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  1. Thank you for spreading Wintersday cheer and kindness to so many people with this thread! Keep up the great work!
  2. Just to clarify, is this contest only for visual art, or also for other kinds of art like writing or music?
  3. That's possible, yeah, though there has to be a better way to prevent people from harvesting the ascended plants than keeping an expensive glyph deactivated for the whole home instance? It would be so much nicer for us players if the ascended plants were "immune" to the Reaping, so that all the regular nodes can be harvested with the glyph again.
  4. The use of the gathering tool upgrade Glyph of Reaping for resource nodes in other players' home instances was deactivated around the time ascended cooking was introduced. This made sense back then, given that there was a bug with the ascended crops. But the ascended crops can no longer be gathered by players other than the instance owner anyway, so could you maybe consider giving us back the functionality of the Glyph of Reaping for the regular nodes in other players' home instances? Several of my friends bought the Skyscale Hatchling Harvesting Tool from the gemstore just for this glyph, so
  5. Did you receive your item or gold back yet?
  6. What happens about the gold/items which EU players lost during the time that the EU servers were down, but the Trading Post was still operating normally, so that NA players were able to purchase items listed by EU players and sell items to EU players who had open buy orders? I honestly cannot tell if the gold of the items that my Trading Post shows me as sold during the last few hours is actually on my account or not because I didn't screenshot my gold before the lockdown, but logically that gold must be lost since we were rolled back to yesterday morning, right? I assume this affects a lot of
  7. Nice, thank you for answering to all of the questions so quickly! hahaAnd of course thank you for organizing this contest! :)
  8. All right, thank you. I've submitted my costume then. :)If an EU participant does win, it is hopefully not required to claim the prize during your event? Since that will be 3AM or something here (time zones are confusing). I assume you'd just contact them via ingame mail then to find a time that works for both of you?Will the winners also be announced here on the forums, for people who can't join your event with the announcement? I'm really curious what kinds of costumes have been submitted.
  9. So, can only NA players join the costume contest or also EU players? Your post said anyone who plays GW2 can join, but the website says that prizes must be collected using the same character and costume as one submitted with, so I assume it is a necessary requirement to actually meet someone ingame? Or does your guild have representatives on EU servers as well who would meet with a possible EU winner ingame?
  10. Thank you so much for this contest again!I would love the Last Day of June game if that is still available. :)
  11. The time has come when nights grow long, when the veil between our world and stranger realms is at its thinnest. Creatures crawl out of the shadows sniffing for prey, following the scent of the blood of the living, the sound of their pulsating hearts and anxious breaths. Once one of these creatures has caught your scent, chances for survival are slim - unless you hide at the one place where the bloodstained claws and fangs cannot reach you: right at the creature's back. THE WEREWOLF Ranger with medium armorHead armor: Wolfborn MaskShoulders: Houndskin MantleChest: Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Co
  12. Thank you for this raffle! :) Really looking forward to Horrorween! I'd like number 18, please, if possible. Character name: Neala Riverflower.
  13. I know this is an older thread, but I would like to add my own voice to this chorus asking for bags to not be soulbound. It's ridiculous for ANY crafting material to be soulbound. I have 24-slot bags on my main character who is Jeweler and Chef, and who will now never be able to get an upgrade to any bigger bags. It would be fine for me if you made other characters unable to equip the bags, but at least to be able to upgrade them to bigger bags for my main character if I place them in the bank.
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