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  1. Ah yes the scorpion wire gimmick traps, I haven't seen those since the Heian era
  2. I am a simple creature All I want is 1v1s and balancing that makes that easier. There may not always be 20 people that want to play a game, but 2 people that want to play a game is almost a guaranteed target to hit.
  3. omfg bro why do they keep handing mesmers distortion it's wild 💀 At least you can't take infinite horizon at the same time. I'm one bad matchup away from starting my mes resentment arc again though.
  4. Dune Cloak gives me PTSD. @Terrorhuz.4695 Do you see this storm on the horizon
  5. @Cal Cohen.2358 Hello~ *waves flag* We're literally right here~ We've been pressing these buttons for like 10 years, hit us up anytime
  6. I like this approach. Once every week or once every (3-5) days is fine without penalty, but if you're experiencing disconnects more frequent than that you shouldn't be queueing pvp where a match may depend on you being present from the beginning to the end of the match. I also like "disconnection rate" mmr, that pits people that tend to DC when a match goes unfavorably against each other.
  7. Okay let me make premades, you can have the people afking once they lose mid first fight
  8. Bro needs to touch grass 💀 imagine acquiring 40 accounts just so you can be mildly inconvenient in an (arguably) dead competitive mode, some of y'all are wild and need to go outside
  9. *in the background having fun dodging the purple greatsword*
  10. They could take two seconds to say that if so, yeah? I'm not a fan of fabricating a reason, they have the platform to explain that there's stuff being worked on if it exists.
  11. If they do 1v1 I expect chill guilds that practice in their guild halls. Also I want spectate, but hide the builds and skillbars so people can't coach.
  12. No that's been bad for 10 years, it needs to marinate a bit more.
  13. Maybe, but if so they should have realized that nobody stands in hundred blades, and instead focused on adding a reason to use it that wasnt damage that nobody is going to stand in. Especially the buff to the final hit of the cast. Nobody is getting hit by that. It takes 3 seconds to cast the skill. There's a ton of things they could have done that wouldn't break the skill. Maybe hitting someone with strikes recharges your other greatsword skills a bit per hit. Maybe channeling it gives you quickness. Maybe channeling it destroys projectiles in a cone in front of you. Maybe each hit stacks a long lasting might or fury on you, or a discrete buff that refreshes if you hit with hb again in like 15/20 seconds. Maybe each hit stacks tokens that last like a minute, and when you have 8-10 the skill flips over for like 7 secs and its just the last strike that does like 5-7k. Idk. They have options if they sit down and think about how it should be used. If i can sit here and come up with like 5 ideas in the spam of 30 seconds- Idk I'm tired man
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