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  1. No, it was designed with pre-nerf Epidemic in mind. For some reason, the only change Scepter got since was a Devouring Darkness (Traited 3) nerf, which is strange since it's only barely worth swapping to when wanting to tryhard/banchmark, over just camping Pistol. Scepter 1 needs a little splash and Scepter 2 needs a rework or at the very least a duration cut and stack increase. Will that happen within the next decade? Probably not. Even if they make changes to Scepter, knowing Anet as of late, they are probably going to make it a melee power weapon.
  2. I think the frustration comes in that other Professions get Combo Interactions slapped on left and right, even when it makes no sense for the skill to be a "Blast" or w/e, while for Necro even just straight up literal leaps aren't Leap Finisher's, Projectiles aren't Projectile Finishers, and even for example the most "Blasty" of all Warhorn skills, Wail of Doom, is the only Warhorn in the game that doesn't have a Blast Finisher - but fsr Skills like Call of Valor, Call of the Wild and Sand Squall are? Necromancer always lacking these details and little interactions just makes it look unfinished or carelessly thrown together in comparison. Well, not just that..
  3. cScourge is around 46% Torment, 22.5% Bleeding, 16% Burning, 7% Poison and 8.5% Strike Damage. cHarbinger is around 50.5% Torment, 17% Bleeding, 11% Burning, 8% Poison, 1% Confusion and 12.5% Strike Damage. As for Necromancer missing Confusion, I think it's mostly just us old GW1 players who find it unfortunate, considering GW1 Necromancer Skills like Spiteful Spirit and Insidious Parasite (combined with things like Reckless Haste) are what inspired the GW2 Condition, alongside Mesmer's Empathy. But while Mesmer got it aplenty, for some reason Necromancer ended up having some of the least access to it in GW2. Necromancer already lost so much of it's theme from GW1 with all of it's unique Curses being replaced by the shared generic Condition System of this sequel - it then also not even getting the more unique and interesting Conditions (from 2012 until 2017 with PoF introducing Scourge, Necro was almost exclusively Bleed) which it inspired definitely was, and in the case of "Confusion" still is, a bummer for some of us. I think they could have done a lot more Condition wise on Necro, leaning into Torment, Confusion and Poison especially - making up some for scrapping GW1's Curses and Hex's. But oh well. At least it's not just Bleeds anymore. E: Spiteful Spirit having been such an iconic Necromancer GW1 skill that it likely even got a reference in GW2's Spiteful Spirit, although bearing no similar effects to the Original, such as Confusion, either.
  4. Great write up. As for why this is the case, I feel pretty strongly that there hasn't been a Dev on the Skills&Balance Team (or whatever they are called these days) who has been knowledgeable, or let alone passionate, about the Necromancer Profession in a good 7 years. The amount of balance changes that miss the mark, the lack of general design updates for the profession - which then also largely miss the mark, the lack of synergies in new additions and the overall just blandness this profession experienced over the last few years especially at least strongly looks like Necromancer largely gets some leftover design bits and skill prototypes, which then get Torment or Siphons slapped on them to fit in "thematically" - or that's what they were to begin with. Because you are right, there are near endless possibilities. Many of which have been discussed on this Forum, many times over the last decade+. Be it how to make a Minion Mancer work for this Game in many different ways. Ideas like giving Death Magic a Potent Poison like Trait/line, either in addition to or replacing Putrid Defense, enabling/expanding the design space for Poison on Necro. Or how to make Blood Magic more broadly interesting, effective and thematically potent, without being mechanically crippled by and sprinkled on as Life Siphon everywhere. And much else. The design space is sheer limitless but that creativity and passion clearly either isn't on the team, or the games code truly is such a complete mess that the pain of implementation takes the joy, fun and uniqueness out of every design by the time it works. I also feel like the addition of Revenant in 2015 with HoT hurt Necromancer design more than anything else (since someone came up with the Shroud design for launch at least), as I feel much of their design space overlaps - and their core (esp. Trait) design framework is incredibly similar. For example Revs Devastation line is basically an updated and better Spite (plus the imo missing selfish DPS and sustain line of Blood Magic). Rev's Corruption line took Necromancer's "Master of Conditions" like a relay baton and ran with it. Things like Pact of Pain, Abyssal Chill, Invoking Torment upon entering Shroud, Resistance, Condi transfers - it's all a perfect fit for Necromancer. It's almost like someone had all these ideas on how to update 2012 Necromancer, but then had to make a new Profession in 2015 with HoT - and that's where all those went. And now Necromancer instead is still stuck with pretty much 2012 Traits like Death's Embrace "Deal more Strike Damage while Downed" or Siphoned Power, while Devastation got added and overhauled like three times since. TL;DR: Maybe it's a bit too tinfoil hat, but getting only Strike Damage, Life Steal and Torment smells a lot like leftover Rev designs/prototypes which didn't make the cut. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there is just one or two devs having to do all of Rev -> Thief -> Necro, and are probably largely doing so in that order. With what we are getting, I just can't imagine even a single dev being really passionate and knowledgeable about Necro on the team, as all these changes and additions feel like someone played the Profession for an hour or two for work, while trying to interpret player feedback they don't fully grasp/are lacking context for to properly evaluate.
