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  1. If we were to just run with your idea, something like this shadow form could potentially be an interesting twist. It would create an interesting support for sure, possibly too strong though depending on what they do with the Elite Spec tied to it. I see what you mean though, we might not need more smoke fields lol. Although, if you look at Ranger with Poison, Revenant with Dark, and Mesmer with Ethereal, I wouldn't mind like 1 or 2 more Smoke Fields on Thief. As far as the stealth thing, they could just remove the stealth 1 while in shadow form and change to an upgraded 3(similar to the malice
  2. Yeah, I was mostly bringing it up in the type of support this elite spec could bring if it had supporty elements, just so it doesn't step on the toes of other supports in gw2. Also the thing to keep in mind about the whole FFXIV environment, their supports are a lot more like our's where yes they give help to the team, but they also are meant to deal a ton of damage as well, every class is at least a damage class secondary(if not primary). That is besides the point though, as the type of support Scholar typically does is the whole mitigation of damage, rather than helping people sustain and re
  3. Idk why, but I completely skipped over this comment as I was looking back through it, and I want to touch on it too. I had actually thought about Greatsword awhile ago, you might even be able to see it in my old history on the forums. While they might give thieves another two-handed again, based on track record, I have since changed my mind and thought some kind of one handed weapon would be better for the thief, so it can take advantage of the Dual Skill(3 Slot). Outside of that, the whole AOE, Combo Fields, and high damage then this could still be done if the thing we get acts in a m
  4. Thinking about it I actually see two problems with Thieves picking up stances, the first I sort of already mentioned with the whole Thieves already have physical skills, so to take from Warrior again just doesn't make sense. The other though, is actually because of just how many classes got stances, we got the Elementalist and Ranger both in the last xpac. I don't know if your talking overloads or shouts, for the Tempest because the Weaver is the one with it, but that is besides the point. We also have venoms too, so that is technically a third reason I guess, as they do work to some extent si
  5. I have recently looked at the classes as a whole in a different light, as I took a break from the game and only recently returned a couple months ago really. Thief was my main, and I am still enjoying thief and with the "new" build system they have a am setting up a second build for thief as well. So, lets first get into what I think the thief needs in a new specialization, and then get into the different potentials they could run with it. So first of all, similar to a Warrior and an Elementalist, the class mechanics and the general idea revolves around the weapon skills. What I mean by this i
  6. I have taken a try at this before, but never fully and completely sat down to do it. After a recent Wooden Potatoes video, it made me want to try it with the class I probably know most out of the 9 of them. Who knows? If this is fun enough, I might try to take a crack at the other classes too. This is mostly the ideas of it, I am not confident enough to look at the specific balance side of things yet. My reasoning for this one is that Thief needs a pure support spec, granted a few classes do, and to actually maybe make Shadow Arts relevant in PvE on the higher end, although I also tried to not
  7. Hmm, yeah that is true... what if instead of a buff to the skills, it's some kind of augment then? Like you mentioned that hey had been doing> @"Justine.6351" said: If you have heard of the game that is currently in mid-development, Ashes of Creation, their class system will technically have 64 classes. Not really though, it's more like 64 Elite Specs than full-fledged classes, but how they are doing the system is taking each of the 8 archetypes and having them augment each other into these "Elite Specs"(Although they don't call them that). What if it was something like that with the utili
  8. For some reason or another, I was looking at some other games and their class systems. Upon doing this I take a look at Path of Exile and see a few of their Elite Spec equivalents. When looking at the Shadow(their rogue/thief class), Saboteur sounded amazing and I know as a game I like gw2 better and thieves already have traps. If thieves in gw2 were to get something like this, what if the traps changed or were altered from an elite spec. This got me thinking of the other classes too, what if a future elite spec could alter already existing utilities. Like if I were to use the same example as
  9. Ok , outside of Bouniful theft and TOTC where are the shared boons coming from? Is it just the steal at range to apply boons to those nearby? The problem as I see it is if you steal at range the things you share with BT and TOTC will only apply to allies at range with you. Very often this would mean those in the battle itself see no help coming from you. If you steal closeup in melee you are generally in and out very quickly and might only help a few allies. The TOTC steal is only one might stack which does not help a lot and swiftness and ferocity are generally easy for most any class to get
  10. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAU4an0MZSk+iFPZdxOnwxYjTw+k/JL7EGft8WGM3CA1m2k3UIKcFA-jRSBQBU4AKQJ1Kwjun+t/wVU+dVVVMjSQA8kC8wFBIAwBAXHAkCg0lRA-e The build above is built with the mentality of, "I am gonna give myself and allies boons, but when I get these boons I have more benefit than the allies." This way it's still a damage build but it does do boon sharing. Through No Quater and Be Quick or Be Killed, when you give others the boons of laying the mark on the enemy your Power, Precision, and Ferocity all raise from it. WIth the Mercy Utility, you can even continue to do it. Within this bu
  11. One of the reasons why I decided to do this is when I was looking out of curiosity, there was some from even back before HoT that wanted a rifle and I saw a decent amount of people also pre-HoT wanting staff.... Anet seemed to take these opinions and kind of just improve upon them and flesh them out a lot more. Figured it would just be fun to just speculate and theorize a little. Plus the only one I really wanted before looking was greatsword for the thief(even if I don't think it's gonna happen) and I also always liked the idea behind the Bladedancer from the games that do have it, not neces
  12. Now that Path of Fire is out and a decent amount of people have spent quite an amount of time, what do you think thief needs in the future? For me I love thief, but I find myself more prepared to change over to Firebrand Guardian as a main due to the build diversity. Don't get me wrong, I like the thief but most of the elite specs for me just haven't changed the thief that much. For daredevil, the only mechanic change was an addition dodge charge and for deadeye, the stolen skills change but it's all very much the of the same. This got me looking at what some from before the recent expansion t
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