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  1. This is it guys and women! I am now a long-term GW2 player! I will be! In the past, I've bounced in and out of GW2 over a dozen times because of ADHD and wanting to play other games and cannot focus on one game! I apologize for the many times I've posted here looking for a guild. But this time, I actually do want to find some close friends and build very nice/deep relationships with others!!! I truly do believe that GW2 is a wonderful game to play with others, jumping puzzles, Guild Missions, Fractals, and much more! As I already said. I have ADHD that I don't even take medicine for.
  2. Wow this feels so wholesome to me. I'd love to join this one ❤️ BUT FIRST I'm from EST, and, are you cool with the fact I may not be able to participate in any events you may hold during the evenings? My work schedule is mostly me working the 5pm to 12am shift... but I am off some evenings like 1-2 times a week depending! You would be amazing if there are some people who play during the daytime of EST and any late-night owls after 12am EST are awesome too ❤️ If this is cool, invite me please :3 Level 16 Ranger right now! 🙂
  3. My name is Addison! I'm 32 years old so I'd prefer a 21+ mature family! However, 18+ is fine too, just nothing below that please. I'm more of a PvE kind of person so I guess any world is fine yeah? But, I'm also interested in PvPing too. So, if you like PvP as well, please state what world you're in. I'm still pretty much a newbie at GW2 after all these years, so I'm not knowledgeable and will be making a new character at level 1. So, please be friendly and warm towards newbies with no level requirements, thanks! I'm also more laid back and casual and I love to take it easy and jus
  4. Hello guys! My name is Addison, 32 yo male, and live within the USA!I was on and off too many times with GW2, because I was using a cloud streaming service before, but not anymore!I recently got my very own gaming computer, a few days ago! It's powerful and perfect enough for a casual gamer like me to play games like this!So, the days of cloud streaming services are OVER!! Man, those Cloud Streaming services are worse compared to having your own computer So, with this new computer, being able to run Guild Wars 2 I'm sure with great FPS, I'm looking to play this again, super casuaully.By super
  5. A huge thumbs up to this guild, I want to help them as much I can in growing this unique and amazing guild. We have such an amazing guild leader here and everybody is super friendly. I'm a new member here and really looking forward to my time here with them (Which I hope is a long time) <3
  6. Hello, I'm a returning player looking for a casual/friendly guild.My name is Addison and I'm 31 years old!I reside in USA, GMT -5 timezoneI'm just a noob and don't know too much about GW2, I'm not very knowledgeable. So, I'm just looking for a super friendly and welcoming guild full of tight-knit and close friends to share new memories and moments with. I want to be a part of a family who loves GW2 very much and doesn't see an end to playing GW2 anytime soon.I'm not a huge fan of large guilds, just way too many people I feel lost in their ranks and just feel like that nobody really cares/pays
  7. Are you still recruiting?This seems like a good fit for me, I love small/medium sized guilds like you mentioned.However, do you mind that I'm a full-time worker? I usually work 5pm-12:30am on weeknights (Evening shifts!). Sometimes I have a day or 2 off.When January comes around, most my weekends will be taken from me and will probably end up with 2 days off during the week.I work at a volleyball club so my schedule changes around a lot, lots of tournaments and events to work XD And... we're short staffed! I just wanted to point this out to you in case you didn't want someone who works full-ti
  8. I'm throwing out a bump because I do love these type of guilds.I've already joined the discord server (We're small right now) so when you do join, please be patient!I already witnessed one guy join, then immediately left. Hope to see you all there with us soon <3
  9. I'd love to join your guild. I recently just came back to play GW2 being able to play much better with a better computer!Small guilds just starting out are the best. So count me in <3 I love your enthusiasm for this guild and wanting to watch it grow! Let me grow with you :3 Also, please let me know what world you're in. If I'm going to want to do WvW Events with you, or anybody, then we have to be in the same world =)
  10. Sent app :3Thanks very much for posting in my "Looking for guild thread"Looking forward to joining and helping the guild grow and making close friends :heart:
  11. I am posting this very very late in the morning.So I'm hoping this post reaches guilds of people who actually live in the USA like I do!! I'm on the east side, GMT -5 and would LOVE for a guild to be around that time as well. I haven't been on Guild Wars 2 in quite awhile. I do have HoT and PoF so I can run plenty of content with you and your guild!I'm definitely looking for a guild to do plenty of content with.I am NOT A SOLO PLAYER. I mean, I don't mind soloing for a good amount of time. It's fun to solo and discover new things and explore places!But I'd much much much would rather prefer a
  12. I've been on GW2 on and off so quickly so many times.But not anymore! This stops NOW! ~~I'd very much appreciate it if you could actually read my post and decide whether I'm a fit or not.And not just actively recruit me just to add a number to your roster list in the guild.There's many people who like to copy/paste their recruitment posts in many different games.I want something unique and hear about your guild in your own words.But, if you must copy/paste, then go ahead, as long as you read my post and KNOW that I could be a good fit for you!~~ I am now actively looking for a new guild to be
  13. Looks like I really am lazy =OI haven't been on in a day or so!I got a good Amazon Gift Card for my Birthday yesterday.I'm going to use this for the Path of Fire Expansion =)I should be on probably midnight or so tonight after work. I'm off tomorrow too.
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