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  1. Na i think it was just helio rush hitting me multiple times in spear beta. I opened a bug report on it, nobody commented on it. So I made this. I do wish marks would hit downed opponents, and not only hit them if you hit a target near them. EDIT: It basically renders 4 out of 5 skills useless on that weapon vs downed opponents, forced to burn big cooldowns or weapon swap. Nobody is finishing people with staff 1 effectively.
  2. I have seen multiple target skills hitting JUST ME multiple times. Skills that are described as being able to hit multiple targets. Necro marks have the same iteration. Why don't they hit single targets multiple times like other skills from other characters if no other targets present?
  3. Hitting the same target multiple times. Is this normal if no other targets present?
  4. But it can be blocked. XD. Extripate is a non damaging condition though. Resistance ignores those. Maybe it works similar to the poison heal negation. Where it has no effect. In regard to OP, i dont think it would work with that talent. Unless they change it to boon negation as well.
  5. Im more interested in people with resistance. Does Extripate work with people that have a resistance boon?
  6. After watching the video, looks interesting.
  7. I never want to make a plant, The goblin is a no. Charr looks dumb in the reaper hood, norn is too bulky for my taste for necromancer, so the best one and the one I chose is obviously Human, Besides, they are at the center of the world anyways. Long live humans.
  8. Its really hard to navigate the world, especially PVP without being able to look around. When I hold my right mouse button, it sometimes doesn't register IN THIS GAME ONLY. The left mouse doesn't seem to be working either half the time. HOWEVER, this isnt persistant, some days its worse than others. I just logged out because the game was literally unplayable in this state. WHEN is it going to be addressed.
  9. You will commune with all your other dead necromancers that litter the field. Because it is terrible in WvW without support. I have no issues in PvP playing necro, but in WvW, I get dumpstered when in melee, unless im hiding behind someone taking the first hits. Necro is the follow up character. The character that can help support your group with terrible boon rips, and mediocre barrier. Don't forget to transfuse everyone into that red wall of death. Which is tied to your FEAR. Should you fear, or save the dying people. Only if you commune with the dead will you know. Because you will surely join them soon. Commune with death. LOL! I can't wait for the extra soul shard mechanics ill have to bash my head on to do damage. As if doing damage was hard enough. Couldn't we get some 1200 range teleports, then follow up skills after that? You know, make for some surprise mechanics on necro. Get them in range, to fear, and chill, and cc, or breach. How bout a teleport, then activate to chill, or activate to torment, or activate to fear. How about a longer fear duration, because when thief steals out fear, they get a longer baseline fear. The only time we get decent fear is when were laying on the ground dying. A whopping 4 seconds, which will get auto cleansed anyways. You want necro to be melee? Give me some Aegis, give me some other protections, give me some invulnerability. How about some invulnerability where a ghost pops out and does his buisness on my opponents head and causes poison/torment/bleeding. XD Most importantly, GIVE ME SOME STACKS OF STABILITY.
  10. Maybe its bugged vs golems then, because it didn't do damage to them. Possibly not doing damage to other things it should be damaging too considering the circumstance.
  11. I have noticed that when playing, sometimes I can have my mouse cursor 2 inches away from a target,left click, and it will select them. Is there a mod (allowable) or control scheme setting where I can have more precision in my mouse cursor. Better accuracy in the targeting with my cursor would be so awesome. In addition to tab targeting, I like being able to select the sky or the ground, yet sometimes there is an enemy close by, well close enough anyways, that it doesn't allow me to deselect my target. This would be MY ideal solution, instead of another keybind to deselect targets.
  12. Must have been a different mechanic then. I saw an enemy have immune. I will continue to test it out then. Got about 2k hours on reaper and still finding things out.
  13. Not exclusively zerg gameplay. Just think it would add more flavor to necro, the terror mancer. There are still plenty of condi clense/support builds. But having to press those buttons again or in addition to others, would be beneficial to the necro overall, in WvW/PvP.
  14. I just want to make the talent more dangerous, and necro overall in big battles. Stopping people from spamming boons for 2/3 seconds is huge, potentially 4 if in down state.
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