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  1. Not much different (other than being much better) than the 4 Scourge+Druid thing some people did for a while, except Cele Rens wouldn't need a support at all since they self heal >4k HP/s, have an AoE group heal +50% cdamage reduction they could cycle and provide AoE Prot, Might, Alac, Vigor, perma self Fury and Vuln, pulls and boon removal - while still easily doing >25k DPS, without quickness (which due to lack of support competes group DPS wise, while being sheer immortal). Really just 1 of those would be enough though (focusing on Prot, Might and Alac + optional Utility like S
  2. Then we are back to 4FB+Ren, Sanctuaries on Sorrows and aRen taking care of Anomalies, just like we did for months to years before the rise of Scourge - or if the Amplified Wrath nerf is too bad, 4Rev+ qFB groups (or really even just 5 cele Revs if you want to have a really easy time as pug meta). I really think you hugely overrate Epidemic. It's a great convenience tool, but to say there are no alternatives? At MO one player can just step away for 3 seconds and burst the Scouts, same for SO, or just tanks moving the boss from worm to worm. Ai, again, was handled just fine before
  3. Not overly excited for the expansion itself. A ~week of story will be nice to play through sure, but this is an MMO. What I'm curious about (although not overly hopeful) is the game support that comes with it after in terms of Strikes, CM's tuning, balance and general MMO features. The Elite specs, which are generally the biggest draw for me are imo largely thematically weak and mechanically poorly thought out and seem fairly quickly thrown together. Fishing has never been something I personally have enjoyed in a game. If Anet goes back to just some LW story patches every cou
  4. It's not just one spec though. Idk when you last tried alternative comps for the fun of it (like not including FB, Ren or Scourge), but if you do, you'll likely realise that even just a somewhat competent player/group can breeze through even the hardest content in the game like Fractal CM's and Raids in their near sleep regardless. Almost everything is powercrept to all hell. Technically all content such as Raids, Strikes and Fractals can be beaten by a full squad/party just auto attacking on a myriad of builds, not even coming remotely close to enrages - that's the reality of thin
  5. Exactly, that and lot of even pug CM groups look for Scourges, then swap after 100CM, generally to cFB, for 99&98+T4's. Scourge brings almost full DPS potential at 600 range at a Boss with frequently moves long distance to different spots, plus the whole Epi'ing Sorrows as convenience bonus. But just changing Ai to hold positions longer after each move - making ranged DPS less significant, less influencer pushing, or just another new 100CM being added where Scourge is less significant - shaping what's looked for first encounter wise in LFG shaping community perception, a
  6. What's listed here is significantly lower, but even then, a GTX 680 would be a 10 year old card - I don't think that qualifies as "high", even for a 9 year old game update. But as @Solvar.7953 said, specs slightly below are likely to work, it's just not a guarantee.
  7. I just tested it and it indeed only grants the Fury once. The difference is in the wording, Runes of Rage stating "Gain Fury when entering Combat" and Runes like Fireworks stating "Gain Boons while in Combat", which includes upon entering as well + continuously as per CD.
  8. As far as I'm aware (and according to the Wiki) Runes of Rage grant Fury once upon entering combat, and don't reapply that effect in combat. So unless you can constantly break and enter combat, they won't help you much without another Fury source. In any case though, even Fury aside, if you want to do reasonable damage you'll always be forced into either two of Spite, Curses and Soul Reaping on Necro (be it for Might, Vuln, Modifiers, making Scepter a viable weapon, etc.). Taking either DM or BM alone will always cut your damage by 33-66%, for largely unneeded sustain/defens
  9. Not sure what your point is. As I said, there are plenty of ways, as shown by various ARPG's or even just GW1 to some extend, to make Minion/Pet gameplay exciting and active, both to play and play against. Just because Anet hasn't implemented them in such a way in GW2 so far doesn't mean there isn't any merit or possibility to do so in the future. As is, while minions are central to the theme of Necromancer, they are just a joke at ~200 DPS per minion skill you equip (when players do >35.000 DPS), as is the Trait that increases that by 25%. Basically their on
  10. The replacing healthbar really isn't that big of a deal. Can it sometimes be annoying, sure, but rarely more than that. Healers are incredibly potent in GW2, and encounter pressure/content difficulty generally fairly low in terms of consistent pressure - so everybody is usually at full health anyway aside from the big nuke here and there, and if a Reaper goes into Shroud directly after that rather than waiting a second or two for a quick full heal, missing out on Scholar's too, that a misplay to begin with. Besides, Harbinger Shroud too replaces health in the UI and can be mistake
  11. I didn't say Necro has nothing unique or "Iconic" - the point is a lot of the things I listed for core Guard have innate synergy, greater role compression and/or far greater general Utility with bringing a Quickness or Support FB and everything in between. Then as counterpoint you bring up very niche Utility such as Fleshwurm on Whisper of Jormag like it competes with that general Utility of Stability, Reflects, Stealth, Portal Blink Skips, Superspeed etc., of competitors. Noting that Necro has those options is fine, and I'm not disregarding their usefulness or denying their existence, w
  12. Tbf while the discussion here imo turned quite sour and unproductive on all sides, the damage, LF to health and Blight modifier are all that Harbinger had going for it. So to say only everything that was decent on Harbinger was nerfed is a bit silly, especially since it imo was already an incredibly lacklustre (obviously inflated beta Golem DPS aside) and one-dimensional kit before in Beta 1. The high sustain (although misplaced) and decent mobility for PvP, and DPS for PvE was all the spec had/provided - and it was already not enough to seriously consider playing it outside of theme/rp/
  13. Playing since open betas, this was never a thing from what I recall, and there are statements from Anet as early as Feb. 2012, before even the limited/invite only press and NDA'ed close betas, stating that direct player trading would never be a thing in GW2.
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