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  1. This is not an accessibility problem, but an average skill level problem. You can easily make builds in GW2 that either just auto attack or occasionally press one or two buttons to do around 15-20k DPS (with high end builds and play reaching 35-40k DPS), yet the average GW2 (OW) player does around 3-6k DPS. That's the reason things like the public auto que for Strikes was dead on arrival and why such systems can't work in GW2, why everything has to go through LFG, and why group gating exists. As long as the vast majority of OW and Story mobs can be killed with a
  2. Agreed. I just feel like they had an opportunity to do that along with the Mantra changes, which suffered form similar issues. That they didn't do anything to minions, along with explicit dev statements about not wanting to promote AI based gameplay makes me think they won't touch or improve (QoL or otherwise) minions, and either continue to leave them or rework them completely eventually.
  3. That would have been me as well, yes 😉 Alliance Battles were fun as hell and MM was a blast (also praise touch ranger). I remember pre-Factions GW (<2006) especially fondly though when minions didn't have a cap and we could literally run around with 30+ minions, with it's own unique frantic gameplay loop to maintain such a horde. Golden age of games right there.
  4. There are reasons that Anet explicitly doesn't want Minions to be viable (especially in competitive gamemodes and high end content) and tries to keep them drastically underperforming - and as much as I miss the proper Minion Master gameplay from GW1 with raising and maintaining a proper undead horde from the dead, and see it as a core thematic pillar of the profession, I think at this stage of GW2 we are more likely to see them reworked into something else (maybe more akin to Phantasms, focusing on their active effects only after which they disappear, with the "summoned" minion just being the
  5. You may have heard of or done this already, but just in case not - turn off Post-Processing. Unfortunately there is a slew of settings rolled into that one option, which really should be split up some, but one major thing it's doing it making the game extremely bright, vibrant, and flashy (with increased bloom & glares). That along with effect LOD at least really helped me counter the increasing flashyness of the game over the years. It may make the game subjectively prettier to some and it does add some visual effects and ambience you will miss out on by turning i
  6. I wish a modicum of respect for their customers would at least replace the Lootbox/Gambling exclusive items/skins. Having it as optional avenue to gain items for potentially less is one thing, not providing direct purchases to ground the value/chance and giving those especially vulnerable to such schemes an alternative another. It's a "free" hit hoping to trigger those with gambling tendencies that players have to work for, as well as providing a sorry community excuse for the scheme. The only ones who should imo be thankful for it are those lining their pockets with it without
  7. Everything, if build reasonably, will blow through >90% of OW with barely having to play these days, so I'd agree with Dadnir on just play what appeals to you most, otherwise it doesn't really matter. The most notable difference between the two I'd say is that for general gameplay in OW, Reaper (Berserker/Marauder/Diviner) is both faster and easier due to Strike Damage and literally just needing to Shroud Auto Attack and maybe Soul Spiral, if you feel like it, to nuke everything you come across as well has having at least a single low CD and non-clunky movement skill with Death
  8. The Lifeforce portion of the skill is only triggered by the Auto Attack, not the versions that other skills trigger, be it the bugged 2 LF currently or the intended 2% - Frozen Abyss and the like grant, and would grant, exactly 0% LF. In that case they might want to look at Feast and increase it's LF gain to similar levels of Feast of Corruption. I'm pretty sure someone literally forgot/mistyped the %. Both % life force on auto attacks (see dagger etc.), as well as the separation of the Auto Attack Crimson Tide and version used by other skill
  9. This has been bugged and reported on by players since over 2 years now, don't hold your breath for any fix.
  10. The biggest hurdle for that is that Anet set a precedent with Legendaries. On a fundamental level, I absolutely disagree with how incredibly difficult and tedious their acquisition, and in many cases horrendous their value (esp for Weapons, Runes and Trinkets), is. Obsidian and Prestige Armor in GW1 was imo executed a lot better as purely prestige options, rather than giving players advanced game functionality. Unfortunately, thanks to the onset of microtransactions and cosmetics being a big part of that, purely cosmetic rewards lost their functionality as huge long term inv
  11. PvE, WvW (PvPvE) and sPvP literally have balance differences between each other because they are such different and distinct gamemodes. I'm really not sure how in your mind standardised competitive 5v5 arena PvP is the same gamemode as 50vs20 castle sieges with catapults and arrow carts going at each other in PvE gear - or anywhere close in similarity to fighting AI in PvE with different difficulty, mechanical complexity and scale are to each other.
  12. Fair enough. While I still don't like the usage of the gatekeeping buzzword earlier or the, although not necessarily in your case here, miscasting of blame on a minority of players that generally comes with it, which are also just as much a symptom of the issue, not cause - rather than recognizing the more uncomfortable general game design and balance issues leading to fundamental problems in the community that are the causes of this community split - I get where you are coming from, and as I stated multiples times before, I agree on the point of the public version being better permanent as we
  13. I do agree with the Public Instance being a permanent installation, so you don't need to justify that, nor is there a need for hostility about that. What I disagree with you about is dressing up a failing of casual players at large to step up as a fault of hardcore players for supposedly gatekeeping the content. And just to be clear, the reluctance to do so is something I very much so relate to, I just disagree with then expecting or demanding others to do so for me, rather than seeking the fault within myself. Imo, if I don't want to be buy a tag, tag up, lead
  14. The 3 major game modes of GW2 are PvE, sPvP and WvW, aka. Player versus Environment, structured Player versus Player, and Player versus Player versus Environment. Fighting competitively in an Arena with normalised stats (and different balance for that matter) is nothing alike to the roaming, Zerg battles or siege warfare found in the large scale maps of WvW, which also shares the same gear and stats with PvE. In fact if we want to have this argument, I'd even say PvE and WvW are closer together than each is to sPvP, and since the WvW armor can pretty much exclusively
  15. While PvP has three different skin sets (Ardent Glorious, Glorious Hero and Mistforged Glorious Hero) and WvW two skins sets (Triumphant Hero and Mistforged Triumphant Hero) that can be upgraded to Legendary (since they were kind of hacked together as Legendary acquisition method with skins after the fact), they are all the same Legendary Armor/Recipe. They are not different ways to get the Armor per se, they all require the same Gifts. See this for the 3 different ways, one per major game mode of PvE, PvP and WvW.
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