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  1. Dang, cry more about it or round up some numbers. You want to get rid of a fun and engaging game mechanic because you can't get a kill in a crowd? Change your build maybe.
  2. The core world should be flagged open world pvp and have a few structures in each map guilds or alliances can claim and defend with Dolyaks running supply from those territories to a WvW map that would be improved by activity on those maps. Then have some kind of frontline ruins WvW map connected to the actual game world designed for ongoing large scale fights with varied terrain and obstacles that would be fed supply from the core maps. Your idea sounds interesting but that's something a lot of different players would have to keep up with on a level above just logging in and find
  3. That's pretty much how I started out with my guild. Initiative is an awesome game mechanic and we have good control and movement skills. If warrior or guardian had Initiative and better animations and skill combos I'd be playing one of those.
  4. That will be a fun before and after video if you know any such thieves on your server.
  5. I just said in this very thread that I like to play support. You can play support and deal damage at the same time. You're a thief with Initiative and you're making arguments as if you play the other classes with cooldowns. Just because you limit yourself or don't want to bother figuring stuff out doesn't mean other players want to funnel themselves into one rigid role. You still have Core, Drd, and DE, which are likely what I'd still be playing as support often even given a dedicated by design support Elite because they're all fun with great tools.
  6. I get you're overall point but don't entirely agree with it. If a zerg is getting wiped already, they're not going to get a lot of refill, especially in todays WvW because the attempt is likely to turn into a bag farm. That's usually when a map change happens. I think Down State is good for team work and for the games combat in general but I think other tools should replace the class specific Downed skills and not allow Rallying and maybe once full down we should have to waypoint. I haven't noticed larger groups performing differently during no down state weeks though. The last fe
  7. That's a good point that gets stepped over too often with some mental gymnastics but that's a point a thread should hold up on until everyone understands it before moving on.
  8. The zerg wins if it's good. If it's bad the zerg gets wiped. Was there a point?
  9. I didn't miss your point at all, I gave feedback on your suggestion which would be a bad change for this game and your take on current stealth is equally bad.
  10. You got your reward. That player gets rewarded for running with a team. Any other game mechanics designed around team play and social interaction you want to scrap so people have to run longer and be miserable?
  11. GW2 combat is still competitive and likely far better than the games your "most players" supposedly ran off to. A problem we have is that Anet seems to think players like competitive modes but don't like to actually fight. Rotating points is pretty much what WvW boils down to as well, but any time someone mentions any sort of open world pvp aspects or engaging mechanics to get people moving and bumping into each other, people in this forum will call them pve gimmicks but continue to cry about everyone avoiding fights. People who claim to want a "competitive" game often aren't conc
  12. There already is a deliberate playstyle, and right now I can at least try some Pulls and Stone or something before someone goes into stealth. You're also talking about dedicating another utility slot to another required skill, where thieves are already funneled into required trait lines, traits, and skills. This is after all the talk about giving the thief more build diversity while nerfing that diversity almost immediately. Maybe actually read through some of the thread even if it's long and gauge how reasonable or even legit a lot of the complaints about stealth are and how realistic suggest
  13. I really enjoy playing thief support in WvW where it's more apparent being deliberate and tangible but in pve it's only really a factor in open world events or bosses that can down people quick and have waves of adds to intercept and burst on. In pve instances, you're kind of stuck moving with a team instead of tethering at a good support range and you have nothing passive going on in the background that will show up on any charts or continue to perform during any kind of encounter phases that aren't shrugged off. All of our kitten is getting too expensive anyway, who wants to spe
  14. That's not a long cooldown and that radius is huge. zergs wont have to coordinate anything, people will just do that regularly on their own. That would effect players trying travel or use Stealth Attacks just in the area who might not even be part of that fight, but all of the sudden they're revealed. That, over a build that you're not going to see much of and is only as successful as the laziness of other players and their stat and build choice.
  15. Stealth is perfectly fine. Some skills and traits are not. They have to have mobility, that's going to be their role in pretty much every game mode. If you want people to stand still for you and let you kill them then start a fight club with a few servers and pick a corner of a map.
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