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  1. When the game crashes, it should show an error reporting window - click show details to see the log. Crashes are also logged to ArenaNet.log under %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/
  2. Using -dx11 should force GW2 to use DX11, but it won't show it as enabled in the options. There doesn't seem to be a simple way to check the DX version, so you'd either need to use other software or you could simply crash the game and check the log for either d3d9.dll or d3d11.dll. To crash the game, get to character select, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the task manager, select the details tab, then find and kill CoherentUI_Host.exe.
  3. If you're launching the game with -sharearchive (commonly used to run multiple clients), GW2 is in read-only mode and won't save your "local" settings, which includes the DX11 option. You can alternatively use the -dx11 command line option to force it.
  4. Delete Local.dat under %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/. Note this will reset your graphics, sound and remembered login.
  5. Delete Local.dat - note this will reset your graphics, sound and remembered login. You can find it in the folder: %appdata%/Guild Wars 2/ (press WindowsKey+R and open the above path, or enter it into the address bar of any folder)
  6. The mount bindings are only shown if you have access to the specific mount. If you look at the bindings while on character select, it won't show them.
  7. I'm assuming you don't have the game fully downloaded? There's a problem with some patch servers that can cause the game to either download infinitely or stall without ever finishing the download. To fix this, you have to manually select a different patch server: https://imgur.com/a/8HA67lK (more info)
  8. This bug only applies when replaying the episode. When you are transitioned to "A Kindness Repaid", leave the instance and go back to Desert Highlands where you originally started the episode from. The marker isn't shown on the map, but it's there.
  9. That's because volunteering doesn't actually mean your map is empty, it means the map(s) that overflowed to create the one you're in has enough room for everyone in your map.
  10. Getting stuck while downloading is most commonly caused by a problem with the patch server you're connecting to. The servers don't verify their own files and can host corrupted copies, which causes GW2 to either infinitely retry to download a file it'll never fully receive, or abort entirely.
  11. That is commonly caused by anti-virus/firewall software that tries to detect malware based on a program's behavior - a program can run at least once before it can be detected. Depending on how it's being blocked, you may get it working again (temporarily) by changing its path (rename it), making a copy of the executable (with a different name), downloading it again to the same folder (without overwriting the existing one), or downloading it again to a new folder and moving Gw2.dat into it. If you can't get it working by specifically whitelisting GW2 and its bin64 folder / CoherentUI, conf
  12. If you can access the patch server in your browser (it's a simple text page with only numbers), you'll know that something is specifically interfering with GW2's traffic. It could be something obvious, like security software, or something you might not expect, like other games with always-on anti-cheat software. If you need to install GW2, here is Gw2-64.exe direct from the primary patch server (link is only valid until the next build). For testing purposes, make a folder on your desktop and place it there temporarily. There could be a problem with IPv4 / IPv6. Open the control panel
  13. It only takes 1 spear to break the bar when it's scaled for 1 person. Note the spear is a projectile and will hit the first enemy along its path.
  14. That's usually caused by a bug on server's side. The servers apparently don't check for errors, so when they fail to download a file, they'll simply host whatever it was able to get. This causes GW2 to get stuck, since the file is corrupted.
  15. If you can access http://assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com/latest64/101 in your browser, other software is preventing GW2 from accessing it. Ensure it simply isn't being blocked by a firewall, anti-virus, proxy or other software that can interfere with your network traffic. ~ You can reset your network protocols by opening a command prompt as an administrator and entering the following, then rebooting: netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset
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