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  1. As Guild Wars 2 is currently structured, I can see why new players would be lore confused. Being a player of the GW franchise since 2005, please forgive my opinions of the game flow as it stands. I do realize most people will not agree with my views. The first Guild Wars always felt, to me, as though the player was moving forward through time in Tyria with all the events spread through the three games and one expansion. That was until you hit the end of each game and finalized with the announcement of Guild Wars 2. At that point all new content ceased. Okay, channelling of production resour
  2. Thank you very much for that tip. Had no idea it was available for that purpose. I thought it did away with all character dialogue. ?
  3. Underwater mount, Tengu as playable race...PLEASE, I want my Rainbow Phoenix back, just as good or Better than in GW1. Please? With no scrimping on size or abilities.
  4. I'm going to agree concerning the extraneous chatter. For 7 - 8 years now I've listened to "I feel strong!" or "Rage level rising" and other quips every time a boon activates on my mesmer/chrono. The boon chat is Extremely annoying. I've taken to playing the game with the sound off just to have some peace.Please, could someone do a little tweaking and dump the boon quotes?
  5. Hey there, ANet people. 'Bout time you guys gave me my wings. err... Thank You! Just the glider wasn't doing it. Now, this time of year, I can be the proper CHARPID I came to be three years ago. - Waerloga Kilmarnok, proud gladium
  6. It is such a shame that the developers put such an onus upon the scribes. There are a few great suggestions here. I hope they will consider some of these options.
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