  5. That's just not true though. Whether you like it or not, Condi does in fact have a much better and more solid design foundation on Necro, and is actually playable in melee. Through being able to run Celestial Gear with still good DPS due to Condi's Hybrid nature (which not only makes Condi far more tanky, but also buffs their already better sustain in things like Scourge Barrier's and Harbinger's Alchemic Vigor), to sustain Traits like Parasitic Contagion, to even being able to run Death Magic these days which through Deadly Strength not only isn't as bad of a damage loss as it used to be (at least for Condi/Hybrid Builds), but especially with the cleanse of Shrouded Removal and most importantly the Protection uptime of Corrupter's Fervor - a melee condi weapon, especially one with decent cleave, would instantly be more viable than strike damage in solo PvE and WvW especially. Power builds just do not have these options. Gear wise, you can maybe get away with Marauder's, Dragon's or Diviner's - but no combination of these for Power builds can compete even remotely with the Damage, tankyness and sustain package of Celestial for Condi/Hybrid builds. Sustain wise Power builds have far worse options and no healing power to scale the ones they do. They can sacrifice their relic slot now for Zakiros, to get a worse Parasitic Contagion - but then Condi/Hybrid builds could even run that too. But since they don't need it, they can therefor use better options furthering their DPS lead over Power, even on far tankier setups. Trait wise, Power loses far, far more DPS by taking things like Death Magic - while making much worse use of it. Power needs Spite and Soul Reaping to perform properly. Condi meanwhile can branch out from Curses and SR for, especially in SR's case, very minor DPS losses, while picking up major tankyness/sustain. Now, there is one thing to consider though - and that is combining all the sustain of Dagger 2, Spear 2, Relic of Zakiros and Soul Eater on Reaper, together with Reaper Shroud's damage absorption and reduction, as well as Infusing Terror's damage reduction. All of that combined could actually make for a fairly surviveable Power Necro. Still no where near a Cele Condi Necro mind you, especially without good Prot source, but alright (and still far worse than the active defenses of other classes for competitive, especially against CC/focus pressure). The problem with this kit though, especially for competitive (as far as even available), is that it's entirely melee. It's a build that requires you to maintain <300 range and active pressure at all times. Spear 4 and RShroud 2 are not sticky enough for that. So once again we are back in fantasy land, where Dagger 3 needs to be a 600 range shadowstep, and Fleshwurm needs a rework to be a ~900 range shadowstep, which instead drops a Wurm at arrival location (which could be reworked to spin around on occasion, trying to knock nearby foes down for a few seconds before disappearing or smth). Maybe then Power Necro, dancing between Shroud, Dagger 2 and Spear 2 sustain, as well as applying constant pressure and being that endlessly chasing movie monster they sold us in 2015, could actually play with the big boys. But that's never going to happen. The PvP community especially has been conditioned for 12 years to expect Necromancer to be a free kill, and we all know how they react if it can remotely fight back on it's own or escape - and I'm pretty sure the balance powers that be are part of that crowd. In their eyes, Necro is supposed to be slow, predictable, lame, require support crutches to survive, and should only shine in Teamfights when it can unleash it's AoE potential - otherwise be nice free pickings for low skilled roamers/sidenoders to feel good about themselves. To sum it up: Spear being a Melee Condi weapon would make a difference. Not only is Melee and Cleave/AoE an unfilled niche for Condi Necro with Scepter and Pistol both being mid range weapons with strong single target/tight stack focus - Condi Necromancer ironically also is the one that would have the tools to fight and sustain in melee. Power on the other hand has it's niches covered, with Dagger MH and GS for melee, Axe and Swords for midrange and Staff for long range it's already by far the most catered to and complete weapon selection Necro has. If anything is lacking, it can and should be done within these options. Additionally, for Power Necro to be genuinely suitable for melee, it needs a lot more than what Spear offers, or even can offer on it's own.
