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  1. The categories are the 3 game modes of GW2 - WvW, SPvP and "PvE" (everything else). Activities were built using SPvP, but they're in the "PvE" side of the game.
  2. It's unlikely they'd ever do this, but if they actually did, it would probably end up being an armor slot and play out just like backpacks did. There would of course be skins for it, which is where the swimsuits they've been holding back since S1 would finally end up; they'd basically be bringing back town clothes. It would also be an opportunity to drop the aquabreather and either move or convert the 7th rune, but they could have done that with backpacks. It can be removed. It was common to see back in 2012 when you could equip cultural armor on any race via transmutation, resulting in a nude character for everyone to see.
  3. It's actually what people originally suggested back when you had to pay to change stats on legendaries. What this change actually allows for is a simple way to re-use an existing implementation to create account unlocks for all of the remaining stuff that would have otherwise never had a legendary, since giving everything makes no sense. They're not just getting you to unlock new relics, there's potentially a lot of new legendaries now and they don't need to be overly expensive to compensate. People complaining about it don't seem to realize that not doing this will have the same outcome. There either won't be more legendaries, or they'll be held back until the end, then require everything (legendary jade bot chip allowing you to unlock chips vs requiring all chips to make it). They didn't really have a choice. They were already advertising it, about how it was going to bring "expansion level stories and features over the next couple years" (MZ). In season 4, it was taking them ~11 months to develop episodes, averaging 3.5 months between episodes, with IBS starting 4 months later. When the layoffs hit, IBS would have already been planned out and the first episode half finished. If they had flipped and announced an expansion, it would have obviously been season 5 repackaged as one, which would have either been released like SotO, or had a long delay like EoD. Instead, they tried to advertise it like an expansion, and considering it was planned to take multiple seasons, the name was always intended.
  4. Season 5 was confirmed back in August 2018 for the 6 year anniversary.
  5. S5 and its new model was confirmed halfway through S4, months prior to the layoffs. The first episode of IBS was released 4 months after the end of S4, which was their normal release cycle.
  6. What about it? It's what speech to text looks like when you don't care. It's mentioning the 2019 layoffs without actually saying anything, as it was likely ripped from a video that continued on. Let's try to read it... "So by now we've all heard about the drama concerning the recent laying off of 143 of their employees, of the studio directly connected to Guild Wars 2, but for those of you that haven't, allow me to quickly address the topic and bring what happened to your attention now on February 21 of this year, to report that ArenaNet, the studio in charge of both Guild Wars (the original), and Guild Wars 2, about the suffered layoffs they stated they had acquired..."
  7. Future legendaries will require you to unlock stuff before you can use it, effectively converting existing equipment into account unlocks. A legendary glyph would just be a blank glyph. Whether they actually do stuff like this will depend on how many people actually buy them on multiple characters vs how many would unlock everything.
  8. There are no starting conditions, it just has a 10 minute notice. If you don't see a countdown by the time it's supposed to start, it's not going to start in that instance. I tried joining late and it did actually start, it just ended up being 5 minutes late.
  9. It starts with a 10 minute notice before it actually starts, so show up at least 11 minutes early.
  10. It's likely off screen. It shouldn't be entirely hidden, so look around the edges for a small part of it. Put the game in windowed mode and adjust the width and height to see if it will appear. Worst case, launch with -prefreset to reset all settings.
  11. GW2 is always DX11, but they're still using DX9 for CEF. Your overlay is just showing whichever happened to be first.
  12. Having a few people attack the boss while everyone else fireballs is probably optimal. It hits for around 20-30k damage (zerker) and the range is so far that you can stay outside of the event's area without scaling it, so it's free damage.
  13. Back in 2012 when people first started complaining about the lack of contribution requirements, ArenaNet said they didn't want to discourage people from participating, including scenarios where someone would come across an event that was almost over. The simplest thing they could do is base participation on the number of actions performed (skills used, dodge, etc) over time, which would mean this, auto attackers and players who stay dead wouldn't have participation, but it'll never happen. They probably can't, otherwise they would have made all pets and passives have 0 contribution, which is something other MMOs figured out decades ago to combat the simple pet bots. If you want to solve this, what you're going to end up with is no mount areas dynamically added to events.
  14. They use a script to redirect you to the login. If the script is blocked (high security settings and tracking protection will do it), the sign in button just refreshes the page. You can ignore the problem by using a direct link: https://guildwars2.zendesk.com/access/jwt Alternatively, email support@arena.net
  15. I usually see 130-170% at the end. I don't do anything special, but I'm usually first to complete, so I might tag a second event per phase, and I always do the tentacles instead of going up top, since nobody else used to do them.
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