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  1. You shouldn't use DR as a condi cleanse. It's better to do 2 skirmmish shot to kill the target !!!!!!! a "free" steal to interupt/boonrip stab is a must have + to be able to switch target + int back. DON'T give up Mercy for signet of agility (condi clean) That's the problem, if you get condi bomb your best chance is to stealth and go out of combat but at this point you are basically a deadweight for the team
  2. Ranger can kite better than DE and can stealth a litlte too but not as much as DE for sure but they don't need to "work on" to unleash their burst. DE is for sure weak to condi. You take one condi bomb and you're dead if shadowstep is on CD or if it doesn't remove the damage condi. I can't say for Soulbeast because I don't play it or play condi against them
  3. If you use Mercy as a stunbreak you mostly waste the skill. I wonder if you ever play deadeye rifle with this one... Yea the mark on your head, the 7 malice stack that the DE need to generate and then the need to go to stealth .... definitely 0 tell on what's going to happen... I wonder how do you deal against LB Soulbeast and projectile in general
  4. You assume player leave the game because their proff is nerf but people staythe same proff or just change to the next better proff (wich need some time/gold investment to be ready up)
  5. June patch is mainly focus on PVE balance (wich lead into some indirect side effect on pvp). PVP balance patch are mostly number tweak on skill/trait. So maybe they don't touch Habinger and Willbender because the PVE balance team already work on some change. Or maybe the last patch was already set up before the last MAT when Willbender and Harbinger emerge on the top
  6. This ! The damage are "ok" but there is too much condi coverts I would rather do the contrary and nerf the damage output and leave untouch the defense/mobility so Willbender stay a roamer/brawler
  7. Dagger/Pistol with a Shortbow is the "standard" weapon set for Daredevil in PVP
  8. Why so much boon duration ?
  9. I use this build in unranked match for healing : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PaABsqhrlhySZssNWLeOXnxWA-z5YfKZKC6VCUtCIghgOGA It work "fine" in unranked but I don't if it will work in ranked with people knowing to focus the healer
  10. I would rework SA to add more support trait
  11. The whole chain is set to be the same duration as the finisher animation. They won't make it faster
  12. What madness are you talking about ! then you will ask to be able to share it to other ally !
  13. I like the set too. Having a a backward or forward shadowstep depending on your target is interesting. I would see the shadowstep up to 450 and somehow make you can't shadowstep forward to close to your ally or make Endless Night able to cast behind the thief (so even if you are too close, the cast won't break) + change the Regen on Endless Night into Resistance so your ally can go even more crazy with the Quickness
  14. Thief already have 2 spec about damage. I would rather see them nerf damage and leave untouch the tankiness but they choose both...
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