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  1. High stealth builds actively lose the node, do they not? Also shortbow got nerfed, so that "thief mobility means no sidenode" is approaching debatable right now. Especially if that sidenode requires them to cede the node under pressure, and the build in question has limited mobility.
  2. How is this support? You gonna suggest giving thieves any mitigation or damage boosts to offset the fact that you want to remove what functions as their mitigation?
  3. What are you talking about? Warrior is my main and they're ( @Daddy.8125) right. Playing berserker is playing handicapped core. They play exactly the same but one has its cooldowns shifted. Playing spellbreaker is like playing core, except you get a tether to probably counter specifically thief. If you choose to take it. Bladesworn is like playing core except they force you to take a new weapon swap and your burst skill goes a bit farther. They all have the same mobility. They all have the same weaknesses in telegraphs, blind susceptibility and clunkiness.They al
  4. Not vibing with that. A lot of people care enough to dispel silly arguments, obviously. I think in some small way, I agree with the very core idea of OP's post, but I still think that conclusion is wrong. The irony is that class/role identity doesn't really mean anything, and if "Everyone can do everything" were true, that would be closer to balance than what we have now. The problem has never been "everyone can do everything", but rather it has consistently been iterations of "This one class can do everything in one build/these classes can do everything in one buil
  5. Welcome to the club. Let's talk in the arena while you're working on this. I have some *cracks knuckles* special War-induction training for you to make sure you get a head start.
  6. I think Multi is like one of the only warriors that has fully internalized CmCs meta religion, whether that is for ironic purpose or not. But I'll bite. Pray tell, how should it be played now?
  7. I like how the opinion on warrior players went from "they are unga/carried by passives/low skill floor/Anet's golden Chilllllld~/why is healing signet?/hambow/faceroll class" to "warrior sidenode is reserved for the best and high IQ players 😇" the moment they couldn't perform well enough to have tournament/sidenode presence. Thats just *chef's kiss* mwah. beautiful. Truly we have come far. Surely it's not just people content to beat up warriors while convincing themselves it's fine that the warriors have to try twice or three times as hard for similar results, because that is w
  8. I just want 1v1. with: all the classes as close to balanced as possible 2v2 ruleset
  9. Woahhhh Jayce with no brim- The madness gotten to you sir? That's really funny. You're playing the thief meta right now don't let anyone stop you bruv, that's optimal On topic: Yeah. I don't know why people are surprised that: *Matches are easy/full of bots/The matchmaker seems like it's insane (nobodys playing because it isn't fun) *Getting to plat is ridiculously easy (nobody's playing because it isn't fun) The exciting and interesting builds are very fun to watch, but since nobody's playing because it isn't fun, the only thing you're likely to see ri
  10. People after not having object permanence / getting blown up by a glass (insert class here):
  11. they probably did, but keep in mind the people that tend to be saying kitten like that are usually sweaty and have multiple accounts 'cause they got nothing else going on except vomiting bile into online games. Still report where you can, but that toxic person is probably on their third account while the others are on cooldown.
  12. I just wish there were more options in the report system in game. There should be "Hacking" and "Disrupting play/unsportsmanlike conduct" in that dropdown so people dont have to cram it into one of the other options.
  13. *teacup sip* Interesting. Someone with an objectively fresh perspective still finds themselves nuked in the right circumstances. I wonder what this says about the state of the game. What classes have high damage, and what do you play?
  14. These two. Ranger's the only class atm that can maintain pressure in downstate. Everyone else's downstate is a stall and are appropriate but Ranger can actively pick themselves back up through cleave. Lick wounds needs to go on full cd the moment the pet experiences any hard cc or daze, and pet swap should be disabled in downstate. Everything else is fine.
  15. Even if it's on necros, I'd like some more fear. would mean people could play fear interrupt builds to cover glassy necros instead of doing the whole "omegasponge" thing not atm though, just...like, ideally. in general. I think that would be fun.
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