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  1. For your rev I can recommend using double sword/staff. Or at least offhand shield instead of staff for some defense. As Legends I use Dwarf and Dragon stance, very low maintenance, Dragon is just that simple. What does your wife use btw? Some tanky condi build works fine together with your power build..
  2. Smokescale on power soulbeast. I just love the merged skills. And on condi I use the Iboga.
  3. Yuck piken square, they only do pvd in the morning..
  4. Doesnt fit any of my chars so I hope I can turn it off. Would kinda suck if I dont get to use it when you cant switch the effect off..
  5. GW1 also had a lot of reskin, enemies, areas.. But somehow they made it work. The map showing last week from echovald had a very familiar look to it, but I am sure I will llove it anyway. Jade sea also had some of this, but also areas where I was stunned on how good it looked.. Only part I didnt really like was the cut out jade and the mining area jade. It looks weird and fake.
  6. Hmm not really, right now the only new elite profession I would like to do is mechanist.. And got a free char slot for that one.
  7. I dunno, the sea itself on the stream they showed it looked fine.. The blocks and where they mined looks way too green in comparison.. The blocks almost look like big blocks of toxic green jello, like they are not finished texturing on them?
  8. I am pretty sure we need(or at least I need) less visual clutter on the screen please.
  9. It is a bug ok, but who does it really hurt here? What can they even hit, mendons perhaps? Big deal.
  10. Got a feeling OP is just passing through the core game right now.
  11. patch just downloaded... Hope for the best.... Pfeew, it's working for me. No more windowed mode 🙂
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