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  1. You can get it. You have to play GW1 for it though. Highly doubt that will change and I am leaning on it shouldn't.
  2. The gods are gone, they wont come back. Thats how it is now. Reworking old maps wasn't massively well received in the past and it is a bit annoying for story consistensy. Not only for new players, but for me it actually bothers me a little when running a new character. And thats only in Lions Arch... if it was half the Tyrian continent? Yeeah
  3. I think Mewcifer and otto already covered the answers pretty wellI'll add that not only is there no expansion in sight anytime soon. HoT was not free with PoF from the begining, so you may end up waiting a very very long time. If you do. Sometimes waiting for a better deal, means never getting it. Because you can always find a reason.
  4. If it means anything I am more inclined to think it could be a different game. But dunno. Wouldn't hold my breath, based on something so flimsy.
  5. Its not really worth it for me to get the pack without the newer mounts, considering that I use only 1 or 2 of the base mounts while I use skyscale a lot now.Don't like the idea of a split much either.
  6. Isn't that Edge of the Mists? Last time I was there it was pretty dead. Before that it was used to mostly just farm and avoiding/ignoring enemy players. Doesn't seem like a successful concept.
  7. Im rarely in the camp of complaining... but yeah this is unreasonable. Chair needs to change or people should eligible for refunds.
  8. I'm sure, they do ride on poor hummingbirds... :p They ride a skimmer that looks like a hummingbird. Or a hummingbird like creature which is as large as a skimmer. Larger than any moa.
  9. Because norn and charr are too big for riding moa. Can't exactly have a mount for only 3 of the 5 races.
  10. Kaineng always invited for quite varying opinions. But its definitely quite unique and lots of changes could have happened in the 250 years. However I think the main intrest in getting to Cantha is the areas outside of Kaineng. I would absolutely love a return to Cantha to see all of it again.
  11. If some dev decide to do something like this in their sparetime as some small side project... sure... I guess.But is a 0 priority. Your idea of how well it will sell might be a bit too optimistic. Besides if you change flesh golem, what about the other minions? What about turrets, weapon summons, ranger pets? They can't give this without giving something else. Also Phillip... I mean the flesh golem... is nice as it is.
  12. I don't let it sit that long. I take it out and possibly relist. It would bother the kitten out of me to look at the list and see anything over a year old.
  13. He doesn't though. Sure he makes himself look like that perfectly. (To a lot of people at least). But for all the faults he has, he is not responsible for people thinking they have seen all norn after seeing one. Even if he is the norn we see most, we have seen enough other norn, to know that not all norn are like him.
  14. What is it with people and wanting to kill of NPCs? I don't really get it... well I suppose it is an effective way of not seeing a character you dislike again.. still seems harsh to me.I have no reason to want any of the current cast dead, rather I would be really sad to see some of them go. (Don't take my Taimi away!).Infact if an enemy NPC comes after my NPC friends I will want them dead.
  15. I kinda like the look, more big cat, less ugly monster. I'd like if male charr would have had more options like it from the start. But in context to the majority of other male charr, then yes he looks uncannily different. Crecia fits just fine with other female charr we have seen though, so nothing there. Either way I'm not sure I would say cuddly... at least not anymore than I consider a wild, fully grown tiger "cuddly".
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