main page of the forum. On the left side you can see three characters, a Charr Engi, an Asura Guardian and a Sylvari Revenant. Most likely the Silvary was the image of the core Revenant. He wears the typical Mistward armour and is also a Silvary, just like the other Revenant pictures. However, he has a dagger in his offhand, because in the early development process the Revenant was supposed to be able to carry a dagger in his offhand, but this was unfortunately removed later, which is probably why the image for the core Revenant was also changed.
  8. In fact, there has been some discussion about this here in the forum, with the result that the Revenant is also consistent in this respect and is always represented by a male sylvari. Admittedly, the Herald looks like a norn at first glance. But if you zoom in on this picture, you can clearly see the leafy chest, spiky leafy ears and the hair made out of fern.
  9. A totally non-biased recommendation from me would be to play the warrior to level 80 and then switch to the elite Spellbreaker specialisation. Most Spellbreakers use a combination of daggers, axes and hammers. I personally play with a dagger in each hand. The gameplay is very fluid and you have a very nice combo of damage and sustain. The greatsword on the warrior feels very clunky because the strong skills restrict movement a lot. You can also try out double axe or hammer while levelling up to see whether you might enjoy the weapons more.
  10. You could always just farm gold and buy the gen1 or gen3 legendary directly from the trading post. You don't need to play PvP or WvW to obtain a legendary, just play the mode you like the most until you have enough gold. Or just buy gems.
  11. It is that way because it is balanced to be bad because it is a racial skill and they are supposed to be worse than profession skills. If they made it into an elite, they absolutely can lift those restrictions.
  12. Since Revenant was supposed to have a dagger from the start (just look to the left at the promo picture for revenant) and they finally decided against it, I very much doubt it will come back.
  13. Spellbreaker and Bladesworn both have very viable solo builds. One of the best creators for solo builds is lord hizen, check him out on youtube. I personally use double dagger spellbreaker with strength 332, defense 333 and spellbreaker 133. Full Berserzker gear with strength runes. You have high damage, 100% crit (maybe with one or two assassin trinkets) and a lot of sustain through might makes right, adrenal health and lifesteal from sun and moon style.
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