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  1. All core class are fine even on mesmer (compared to the rest of mesmer not the game)
  2. You have very little control of your fate in conquest compared to 2v2 and 3v3. There are games in conquest that are absolutely unwinnable by no fault of your own in 2v2 and 3v3 you can carry those games atleast to plat your not at the mercy of the queue and team comp your even less at the mercy of bad players ruining your game due to 1 its TDM it naturally deters bad players from playing no crutch to rely on no team to carry no one to blame and 2 you need to know your class more because its a direct confrontation no just running away to your team and waiting around to outnumber some one you wo
  3. Your wrong entirely, there was no state outside of HoT bunker chrono that Mesmer was OP thieves rangers engineers if they are good always screwed us and still do to this day. What nerfed mesmers were people like who you refused to learn how to fight them and the people who did won. It's the fault of people asking everything they can't beat to be toned down and it started with mesmer and as i warned it wont end there, the condition nerf was aimed at mesmers and it destroyed alot more specs then mesmers. I'm sorry your apart of the problem and if you can't see that its on you. Anet e
  4. I just want to say this is true, back when scourge was absolutely absurd and the forums were wild about it because we didn't have 2v2 and 3v3 i remember it well. We had debates about a class that had such massive area denial in a point holding game mode, crazy how necromancers made it out of that fine but symbol brand didn't. But ill say it again most these changes come from the forums and players Anet has no vision for the game what ever vision they had the tossed with with the HoT PvE nerf that change cascaded into every game mode.
  5. https://ibb.co/NpFmM1h I don't know what your talking about, are you using an exploit?
  6. Welcome to the life of mesmers post HoT. Man vindication feels good ever since they took weakness away from clones being destroyed IP and chronophantasma (And then gave back IP and chronophantasma) we have been on this train where you can be good at nothing at all gotta when they said getting weakness for destroying clones destroys mesmer counter play even those I HAVE NO CLONES AND I CAN NOLONGER SHATTER OR CONFUSE YOU but yeah trade offs right? I shed no tears i've learn to cope and no only that but i had to relearn how to play both my elite specs 2 times over changes that call t
  7. Beta Character Limitations Progress is not carried over from beta characters to live characters. Beta characters may no longer participate in ranked PvP matches. Beta characters do not share normal account-wide inventory with nonbeta characters (e.g., wallet, karma, shared inventory slots, bank access). Beta characters cannot access the trading post. Beta characters cannot mail gold or items. Beta characters have access to a copy of your account's Legendary Armory. Legendary items newly added to your Legendary Armory while a beta event is in progress will n
  8. I just want to say nobody gets class hate like mesmers even when they bad mesmers always in the conversation.
  9. Holo is fine, the only class i can't reliably beat holo on is mesmer and its not every holo its like 2-3 plat holo's that are really good that you see all the time. As for Necros i've stated it before they aren't OP i did grow to dislike MM post gold 2 but that was nerfed so i think all is good. Lemme add idk if i can't beat those holo's on mesmer because its a me thing or a holo thing.
  10. Welcome to the life of mesmers i hope you guys will atleast learn to empathize with us. Especially now that the entire game is built like how mesmer was destroyed.
  11. Basically this, what happened to mesmers is happening to the whole game. I warned everyone about this years ago you guys keep on marching in this direction the whole game is gonna suffer for it. Mesmers have been dealing with this since HoT Anet has routinely destroyed the class because of tears having to make every mesmer main relearn how to play it in pvp. They even when so far as to destroy IP, Chronophantasma when every mesmer main said this is gonna destroy our class they ignored it because of tears. And ended up undoing those changes and giving back those traits cause they legit nuked an
  12. What do you guys expect you guys have been beating up on anet for 8 years. You guys can't see it though everyone has ptsd even anet. I've been playing mesmer all my life this is something we as mesmer mains have been living with since Anet got rid of IP and chronophantasma then did whoops and gave it back. No other class has anet routinely destroyed you guys just feeling that just now, maybe you guys will move forward and not cry and come to the forums everytime some one kills you because they are a better player how about you guys post thoughtful suggestions so we don't have to go
  13. Prolly Daredevil with critical strikes, the trait that increases damage + missing endurance bar % damage runes maruder or zerkers + exploitation weapon runes the guy prolly had vul on him too. I can manage 3-5k normally in maruders so could imagine if a thief went full dps in the right situation 6k is possible. 11k Is possible from wars mind you.
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