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  1. True, it's a just a name change for already released raids, but it also means new ideas and opportunities for the future. Strike missions were well received, why not expand on them and build a next gen raiding?
  2. As the title says, I'm proposing a system, that would allow the players to seamlessly transition from the story missions into instanced endgame(s). The biggest change would be to rebrand the "Raids" into something like "Strike Assaults", with the idea that Arenanet can, going forward, develop new type of raiding. Allow me to explain every part of the system and how it would work: 1. Story/Response Missions 1-5 man content, repeatable and easy(ish) to do, with rewards and extra achievements to hunt after. There should be a "explorable" 5-man version of story missions available
  3. Since ranger is barely touched here I'll add my own opinion about it, mainly focused on sPvP: SB: We need Unstoppable Union unblockable attack back to have a decent shot at breaking through the defenses of the current meta. It was a trait that rewarded smart playstyle and contributed little if the player didn't know how to use it. SB: Increased cooldown of stances in sPvP have made them useless, except elite. The cooldown could be 30-35s OR Leader of the pack major grandmaster trait could reduce the cooldown. SB: Dagger rework would be nice, but I don't think the condition theme is the right
  4. I'm guessing the titles will stay for later seasons or are there any plans for minor changes along the way?
  5. The build. The initial idea was to replace the stances with shouts and drop wilderness survival for the more offensive oriented beastmastery. Between fresh reinforcement, fortifying bond and we heal as one this build easily maintains 25 stacks of might and can hit like a truck. Even the axe autos can do up to 3k crits. On the other side your only source of stab is the elite and the 2 stunbreaks are sometimes not enough. If you get CC locked with condi pressure you won't be able to react. I've considered using dolyak stance + leader of the pact for the damage reduction and additional stabili
  6. It is not a song, since it does not include singing. If it is instrumental, it is called a piece, not a song. We might even go a step further and call it soundtrack.
  7. I did managed to find the song behind Jahai Bluffs. I don't know how I missed it but it plays in guild wars 1 during ruins of surmia mission.
  8. Anyone knows if the song is available somewhere? I was looking but I coudn't find it. It reminds me of Twin Peaks theme song somehow.
  9. I did redesigned the build to be more of a hybrid build and hopefully more effective at dueling. Avatar amulet got replaced with sage amulet.GS is replaced with sword/warhorn and the second axe got switched to dagger. Plently of evades now.Entangle is the new elite.Iboga is the bread and butter of this build. The amount of damage it can dish out (in the beastmode and outside) forces anyone to leave the point or die. I've won 8 matches in a row using this although the build might caught people by surprise and they didn't know how to react. There's still a problem of power spikes as you don't
  10. The credit for this build goes to R O M, he was playing around with the build (among the others) on one of his streams. Link to the build. Nature magic got swapped for beastmastery which gives you more offensive power(pack alpha/prowess), access to shout regens as well as natural healing trait. Zephyr speed trait has a nice synergy with wilderness survival. Overall I feel it's superior to nature magic. The sword/warhorn got replaced with GS as you no longer have access to windborne notes. You can use s/w combo but I find the GS to be a more straighforward choice.The piggy got removed for a mo
  11. I was plat 2 last season and I got placed into gold 1 this season (last week). Slowly climbing towards plat, I'm gold 3 atm. It's doable although I have bad memories in plat 1 last season, took me quite a while to stop sliding into gold 3.
  12. I realized you can stack quite a lot of damage modifiers and buffs with the recent patch so I've come up with this build. http://gw2skills.net Condi cleanse is a problem, but I've accepted that. I'll usually switch to bear stance in condi heavy groups. The basic idea is to deal burst damage while being merged with smokescale and using sword/warhorn in a smoke field to reset the fight when it gets too hot. Gazelle is just there to annoy people when they try to stomp you. I'm having a hard time deciding between strength, pack or hoelbrak runes and what to do with SB traitline. Only 1 stunbre
  13. Let's hope Anet realizes that guilds and keeping the community together ingame are as important as dishing out new maps and story every few weeks. It's hard to bring the whole guild together when half of them don't bother showing up (I don't blame them, stale guild missions put me to sleep faster than listening to politicians).
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