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  1. Compensating.. They need WSR to do fighting 😛
  2. Well the original idea of gw2 was not to have dedicated healers/protters and buffers.. So they either change something so people get bags, or perhaps your necros need to be a little less greedy.
  3. Another week, another bugged event needed for the bonus.. It's beginning to look like this is just usual stuff, tried to get a friend back to GW2. He went back to his normal game right after this event was bugged and the quagan event was bugged..
  4. People dont do this gamemode to roleplay 😕
  5. I dont mind good designed JP's. This is not one of them..
  6. Better would be to stop making these terrible JP's. I dont mind the good ones, where there is actual logic on where to go and makes sense where to navigate to. This one, and the one in draconis are just follow the guide or do lots and lots of leaps of faith.. That doesnt make it much of a puzzle for me. The one in sirens landing is much better made as just an example.
  7. Yep lots of mesmers helping out. One on the map I was one managed to get a 50 man squad till the end..
  8. Lack of players during prime time mostly. I dont think I have seen one que when we got the link. Now this would not be a problem for all, but even on T5 servers I would get a que at least during prime. Only when Zorn( I think thats is) is running there seem to be players..
  9. Its a server that is not very strong in normal EU hours... They keep up the score by playing pvd early in the morning when they are for sure not to encounter enemies..
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