  6. The premise is a bit flawed. Would changing Spear to a completely different weapon, trying to fit into different builds and competing with different existing options fix it's problem? Maybe? That said, a new weapon addition for Necromancer being either a Support Weapon or Condi Melee/AoE/Cleave weapon would have without a doubt made more sense, yes. Necromancer doesn't need more power weapons, it needs it's trash weapons reworked. Between just Axe and Dagger MH there is plenty room to fill this exact niche that Spear seems to be targeting. As for Condi weapons, Necromancer heavily relied on Epidemic in it's original design, and since that skill was obliterated by nerfs, Necromancer, the former "Master of Conditions", has some of the worst condi cleave out of all professions. Additionally, Condi is exponentially more survivable than Strike damage builds - so a melee weapon could actually make some sense there. Speaking from my experience in doing solo challenges (such as Fractals), which are quite good at highlighting balance differences, Power Necro just straight up struggles harder to solo T1 Fractals than Condi Necro soloing T3-4 Fractals. Power Necro just doesn't work well outside of braindead easy OW content. The amount of sustain, blocks, invulns and co., a Necromancer Power Melee weapon would need to be even remotely viable under any actual pressure when compared to condi is untenable. Power Necro just doesn't have the design foundation. It can be hacked together to do competitive damage in PvE Group content by now, after a decade of buffs, but that's about it. And for that it already has Greatsword, Dagger MH, Axe, Staff, Focus, (formerly) Warhorn, Sword MH and Sword OH as options. If Anet wants to give Power Necro some more/updated options, why not change one or multiple of these? Why add another one onto this by far largest pile of Weapons, especially when no single weapon has a chance to fix or compensate for the underlying design issues of Power Necro especially? At least Condi Melee/Aoe Spear would add a new playstyle and fill a niche. Not just be "Hey, so I know that after 11 years we finally buffed Dagger MH to be a somewhat viable weapon, filling the Melee Burst with some self-sustain niche.. so here have a better Dagger, we call it Spear, it's a melee burst weapon with some self-sustain, and the gap closer Dagger 3 should have had since a decade!". Cool. But it's not like anything is going to really change at this point if the last decade of betas and feedback periods are anything to go by. Dagger 1.2 is what we are getting, like it or not.
  7. Necro is focused because it has the least amount of scaling active defense, meaning focusing it is the easiest and fastest way to get a 5v4, taking a lot of damage and playmaking potential out of the other team. If your whole team jumps a profession which can duration block, invuln or spam evades etc., you can waste your entire teams burst and achieve nothing - as these skills/mechanics can grant essentially infinite effective HP for their duration, forcing quick thinking and teamwork in retargeting. Meanwhile Necromancer is hard capped by it's HP+LF (the latter of which represents also most of it's damage, meaning it's the only class where damaging it not only lowers their EHP but also their effective damage - doubly rewarding you for focusing it), and therefor requires no trigger discipline, strategy or skill to target and burst. It's by far the easiest Profession to focus and kill, that's why it's focused. You don't focus the enemies greatest asset, you focus their easiest to take out assets.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's not a Condition, but rather an Effect (such as Justice applied by Spear of Justice, Disenchantment applied by Winds of Disenchantment, Binding Blade, Soothing Mist, etc). I doubt Anet thought of and implemented interactions such as with Feed from Corruption.
