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  1. In general: Ele hardest to master, followed by Thief. Both of these classes require situational awareness and/or understanding of multiple skills and their synergies. their playstyle often needs to adapt based on their opponent and will often revolve around what the opponent does. I almost always respect eles, especially weavers not running sword mainhand, for their ability to manage all of their cooldowns in a way that gets them a win. I respect thieves too, because bad ones are quickly sniffed out and killed. You have to bring a certain level of mastery to that class if you arent
  2. While I understand your angle, I do want to point out that power damage has some drawbacks, namely: * It is directly affected by toughness, whereas condi ignores it * Some traits and skills in the game allow players to become immune to direct damage or critical hits for short periods of time, but are affected by conditions during this * It requires investment in three stat denominations instead of two to do significant damage, leaving very little room for damage mitigation outside of actively preventing it in the first place * It is culled by weakness. C
  3. Lmao why are people so pressed to manipulate matches for temporary bragging rights
  4. Couple things about this. I [redacted] with those weapons. Condi thief [redacted] if you make some adjustments on that. I doubt you were doing so though. If people are eating raw damage and think they're dying to conditions, that isn't condition hate. That's a fundamental inability to grasp the concept of avoiding damage and parroting some complaint you heard before to protect your ego. Condi hate does exist. They have been paired with obnoxious builds for years, so while this is understandable it should still be taken on a case by case basis, based on the
  5. So that's a no? because, while thief hard counters warrior 1v1, it does not counter other classes 1v1 nearly as hard. Also, again, 1v1 is not a metric that is rewarded outside of community hosted tournaments, so I don't know why you're so insistent on balancing around it. The game had to be adjusted by the players agreeing on rules to make a space for warrior to compete, that should be indicative of a conclusion other than the one you're reaching.
  6. Would you like to pick up a warrior and fight my thief? I secondary that class and I'm probably decent enough to prove my point.
  7. This is correct. Is the meta garbage? Yes. Is the meta -utter- garbage? no. the balancing direction has just created a problem for every two they've solved so far, with reworks people kind of didn't ask for. There were a lot of good changes, but the bad changes are egregious and overshadowing them. Also lich needs a hit and warrior needs a buff.
  8. Nnno, that's right. Shadow shot, blinding powder, headshot, smokescreen and steal can all be applied so liberally that warrior, which depends on single strikes for bursts, often cannot land those hits. These moves often also come out much faster than any of warrior's hits, or instantly. They also vomit weakness on any attack after dodging (which makes any hits that make it through the above have a 50% chance to do negligible damage) and have an unblockable swipe if dd, which is up twice as often as warrior shield stance and puts it on cd immediately. They are mechanical
  9. This is fine, but I can see why it would be bad for some. People do this now based on what icon you pick (or what your post history tends to reflect), which is why people change their icons when making posts attacking classes for what they see as overpowered metrics. If anything it would further expose the people who are trying to advocate for nerfs without even logging in on the class. It would probably be better for everyone to keep the forum discourse less susceptible to easy ad hominem though.
  10. I see. I will treat your comment with the same dismissal you treated mine with.
  11. Prove any pvp viable warrior build can tank 2 dps specs. Is this the same build that can tank 2 dps specs?
  12. Question. How good is deadeye to you? Just curious. We probably agree on balancing direction more closely than I assumed, then. That being said, it would be simpler, quicker, and better for build diversity and the volatility of the meta to just buff core/zerker instead of nerfing every single one of those. And condi trapper. And thief. Why can't the solution to bunker builds be damage builds for warrior? That kills two birds with one stone and is less prone to being gummed up by any minor changes like... say, an Xpack dropping later. If they overb
  13. Insidious Projection - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
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