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  1. Hi All, [DAD] Chokehold is an OCX WvW guild on Tarnished Coast who are looking for a handful more members to join us. Our philosophy is to run small, run comped and improve as we go. If you're disciplined and like all aspects of the WvW game mode, please reach out to us. We raid Mondays and Thursdays from 7:15pm aest to about 10-10:30pm aest. We only run 2 official raid nights per week as we expect full attendance. Note: TC is currently a full server but our current link, BP is open. If you enjoy our style and are a good fit for the guild, we will fund the server transfer to TC once it opens.
  2. Annnnd we got a Warclaw.... So now they're putting Mount skin revenue into WvW and destroying the game mode. This is not what we wanted. We've sunk money in for server transfers and guild upgrades and now they destroy the fundamentals of the game mode. Looking at you NCSoft.
  3. All awesome. Now delete the Warclaw and your game will be fine. Revenue from skins for your mounts won't compare to how much you'll lose when players move to your competitors because you've changed the one thing the game-mode is based on: Movement. Preaching to the Loyalists who argued against this change at Anet.
  4. We'll have people on Mars before then.
  5. As an update. We're up and live with a healthy group in OCX timezone on Tarnished Coast. Very gracious of Blackgate to have started donating their bags to us ;).
  6. Give WvW more content. Map (despite what haters say Desert BL is dope), structures, siege or events that occur for your factions to fight over. We spend more money than most other players in the game. Give us something to show for it. Cheers.
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah will get to recruiting eventually. But looking to start in the right spot. Don't wanna join a server that already has a strong OCX. We're looking to start punchin on. Thanks for your responses :).
  8. Hi all, Quit the game a while back after co-leading a guild and am looking to create a small guild of dedicated players (10-15) to play in oceanic time zone. What server should I look to start on? Where can we get fights with decent groups? Looking at t1, t2 or t3. Or even linked server like DR or IoJ. Any comments appreciated :). Cheers, Floz.
  9. Hi Guys, I've got a question about the implementation of rewards for servers/guilds that behave honourably in WvW. This pertains to the overall attitude towards Blackgate and the attitude of T2 servers whereby the status quo is to "tank" to avoid having to fight the best server in the game. For the BG elitists out there, to get this out of the way, I'm a guild leader from SoS. Your skill and your gameplay is the pinnacle of the game. There's no denying it, but this pertains to you lot as well. Firstly, the attitude that has been created from the servers who try not to win is ridiculous. Playi
  10. Hi Guys, Firstly, good to see changes being implemented for balance and meta-shifts, it shows the game is alive and kicking. I've got a couple of points re the changes. Firstly, I think lumping the changes together for WvW AND PvP isn't the wisest direction. They are completely different game modes. Yes you can run PvP builds for roaming in WvW but the dominant classes in PvP (mesmers (excl boonshare), thieves and engis) are all but redundant in WvW zerg combat. I think a better direction would be to split your testers and have a WvW group and a PvP group to address balance changes individuall
  11. Hi guys, I'm a mesmer main and I play condi, power and boonshare. Primarily WW. I think mesmers are a beautifully unique class and have a really nice flair with how their skills work. I've always loved mesmers since GW1 days (that clutch interrupt on a prot monk in a gvg = prime). I love the elite specs and how different they behave and what their role in wvw is. Fantastically done. So to the meat. I was thinking about a next elite if you guys do get another expansion out. I would love to see a mesmer based on Fragility and disenchantments and the like. And weilding a big mother of god hammer.
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