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  1. gw2 has no grind, trust me i came long time ago from korean mmo i was top dog there but u could barely finish ur lvl grind and gear grind before new update came out.. see u guys complain about infusion drop at what 0.001% chance? kitten gear in that game dropped at 0,000018% chance if it would drop it would still be useless.. if u would start that game now it will take u 4/5 years to even get where i stopped and ull be miles behind to people who continue playing. fun part is, u cant do a jackshit in that game cus u lack on everything, u die to a mob u lose 5% for u to gain this 5% bac
  2. so play power DrD during this fight problem solved. why play condi anyway 😞 direct dmg is making games fun, dmg over time is what makes any game super dull
  3. map limit is 80? * 4 =320 and u can fill every map on WvW..
  4. u cant stop this anyway, only way to stop this is by people waking up them self. you play this game for fun, in order to get fun ur looking for equally skilled people/fights in general all equally skilled people/guilds know each other. most of these people complain and cry for content but they already pair up on same server as their buddies and then wonder why theres no content ;). u see every1 likes to win but when u win to much the game is not fun anymore. but theres only a few big brain gamers out there to go against their "friends" so he actually gets the joy and the conten
  5. sadly all condi, if only there would be a proper dps build with healing power for ventari id play it. been thinking to go celestial or something but waste of time for me getting all the gear xD
  6. Greatsword and hit harder then rangers Maul 🙂 anything else is gonna make me sad 😞
  7. why roam to cap stuff? u roam to lure people towards u to create small fights no? keeps are perfect way to keep constant flow off deffenders untill u get over run. u dont cap it xD. when i saw ur list of top 3 commanders i hope no1 agree's cus then NA is in really bad shape :x
  8. well i hope not cus u didnt give thief a cool weap so im sad 😞 torch is lamest weap in gw2 do not want 😛
  9. whats wrong with celestial tho? they deal low dmg take low dmg heal for low amount etc.. ye it might not go down instantly but he or she shouldnt insta down u either.
  10. fine u wanna compare signets with signets.. malice sucks. why? because burst heal from it sucks, u dont need malice when u trait CS in PvE alone CS is enough. in s PvP and WvW u need burst heal so both suck. end of discussion. as for water attunement this adds the burst needed to make signet on ele somewhat valid if not any burst class will wreck ur balls with a silly signet on u. tho im not sure what we talking about this section needs PvE / PvP tag to their topics cus i dont see why any1 would run signet on thief ever.
  11. difference is a ele doesnt need to hit anything just 1111 plus ele has water attunement that heals aswell and if traited for it u get healing from swapping between attunments also.
  12. why its must have u should ask your self.. we dont have much choices anymore lately do we? Acro < nerfed to the bone useless trait now (unless ur s/d but u still have to take useless traits) then we have critical strikes, well ye if u wanna give up on pretty much everything i guess.. so whats left over to choose from is deadlyarts and SA trickery is pretty much a must have. then u can either go core deadlyarts/SA/Trick or DrD SA or deadlyarts and trick Deadeye is just w/e useless class. i dont know about PvE but i doubt its much different.. if anything
  13. this game doesnt like simple npc farming 😞 i miss it also mindless grind on certain mobs for hours with some good music on. but nope anet doesnt like it, thus why i kinda ditched pve.
  14. they should remove nation servers and give all these players free ticket to go somewhere they wish.. nation servers in any game i have played are always the worst at end of the game. russian server wont do anything. u likely get linked with something else and u create this rage in between servers again like certain other nation servers manage to do cus they refuse to cooperate with other server.
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