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  1. He really is! When I get him on my team, usually I will just follow him around and keep him healed up. He causes so much carnage with that hammer of his lol.
  2. But unlike a traditional quest they don't have much meat on them. For an example a quest might have characters, a story arc and conclusion and then a reward for completing it. An Achievement is just a string of values attached to already existing content and doesn't bring with it much content of it's own, other than the carrot on the stick reward at the end.
  3. I have noticed over the past few years in particular there has been a growing focus on Achievements and attaching rewards to them. I don't mind Achievements existing under the hood, out of sight and out of mind. But please don't make them the main focus point for questing and earning things in PvE! I know a lot of people are probably going to disagree with my feelings on this. I personally just don't think Achievements are a good replacement for proper questing. The Achievement menu leaves a lot to be desired, there is very little information most of the time requiring you to use g
  4. Mounts are just as unnecessary as housing. All that development time so we could move around fast and make 80% of previous content trivial and easy.
  5. I have a friend who is new to GW2 and is curious about the PvP and would like to spectate me play some matches so they could see what it's like. Is there not a way to do this in unranked or ranked matches? The server browser isn't a good option because they are all 1v1's and daily farms.
  6. I didn't know zoomers played GW2?? It's an 8 year old game, and 20 year franchise.
  7. I feel like as the story goes on, it's becoming more like a saturday morning cartoon where our band of heroes can never fail and there's never any real conflict or consequences and every storyline ends on a high note. With the launch of HoT we saw the disaster with the Pact fleet upon arrival at the Maguuma jungle, and the conflict and paranoia surrounding the Sylvari. As Rytlock stated in the HoT trailer " We cannot trust the Sylvari, they belong to the dragon now" Why don't we get more stories like this where there are tensions between the 5 races or even just the dif
  8. I'll have to check again, but doesn't it only give like 2 or 4 seconds of Stability? barely useful imo.
  9. oh, I'm glad they are looking out for my feelings. I wouldn't want to get offended reading an online forum 🙂 I'm sorry for derailing the topic, I just wasnt sure if kitten mages were a real thing or not. It definitely sounded interesting~=!
  10. how come the word clkitten is censored now? bit weird.
  11. Every clkitten has some method of applying stability but I feel like stability is important for a Warrior most of all. Why don't warriors have stronger methods of accessing stability? I've looked through the traits and skills and most of them only give stability for between 2-4 seconds. And I think stability as a boon itself is rather useless with the amount of corruption and boon stripping in this game. Something needs to be done. Berserkers should get pulsating stability while in berserk mode, for example. This should be the payoff for having a full bar of adrenaline
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