  9. You can check the Soul Shard Tooltip in the combat log. Default healing seems to be ~860 (doubled at <50% HP). Damage is supposed to double against targets <50%, but as you experienced as well, it outputs less than that. Idk if the healing is similarly affected though. E: And as feared, it's classified as Siphon, so it can't Critically Strike, nor does it scale with any Strike Damage multipliers.
  10. LF generation seems too low. Skills and CD's don't flow well in my experience. For PvE especially I'm not too keen on more carpal tunnel syndrome inducing flip over skills like 4*2 to reset the 2 every couple seconds - just make this one skill which teleports, generates shards and resets 2's CD on use. Besides that, I don't really know what to do with it tbh. It's a clunkier Dagger, lower damage GS, lower mobility Sword without range - I honestly struggle to imagine when/where I'd like to use this, granted it doesn't turn out/gets tuned to be just mathematically far superior in damage to one or all of the existing options, invalidating those instead. How many mediocre to bad power weapons do you want to give Necro? If GS and Spear are the melee Power weapons and Sword the ranged Power option, at least completely rework things like Dagger, Axe, Staff, Focus and Warhorn to fill in the lacking Condi and Support landscape. With 7 Power Weapons, 2 Condi Weapons, 1 Hybrid Weapon, 0 Support weapons and a tooting Fear Horn, the class who's primary themes were Curses, (aka the games "Master of Conditions"), Minions and Blood Magic, is looking real strange these days.
  11. It's popularity isn't the downfall, incompetent devs balancing/designing according to that are - but in essence you are correct of course. Anet especially is really bad about those things (like: almost all the content we release, update and promote is LW -> the most played content is LW -> we should completely double down and do nothing but LW as it's the most popular -> game almost dies with IBS as revenue freefalls because that's not how you read statistics and most players were still around despite such a huge focus on LW, not because of it -> Anet panics and course corrects towards expansions and adding group content and the like again). People play Necromancer for it's theme, that will always be especially true for Light and Dark themes (see Guard and Necro being the most played professions). That's not because of it's design, but in this game's case, at least for many, actively despite of it. Especially things like Minions people play despite full well knowing how utterly garbage they are in GW2, simply because they are craving the theme enough to sacrifice 80%+ efficiency for it. Any dev who thinks that just because something has a decent playrate it's balanced or designed well, and largely relies on that as indicator, isn't good at their job.
  12. The irony here being that Power Reaper is by far the squishiest Elite Spec Necromancer has - at least from a PvE solo challenge player's perspective (I'm not particularly up to date on PvP, but it seems even Reaper went Condi there now). Doing solo T4 Fractal runs and co., it's wild how far behind Reaper and Power Necro as a whole is. It's melee and can't kite while delivering it's damage, it's sustain is awful and it gets absolutely pummeled in content a equally well put together Scourge or even Harb build don't even drop below 99% HP if you try. But that's probably the biggest flaw of a mechanic like Shroud. That it looks good on paper to some at a glance, which always seemed to include Anet themselves. That an Evade or two, or a duration Block, Invuln., or such on a kit can match the effective HP of the whole Shroud mechanic if used well (in a teamfight or co.) seems to go past them completely. Likewise , how much EHP good sustain adds. What a big difference boons like Prot make, and especially Stability and Aegis, allowing a player to avoid being put or locked into high pressure spots, and to a lesser, reactive, degree cleanses and stunbreaks as well ofc. Or mainly how crippling it is to have all your pressure tied to all your defense, so you can never strategically deploy one or the other, chain them, keep one in your back pocket, engage with your offense, disengage with your defense etc. You are right ofc., as long as Shroud exists Necromancer isn't getting active defense. Which is why Shroud is the worst thing to ever have happened to this Profession, because it's looks strong while being weak and completely crippling the design space for actually solid mechanics. You'd think 12 years of an uninterrupted Focus Necro First because they can't defend themselves meta would have been a dead giveaway for some changes being needed, but hey.
