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  1. Can confirm! It finally works! Thank you Ashaba.9572! ... And thanks Anet for letting us know I guess? lol
  2. I opened my ticket on Tuesday the 27th and haven’t had an update beyond the automatic “looking for a solution” the next morning. Nothing since. I don’t think anyone with an actual invalid serial got their situation resolved. Those who did was because of user errors, like actually purchasing the collection editions by mistake.
  3. It’s not mutually exclusive though. They could have still addressed tickets manually (by providing a working serial) while working for a wider solution all at once. Because by focusing on fixing the problem first, it comes at the cost of making everyone waits for both the product they paid for and updates about the situation until the fix is done, tested and ready. Unless of course they couldn’t even come up with functional serials to begin with which would be worrisome.
  4. Yes, actually. It's been 7 days. A simple "Hey, we haven't forgotten about your ticket, we're still working through the issue" would not only reassure customers, but show a certain care. With that said I'm puzzled about their approach. Couldn't they simply give us a working code and cancel the previous serial?
  5. You need to add the serial code you received by mail manually on your account. If you go on your account do you see End of Dragons as “Active” or “Buy now”?
  6. Oh I’m sorry that I care about what happens with things I paid for? Especially when it’s above 100$ CAD? The level-80 booster situation received numerous updates since the issue started, including a tweet, two notices and even its own dedicated explanation thread in News and Announcements. Meanwhile all those affected by invalid serials have is a mere ‘the team is aware’ post from six days ago somewhere in this thread and nothing else. We don’t even have a dedicated update thread by the devs about it. And worse: people can still receive invalid serial codes
  7. Oh, thanks for taking the risk, not we know 😕 They should definitely halt purchases until this is resolved. How can this happen when HoT and PoF both went so smoothly...
  8. Yeah the level 80 booster had more acknowledgment and updates about it (at least one tweet and now two announcements) than our situation. I’m having trouble believing Anet has nothing to share nor didn’t discover anything in three days. Hell we don’t even have a thread about this in News and Announcements. Can we at least have a proper acknowledgment?
  9. And 4000 gems. And indeed, with Eod being so far away, there is no reason for them to keep my 104$ CAD, I'll spend this elsewhere until they sort this out.
  10. Indeed but I'd rather have my ticket and my waiting be about a refund request than waiting for something I paid for to even work with a very vague "We're doing... things... and your purchase will work... at some point, maybe".
  11. To be honest I’m not liking how this is handled. Three days and we still don’t know how this is going to be addressed nor when. For the price I paid I expect better. Right now as it stand my money is being held, I was not given the product I paid for and we’re kept in the dark about this. I mean, players are already figuring out that the issue is because we were accidentally given Collection serial codes (which don’t work on accounts with pre-owned expansions), so how hard can it be to simply give affected players a working code? Yeah I know they’re working on a solutio
  12. My patience is also running thin. I paid 104$ CAD, I expect better than “We’re going to come back with a solution……. Someday”. I’m tempted to ask for a refund and purchase later. I don’t like to have my money held like this…
  13. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/end-of-dragons/ Correct link.
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