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  1. Ohhhh... I never knew! I never tried it on a character of the same weight class! Thank you 😄 All the others I tend to play are heavy or light.
  2. Hello, I got the beach package and after trying it on my sylvari I decided to see what my human would look like with the breezy swim top and the raven ceremonial gown. However, upon glamming them over my current gear (leggy gear on top and bottom). The raven gown was missing it's dress and was only showing the trousers underneath. Which has resulted in a very thotty look, not really complaining. But after swapping gear, removing gear, logging off, closing the whole game, trying each piece of gear on it's own etc... It's still bugged! I have tried the same combo on my other characters and the gear looks as it should. To be clear this is not only the raven ceremonial gown, it is any bottoms that have skirts or smth that could be hidden due to another piece of clothing such as decade's saga and water dragon leg guards. So this is how she looks currently with the beachwear and the raven gown. Thotified Human Female I'm not sure how I can fix it so she can wear bottoms again... The sanctified leggings have turned into a pair of shorts now even. I did also ask a guild mate if I look the same on his screen, yes I do!
  3. Looks really cool, I'm hyped! I hope to see the housing expanded upon further in future expansions still too. Adding new features continuously and items etc
  4. Looking at the pc gamer video it seems the housing is looking really promising! A great foundation to start from and I am hyped to see how they add to it in future beyond Janthir.
  5. I'd like that and to not have the fish need stupid high fishing power as a requirement if there are few fishing spots to actually stack from. Fishing should be comfy and relaxed. Soto fishing was quite annoying with it's sparse spots and high fishing power needs. I still want a legendary fishing rod that gives more fishing power and some other perks.
  6. I am guessing we cannot adjust the walls and flooring in the homestead like you can in FFXIV. I hope it is something they could consider adding or as others say sell other homesteads so we can have different kinds and decorate in different themes. People in ff make some really magical homes so I hope crafting the housing items is not a pain and that you can place objects with relative freedom. Not limiting on how many items are in a set area would be good, people with weaker PC's can simply avoid creating clutter in their own instances. Do let the item limit be high enough to decorate the space fully without it feeling empty, my mansions in ffxiv I wall off whole sections due to having problems with the item limit. I hope the majority of furnishings are available via gameplay but I don't mind some extra misc items in gem store. Having homes with different themes be in the store would work, similar to ESO. My main wish is for housing to get regular updates and not be abandoned after the expansion is done. It is a favourite content of mine along with fishing, soto fishing was rough! Don't make fishing in Janthir as painful please.
  7. Thankin yous ^.^ I really like it and I've also been hoping to get the magic gift thingy out the box... i keep getting might from every one. I feel cursed. I'll look into the gift though! Thanks 🙂 My leggy list is still so long, I wanna make chuka and champawat, nevermore, more aurene weapons and then finish medium armour set along with the last couple accessories... I've been on the kralk ore step for one of them for months x) it's no fun so I procrastinate!
  8. We've not all been here that long, a lot of us are newer. I don't have a single gen 1 crafted yet. September this year will bring me to two years since I stuck with the game. I've been waiting for the howler and was hopeful it would appear, I had to double check it was gen 1 when it didn't. Maybe next season. But it's not very exciting knowing half the box is a duplicate imo. Not super mad at it either though. FFXIV drops it's new expansion next month anyway, I'm more hyped for that right now so by the time content there winds down we should be in a new season and I can cross fingers I can get my howler then!
  9. I was happy when I spotted fishing on the daily, and having alternative methods for things is really nice QoL. Also good riddance to activity and the mini dungeons.
  10. If the issue causing failure is leeching/lazy players this makes it worse. At least a lazy player is maybe doing some damage, preventing the player from doing any damage at all makes it worse and makes failure more likely. Forcing participation at each stage for the reward sounds fine, preventing damage that can negatively impact the instance overall doesn't.
  11. I love fishing, I'd love some QoL and expansion of features. Add some more crafting materials for future leggy bits into the loot would be nice.
  12. Kitty chair is cute, make one with a bunch of doggos next please! More chairs where you're leaning against your mount like the skyscale one would be nice. Especially if you did some for the skins, like the wolf skin the jackal has ^^
  13. When I was brand new the people helping me made it clear I don't need ascended gear unless I wanted to do t4 fractals. I did wvw in full exotic for ages same for raids. I'm not sure why you're in a rush to get him ascended gear. I wasn't in any particular rush for masteries either. I went through the story and progressed each area more slowly and got masteries without thinking much about them besides veterans giving me tips on where to put early ones. I think the issue comes if you're trying to rush into certain content. I loved my birb when I first got it and getting it's masteries didn't take long, I even got the exp doing the races each day. Going through pof story alone gets you the mount progression pretty smoothly. He probably wouldn't be nearly so frustrated if he wasn't constantly comparing himself to you.
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