  13. (Power) Necro really wasn't a thing until even longer, when they reworked a lot of things in 2017. Before then, Well of Darkness for example was literally just a pulsing Blind, no Chill and zero damage. This is the patch which finally started to push Reaper, and with that Power Necro as a whole, into viability. Condi Necro/Scourge more or less accidentally took off after This patch in 2021 changed Torment. 2012-2017/21, Necromancer was in a pretty dire state (really just used for Epi on some encounters) and there really wasn't much to "make it work" with in PvE, leaving the class to be mostly insta kicked. I still recall how even just joining groups on my Necro and instantly logging to swap characters would have me already kicked by the time I got through the loading screen. "No Necros" was even a semi-common tag-ling in LFG's for group content. Fun times. Anyway, that trivia aside, yes, Necro Weapons needed a major overhaul literally since the game's beta events in 2012. Compared to other games, it's insane how lazy Anet has gotten away with being in terms of updating and balancing lacking player tools especially. It's hard to imagine these days that a class was just left in such a horrible state for 5+ years, in the most popular game mode no less. And while new Weapon additions such as with Elite Specs (primarily GS for Power and Pistol/Torch for Condi) have acted as band-aid's since, Necromancer is a field of not just ripe, but by now rotten low hanging fruit for changes.
  14. I don't agree with this. Most other Spears are full of simply good, solid core mechanics - which are either really difficult to nerf and or have plenty precedent of staying unnerfed. Taking Warriors as example since they have been complaining maybe the loudest (from what I've seen): A ~900 range weapon with 2 Evades, target free movement skill, Immob, and multiple Combo finishers, including 2 Blasts, is just a solid kit, always is, always will be, no gimmicks. Is it what I wanted for Warrior? No. Does everybody have to be happy with it? Of course not. But it certainly looks like a far more solid skill kit. Ele Spear is so full of just solid, proven mechanics, it's impossible to even sum them up quickly, but between Condition Cleanses, Evades, Stability, Projectile Destruction, Superspeed, Barrier, Pulls, Floats and more Combo Fields and Blasts on one weapon than all of Necromancer combined, it's safe to say it's stacked - and those aren't gimmicks either. The most "gimmicky" weapon arguably might be Thief Spear with the combo system - but for GW1 players, even this is a tested and true system which worked perfectly well for the Assassin Profession. How it flows in GW2 remains to be seen ofc, but at least within that system are solid skills. It has the ranged poking+melee AA which they left out for Necro as well, and while there is some lifesteal in there on 3 (which are likely the skills you'll generally skip in the chain) it also features Boon Rip, on top of Stealth, an Evade and Blocks which are all solid core mechanics. Design and balance are very different things. Something can be terribly designed but balanced, well designed but terrible balanced, and everything in between. From what I recall, and still maintain personally, the backlash these specs received was mostly for being poorly designed and boring thematically - not due to their efficacy. It's easy to make something, like for example Necro Spear, OP, just tune the coefficients way too high. That doesn't mean that it's a well designed kit fulfilling of the Profession's need though. In fact, Harbinger always performed well, contrary to what you stated I even remember it vastly overperforming in it's first Beta - to a point where Traits like Septic Corruption and co. where pretty much nerfed by 50%, but even despite it's overperformance, it was never well designed and rightfully got criticised for that. But people, including Anet, never listen, so here we go again.
  15. Worse, Life Steal neither can Critical Strike, nor is it affected by any other damage multipliers (with the very unique exception of Soul Barbs, which genuinely increases all damage as it says) or Vulnerability - which is what basically dooms every skill with Life Steal, in PvE at least, to be trash, as Anet usually "balances" around the fact that it's present (so while Life Siphons seem to provide similar or greater damage output on paper/in the tooltip, in practice they are thousands to tens of thousands of damage behind comparable Strike Damage skills). Everything Life Steal in the entire game's history either launched terribly and stayed terrible forever, or launched OP and got nerfed into being terrible. Sure, but Core Necro was meta for years in PvP - but this skill never was a selling point of it. Isolate does look better, don't get me wrong, but it still looks really slow. As for how well (or poorly) it interacts with terrain remains to be seen. As for range, they are both 1200. We'll see.
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