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  1. reading comments while waiting till this kitten mosquito dies by mosquito tablets
  2. Ironically like this if I am on power Herald for example fighting enemy vindi
  3. full stability stacks and attacking in full Counter for fun not hurting you 😂
  4. lets change thread name to spellbreaker is ridiculous with so much warrior talk 😂
  5. It works upfront and from the sides/back not, where there is no projectile field. So it works/not buggy
  6. Just double tested to let other classes hit me in ffa in the back while this was up, just to double check if it wasn't only me being able to hit like that or not. CONCLUSION: you're litarly lying here and spreading misinformation, because they all clearly were being able to damage while it was up. So if you want troll/spread misinformation do it somewhere else sindrener
  7. These are 1v1's, a little harder yes. But I am talking about in teamfights and vindi getting +1'd killed. In these last 2 scenarios it's a lot more manageable to pull this off from the back/flanks. I turn nice, I am a ballerina cat 😺. I mean if I see damage numbers when I hit others like this with shortbow/hammer projectiles while they have hammer, then I am not seeing it wrong. Idk why this should be different from other projectile abilties.
  8. He might be right. A small example I saw, on ranger you used deadeye rune and on rev dragon hunter. Dragon hunter gives more damage
  9. Seems I tried it. If I see numbers appearing when I directly shot them in the back, you're going to tell me these numbers on the enemy didn't happen what I saw... I am saying what I seen from my experience
  10. hammer is core weapon, that aint about vindi. The problem is never solved still then. Death Drop instant damage is the problem
  11. how long is this on rev now for hammer and suddenly cry outs from every corner
  12. then why did I manage to do it to others last night succesful? Unless it's today bugged because today I haven't done pvp yet
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