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  1. does this also affect the WvW? If I understand that correctly, you only get unidentified and exotic items in your backpack after 26/3? damn, that's good! I always hated to search for them before! I just crushed everything in the backpack!
  2. Basically I don't like the attitude that the smallest renewal is washed out immediately just because it prevents old behaviour - people become more open for new things! To the entmount skill - sounds interesting, I would consider a short range of 300-600 appropriate, so that escape in occupied areas is still possible. breakbar - I still don't know what this would be necessary for - the necessary damage to bring a player from the pet is my opinion completely sufficient. but as long as the breakbar can't be tilted by 1-2 players, yes, by me. much more important to me are the bugfix things - that
  3. best PvP for groups - no matter what groupsize! With distance the best RvR currently on the market - unfortunately completely undervalued and far too less advertised.I think there is also the biggest developmentpotential in it - what you could add to maps and gamemode extensions makes me sick - if you look at how little is actually done for it.
  4. Exactly. there is one! the red borderland map - nor large scale grp like the long paths and chokes. so feel free, get all there!
  5. I love bvb! GW2 is the game with the best graphics in this type of game mode. Apart from the fact that the game system is fantastic.The movements of the masses, a targeted blow and the watch we break their interplay - wonderful.
  6. I can't understand you people who are so boycotting the smallest innovation. No wonder Anet reads all this bullshit, doesn't take any risk and brings something new into the game. You don't want mounts? then go eotm or on the red borders - these were made for your game style. oh wonder, they are hardly or differently played than you wish? Well, what could be the reason for that? imho, finally get along with the progress and stop crying after the good old days - because if they were as good as you do, gw2 would be the AAA game EVERYONE would play - but it's not, unfortunately.
  7. New patch, new opinion.After reducing the leap by felt 30% I have to say, you have pulled the claws of the war claw with it. Feels sluggish and doesn't allow you to break through into zerg fights anymore. I wish this would just be an stop-gap solution to give more time to fix the many expolits. But I'm afraid that too many players will be pleased with it, because it retains the existing strategies.Still, the war claw still feels very good in the WvW for me.
  8. Soooo after now about 20 hours of playing time with the claw my additional feedback. I think the hotflix of the attack jump is a pity, but yes, it was very powerful with a lot of players at once - imho good fix. The exploits will also be closed, there is no doubt about that and to be honest - everyone knew that there will be! :) The possible uses in zerg fights are damn interesting and enriching. But how exactly they will get their way we probably won't see until two or three weeks after the "easy loot" has disappeared from the WvW. Because let's not kid ourselves, what is currently taking pla
  9. Fantastic! Honestly Anet you know how to make mounts. The movement, the speed feels really good and also pleasantly right - by that I mean, I don't find them too fast, they offer the speed that was really useful and necessary. The triple leap is great! Finally you can skip difficult sections that are besieged by gankers or enemy NPCs quickly to reach your goal. Some may not like that - but they probably also like to rob players of the fun. I can't say it often enough that this trolling and bullying of players is really a problem - with the mount possibly found an end. The Income leap with the
  10. absolutely - it should be against cc imun! to stop someone with only one skill without him being able to defend himself is awful! Now you can dodge damage and escape or dismount and go into battle. gankers - please understand, you are the crab of a WvW! This out of the blue game-robbing and awesome annoying behaviour what you do - only disturbs, it harasses, it upsets people - it has 0 game value! do you want 1v1 - go to the pvp where your opponent plays a build designed for this and you are equal! This is also my biggest hope that this crap will finally stop because of the mount.
  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm really excited about this mount - it was really time that you remembered us Wvw-players!But! Would be nice if finally more would come, because to be honest, it is much too little for the long dry period we endure here!Nevertheless, thanks for that!
  12. I don't like Bik very much, but his statements are unfortunately true. So I'm sad to have to pay him respect for the flag he waved for so many! ty bik.
  13. it just takes way too long. And there should be some infos to come.
  14. We are slowly moving into the period for which many expected the new alliance system. So far nothing new comes from you after an intermediate update. that worries me, honestly. Especially because I'm constantly listening to reddit and speculations about GW3 and I'm beginning to think that there won't be a major change to gw2 anymore, even less to a seemingly unpopular system like the wvw. it would be really nice if you'd play more open cards for me, because honestly, I'm slowly getting out.
  15. take health, armor and the defensive buffs of the class (and constant overall buffs like protection) together, add them up to an EHP and compare them with each other. Then you can see that in WvW the DMG classes are below 100kk, ballance around 120kk and the tanks around over 150kk. The only difference is, that some are little more susceptible to conditiondamage (less vita) than others. However, you can clearly see that the modifiers significantly increase the overall defense, so that even classes with less hp can have a high EHP and that for example more armor or vita in certain builds has a
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