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  1. A better way to disagree is to give an actual opinion or argument as to why you disagree with something.. just disagreeing without explaining why is entirely pointless.
  2. Because tons of people already use Steam for all their other games anyways so it's nice to be able to have it be in that list as it allows them to still use Steam features like the friends list as well as the community pages, screenshots and all that. Of course it was mainly appealing for Anet to advertise it to millions of people on this platform as they generally do a bad job at advertising the game, sadly they once again did a bad job at advertising the game and decided to celebrate the 10 year anniversary by offering nothing to these new players so they ruined a good opportunity to get a bunch of new players into the game by being greedy.
  3. Value really doesn't hold infinitely, you can't say that games from 10 years ago are as valuable as they were at the time because it's the same experience.. would you buy a Playstation 1 for full retail and pay $60 or whatever for games because it offers the same experience as it did back then? No, because that experience is tied to the time period it was released in, it was the peak of gaming at the time, but now has been surpassed by everything and it's dated. Guild wars 2 in 2012 was more special, FF14, ESO, New World and all those things did not exist.. WoW was probably at it's peak and GW2 offered something new, different and fresh compared to what was out there.. however in 2022 what it offers really isn't as special.
  4. Those games are generally not MMOs and it's optional content, not being able to play a certain nation in Civ 6 is not the same thing as not owning an expansion in an MMO. Try playing the free trial of GW2 and tell me that there is no need to buy the expansions, tell me how fun it is to play in base game areas by yourself most of the time, where you cannot play with anyone else because they're all running around on mounts or roller beetles and they disappear within seconds. Playing in empty zones, doing events by yourself very often because of the low player activity in those zones.
  5. No one is willing to accept this though, almost every person arguing against all and any form of criticism of this game and Anet are 10-15y veterans that refuse to acknowledge issues. I said the same thing about how there should have been a sale with the Steam release but the arguments mostly just ended with people telling me to stop playing the game.
  6. Sounds great for new players to get stomped in PvP for weeks or months earning that money then, bet they're all excited at this prospect.
  7. You as a what, brand new player who has no idea or a 10 year veteran or whatever who has all the expansions, content, done everything and who knows all the best spots?
  8. Nice gatekeeping buddy, you got stuff for free but then tell others to pay up.. keep it up.
  9. Feels like a lot of people are just gatekeeping ' I paid this much money so you should also pay this much' even though some of the content is many many years old. Just hope to find people like that when I want to sell a 10 year old car and they'll be willing to spend the 2012 price for it.
  10. It removes F2P limitations, sure.. but that's not what I meant.
  11. Pretty sure that is mentioned a lot? But people don't present it fairly where WoW costs thousands but GW2 is free and the cash shop has zero downsides. Yeah, both can use the in game currency to avoid having to pay money, but then the justification for the $100 is less sound. I don't know if they are running promotions, you tell me, clearly nothing about that is indicated on their website so I can only assume they do a poor job at communicating that, but I also don't really see how that helps, heroic edition doesn't include a whole lot.
  12. Yeah, because the game is perfect and you need to be a kitten to anyone who disagrees, I get it.
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