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  1. I love how the OP is mostly concerned with the aesthetics/concept but the thread immediately devolved into gameplay complaints. Welcome to the Professions forum! 😁 Honestly, I don't think there's a dearth of shotgun-like skins in the game. Sure, you don't get any proper double-barreled shotgun skins but I don't particularly even want that. There's a ton of blunderbuss-type skins with a wide bore that work well enough aesthetically.
  2. I double-checked and the wiki says Champ Quaggans only spawn when the event is upscaled so DEFINITELY try it on a daily and/or during peak hours. Good luck!
  3. For the Vinetooth Prime, definitely pick a day when Auric Basin events is a daily, you might have more luck there if you try organizing people a few minutes before the event. I've actually randomly come across people doing the Prime event not that long ago while map-completing on an alt, stopped by and helped them beat it. As for the other item, you can get it from ANY champion icebrood quaggan so if you can't get it through that quest, try doing Claw of Jormag (especially when it's a daily and there's a lot of people), I'm fairly sure champ quaggans spawn during the event. Also, t
  4. WELL, YOU ASKED FOR IT... You've heard from people who have taken this whole thing seriously, now let me (a regular but very poor player who's been sucking consistently since 2014, wouldn't ever consider even doing a "rotation" (that just sounds like the most boring way to play) and only really enjoys the open world PVE) rank all professions from best to worst from a PvE scrub point of view. 1. Necromancer (in particular, Reaper). Reaper is easy mode. It just is. Currently my main is a signet Reaper clumsily optimized to spend as much time in shroud as possible. Pr
  5. Yes, the best source for 4-stat/selectable trinkets is Living World vendors in exchange for their respective map currencies. They never added those new combinations to laurel vendors because those combinations are gated behind their respective expansions.
  6. It's such a tiny thing but I'm very disproportionately annoyed by it: when you use a Gemstore mount skin (especially a relatively elaborate and different one, like the Goat Springer or the new Roboskyscale) and you haven't mounted for a while, the next time you do mount, the default mount skin shows up for a split second before your custom skin loads up. Somehow that breaks my immersion in half which is silly but whatcha gonna do. Not sure if it can be fixed, sure would be nice if it was.
  7. Nothing, really. I'm too crap at the game to be of any use to anyone and I generally don't enjoy the mode. I guess it's pretty good for getting elite specs for your alts without doing any expansion content "out of order" because you accumulate those heroic notary things or whatever they're called very quickly and then you can just spend them on your alts.
  8. I don't think it's particularly poorly designed but it's definitely not clearly explained what you're supposed to be doing. Whether you treat that as a challenging "puzzle" to try and solve or an annoyance that should have been tutorialized better is up to you.
  9. Absolutely this. It's also great advice for any other map that doesn't have a very popular meta. On the "daily days" you have a much better chance of finding people organizing the metas.
  10. Not that it matters much but 6 years. The meta was redesigned in January '16 and achievements were added only then.
  11. It is very tedious but I never found it difficult (and I'm really bad at dodging stuff). There must be some mechanics you're not getting.
  12. Yep, that would be useful. Or, if there are multiple commanders, a commander symbol of appropriate color before your name.
  13. First I'll repeat myself (it's been a year since I last asked): Please make the headpiece of the Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit into a separate item. Usually I get the reasoning behind not wanting to split outfits into pieces but this headpiece is a tiny thing that won't clip through anything even if you try. Just do it, please. It's such a cool item but it's lumbered with the rest of the outfit which is a bit of a holographic mess. And my new request is very very simple: prioritize completing existing mount skin "sets" when releasing new batches of mount skins. There's only, like, 4-5 co
  14. It's almost impossible to say because even in one weight armor class, dyes affect different armor sets in different ways. You can sort dyes by color groups and preview dyes you don't actually own so the best way would really be to spend 10 minutes going through them all and seeing what fits.
  15. The tonic requires Endless Halloween Enchantment which can only be bought from the vendor during Halloween. Imbued Holographic weapons are only sold by the vendor during Dragon Bash (nothing to do with SAB).
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