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  1. While this is probably not really helpful: I did this achievement on tuesday so it doesn't seem to be completely broken. But I honestly don't really know HOW I did it. I basically just targeted Kralk and blasted away at whatever target I could focus.
  2. The beginning is fine and then it completely breaks. And like the other wrote: the UI is utterly messed up when you're back in Lion's Arch and you have to restart the game. Running an NVidia 2070 Super with Driver Version 466.47
  3. You obviously have never played a Ranger or you would know that there are TONS of bugs when it comes to stuff like Pets, BeastMode and Gliding/Golems/Mounts/Swimming/etc. which cause stuff to be on cooldown, not being useable, etc. -> it's super awesome when you're in BeastMode, do something, and suddenly you can't use your BM skills. Or when you get out of BM just because you leave the water, ... But yeah, just whine about those evil, evil rangers and how they should experience the same problems you have... and totally ignore that they have been dealing with these bugs for yea
  4. Tried it last night: after starting it took 10+ seconds for the first gate to become active, then multiple gates only registered after i went thgough them 2-3 times. Istan is a bugged mess - bountys don't give credit for the regular bounty-hunter achievement, I didn't get credit for tearing Jokos statue down, people on the DE-forum complain about not getting credit for killing Amala, etc.
  5. You're late - they removed the Suggestions-board 4 years ago.
  6. You can try to contact the support and ask them to unlock the episodes or send the tokens. They should be able to tell if you logged in during that time.
  7. I just tried again and now the items are back. Guess whatever the issues was, it got fixed/fixed itself.
  8. Guild Banks stopped working, too. I put 8 Divine Lucky envelopes into my bank and they just disappeared. Then I logged into another account to check if they probably appear on that account. But I couldn't see anything on that account either and that account couldn't even put anything into the bank anymore. So, yeah....people should just stay away from anything guild related ATM.
  9. I can life with the "Deposit All" button being where it is right now but seriously - get rid of that damn "Compact" button. It's at the worst possible location.
  10. Biggest problem for me ATM is that all fights feel extremely slow and dragged out.
  11. Sooner or later during a matchup, the Dolyak that travels from the Foghaven Camp to the Garrison will get stuck in the south-eastern door. AFAIK, this only happens on the green border, never on the blue one. Once the Dolyak gets stuck there, the only way to get it going again is to get it killed by an enemy. It does not matter if Foghaven is captured by an enemy/recaptured/whatever - the Dolyak will stay stuck and no new one will spawn. Would be nice if this could get fixed.
  12. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/80100/release-additional-quest-data-order-some-flags#latest
  13. Kinda funny that people see the logo and go "Oh, nice - no more dragons" - first thing i thought of after seeing the colorful logo was Aurene :smile:
  14. As there is currently no way to tell the correct order of the quests i decided to create a little csv-file containing some additional infos. You can download it from here: http://filedump.gw2info.net/quests_order.csv It's just a very simple CSV with the following columns: ID: quest-idName: the (english) name of the questStory: story-idLevel: levelFlags: a string containing some additional info -> for example "whisper" if the quest belongs to the "Order of Whisper's" storyline, etc. Followed By: quest-ids of the quest(s) that follow after this quest (by using this data you can pretty much bu
  15. Yeah, it would - especially if you only care about the quests a player actually played.
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