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  1. Look at the sticky on this forum, there might be hope for you 🙂
  2. Stealth would be more fun if it was what the name inplies.. Invis is just plain stupid.
  3. Chalice and searing are made be people who dont get JP's at all. More like guess puzzles? The one after, in Sirens landing, is putting both to shame that is how good that one is made.
  4. Perhaps a single player game is more for you? Kidding aside, what do all these people do to deserve blocks? Mine is completely empty..
  5. Either stop doing these so called reveals, or show something. The whole stream was laughing at Anet for not showing anything again, it is getting bad publicity now..
  6. I dont mind, only the color is just a bit annoying. If they dont change that I hope some reshade third party will allow me to do so.
  7. For sure, the primordus one fits my fire character way more..
  8. I havent seen them all. I was in doubt at first, the dragon versions of the GS look kinda nice though. But I think I would still prefer unique ones.
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