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  1. From the Mist Strangers text, I thought it meant one per class. Like I can come back with a Ranger and get a bow, too. Thinking about it, that would of course be unfair for players who don't have 9 character slots. I'm just kind of sad that the torch skin isn't available this way.
  2. During character creation it says "Guardians specialize in protective and defensive magic. A deep sense of loyalty to their allies fuels their passion and power. They're also skilled with a variety of weapons which they put to use against their enemies." There is not much more to find about the lore of the profession. Imo, Guardians are defined by what they want to protect, not a respect for life in general, given that Guardians also come with the option to be zealots who burn down everything around them. In case of charr, while they are loyal to their legion, they first and foremost believe
  3. I always wondered: Sylvari sometimes say about other dead Sylvari "they are with our mother again" or something like that. And we know memories and thoughts of Sylvari can be accessed through the dream by each other, or at least by the mother tree, even if just vaguely. If it is actually true that the afterlife for Sylvari (normally) means returning to the dream, can they simply be reborn into another body? The whole species is like what, 30 years old? Not that many Sylvari have actually died. Necromancer/resurrection lore from before the Sylvaris' existence might not apply to them.
  4. We are not talking about the humans' reactions though, we're talking about Ebonhawke. Ebonhawke is comparatively tiny and stands alone in charr territory. It still had renegade charr attacking at the games for the last 10 years. Crecia belonged to the imperator who actually backed the renegades. Of course Ebonhawke is careful and stubborn.If Crecia were sitting in some hicktown between human and centaur territory, with human separatists attacking regularly because it's an easy target, she probably wouldn't welcome a human delegation with open arms, either.
  5. Well they are just not interesting to play for me, not sure why exactly. I don't enjoy doing them. The dialogue is tedious to listen to, the environments don't look that interesting. Make them funny. Make them have more exciting action or non-battle mechanics. Make them look awesome. Anything. And for being kinda boring and basic, the bar for most of the LFG groups is ridiculous (am on EU). No, I will not bring a META build or any kill proof to join a DRM thank you.
  6. In charr society, killing or simply defeating your superior in battle is a valid way to dispose of a leader, so the situation around Bangar is valid. He got defeated. He is not Imperator of the blood legion any longer. Crecia technically has no business being blood legion imperator, especially since she is originally flame legion of all things.But we have seen a few things so far that have not been done in any traditional way. Ruinbringer's name, for example, should've been something with "blood" in it. A lot of charr traditions are outdated by now, or have always been a ruse. The legion imp
  7. I may be getting old and stupid but I didn't even understand what to do. How do you know that you have to slay ogres or whatever in the fields of ruin? I see the progress for the community event in the eye of the north, but no info on what to do for it.
  8. EDIT:I solved it!! ...I am not sure how. Everything I did:1) I newly downloaded and re-installed a second copy of GW2 next to my old one. I started that one up, it ran almost as bad as the first version. It started out with lower graphic settings, and like 3 more FPS.2) My notebook crashed. Not sure why. Felt like overheating even though CPU and GPU were idling the whole time (monitored it).3) Probably 100% unrelated, I plugged in an external power drain: my external fan pad to put under my notebook (only makes 1-2°C difference for system temp, but keeps the housing colder.)4) I started up m
  9. Rytlock has always been emotional and irrational from the get-go. He was very, very upset about the death of Snaff. He was so upset that he didn't talk to his chosen scapegoat (Logan) for like, seven years or so, I don't remember. That is a very emotionally driven and not stereotypically charr thing to do, since occasional deaths of warband members are/were expected for charr. I quite liked Rytlock when he was pretty irrelevant to how the story played out and was basically just there to guide the player, but find him really grating by now. Rytlock is also the reason why we had to chase afte
  10. I loved the guy because he was a perfect mirror to the underlying story (starting weak/from nothing, kinda being forced to become heroes, and having to defeat the threat with combined efforts). It was the very point of him that he was a bad fighter, but had to get around that somehow. His existence also meant that in an MMORPG, I was not the one heroest hero ever, but share that with other characters, which makes much more sense in this environment. For some reason, some people hate exactly all of that. I would guess that the people who hate Trahearne have a huge overlap with people who hat
  11. Hello all,I am just curious: In English, Jormag is called "they". That does not work in other languages. For example my native language German does not have any gender-neutral pronouns that would not be degrading to use on an adult. So Jormag is called "he" in the German in-game texts I found so far (I play in English). Is it the same in other languages? Do they default to male for Jormag? Is Jormag female in any translation?
  12. Any time they blow up old stuff, the result is a discrepancy between the actual state of the world and the content in the original story new players get from 1-80. It made some parts of that story rather confusing. So, doing that again will likely mean alienating new players more.
  13. That is exactly the point, I am asking for an explanation and examples why humans or other races are supposedly better if they operated in exactly the same way as charr did. I am honestly much surprised be the excessive, exclusive hate for the charr race. Obviously I main charr, but I also play humans and soak up any lore I get, so I really don't see how charr stick out in regards to being ducks. Well I don't see humans leaving centaurs alone on their own damn land so far and they fix their mistakes for their own interests. Just like the charr race is in fact fixing past mistakes for thei
  14. None of that changes what humans did, though, or for what reasons. They simply do the same as any other race: expand, invade, start a war when there's resistance. The fact that they seem the better choice to the dwarves or some other races, doesn't change anything about that.In fact, those races might prefer humans for the same reason that you use against charr: humans are not nicer, humans simply seem weaker and might not be able to cause as much damage through expansion even if they wanted to .And "but they're the bad guys, so it's okay if we invade their land and kill them off" is obviously
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