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  1. Bling you got it. It makes simply no sense at all. What also do not make any sense is, that the specter doesn't buff himself. So how should he survive any ambush? To have more thieves in the group which tether than specter 1 which tether the Commander? Thats really confusing.
  2. I hear also alot of peoples who are sick of these pew pew Rangers standing of a wall and burst peoples down or leeching in a 1vs1 (The arrows even hit when u are in stealth). I also hear peoples who are sick of all those Necros in every modi. I also hear peoples who are sick of all those Guardians which can block every dmg and heal. I also hear peoples who are sick of those engis who spamm their grenades and instagib peoples with it. I also hear peoples who are sick of mesmers because of stealth, blinks, Clones and when they running full condi. And so on.... Thief has no place in a
  3. Na im not angry but realistic. How u want to targeting heal in a big fight? This can work in a sPvP Setting but not in large fights where u barly see anything. Who needs a single targeting healbot when u have classes which can support 1000 times better? Anet should stop give us 50%. When support than full support and not such a gimmicky nonsense. It can work in roaming group but everyone said me that they want now a Zerg Spec. I do not see that with the specter. Targeting heal in a game where other classes can spamm the support in a AoE Ragnarök and your FPS goes down to 7 FPS with a effect th
  4. Thiefs asked for years that they make the Ini from prep baseline. Without it the class isn't playable because the costs are so high now.
  5. "Every other class". Thief is not the only class which has stealth.
  6. Good~luck to targeting healing in a big WvWvW Fight where u often don't see anything. This Spec looks bad af.
  7. In WvWvW i feel sometimes that there are 60% necros. In PVP in every Matchup there are 2-4 or more Necros. It begins really to be boring to see those Necros everywhere. The Problem i see is not only the balance. The Skill Cap between the classes is very high. As Necro u can simply faceroll your head on the Keyboard and you get kills. As Thief you have to watch out so many things. As Ele you have to rotate greatly and so on. That means that new player will choose the most effective class and which is easy to play too. The Bandwagooner now they choose everytime the most Broken kitten in th
  8. Nah this will not happen. ArenaNet delivered 2 Addons. This Addon is very important for ArenaNet and the Franchise. So when they are in need for more time, im Ok with it.
  9. Cyberpunk showed that a delay is the better option. When Anet needs some months more, so it is. I really would have a better addon than a half thing with bugs or half assed features. Sure it shouldn't be 1 year but 2-4 months more i really do not care. Don't forget also the Crunch. Devs schould stay healthy and have fun what they do at work. For my taste this addon lacks some major features. PvP in this game really needs some development. Since years the same modis. Progressive Guilds asking since RLS for a dedicated GvG Modus with leaderboards.
  10. As in the Title, can we get more palettes of Colours for the Emblems?
  11. How can u say this? Because of this trailer? Wait and see next week. The other Specs did also look cool but then ingame it was meh.
  12. Looks crazy generic at the moment for me. The Animations are odd too. I stick with it that the scepter doesn't fit this class. Focus would be the better choice.
  13. A bit salty to set the archetype of the thief class on a lvl with hackers and cheaters. Ps: Thief is the most nerfed class ever in this game. Ps2': When u loose as a Ranger against Thief then it is truly a L2p issue. Pew Pew is not viable against every situation u face.
  14. I also do not know why this broken mess is still in the game. Really unfun to roaming at the moment when this grenade spammers are everywhere.
  15. This mode is a big WTJ fiesta. "All good" players stack on 1-2 servers and put YT videos on the internet how they can farm PVE bobs & Newbies. A complete Joke when u ask me. The gamers nowdays have no bite anymore. Hopefully the alliance system will kill off this Pay to Win Manta and manipulations. I do know 1 person who is personally (RL) a good guy. But he is a WTJler in person. He transfered roughly 50 times and everytime on a new hype server. I understand that many only can have fun when they are beeing carried. But for the others who stick to the team and give everything to become b
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