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  1. Trying to chain that will depend on durations and factoring in Revealed. I'm also not sure if we're double dipping around stealth since we don't know if there's any internal cooldown on superspeed. It could be that we can initiate superspeed on either end of Stealth but might not be able to stack or chain them consistently if at all. Regardless, if you want more frequent protection and superspeed, that means you have to come out of stealth and can't camp in it, and then that protection and speed sounds reasonable when put next to other classes. There's always the chance that it coul
  2. Good point. We'll have to get our hands on it but those SA changes actually look alright. Maybe that's bias since it would boost one of my main builds with the barrier and group modifiers but I also feel like it's less about staying in stealth and more about actually actively using stealth to fight.
  3. I wanted some support capability but I agree with that. I support people with Specter but that takes the shape of also turning my tether and surrounding players into a weapon. I float around and fill up whoever is hitting something I can't hit or to overwhelm, or players who can spread my venom more effectively. Driving whoever has the Dragon Banner is nice for that, I can help them hang around a bit longer and they have a great RWV spread, and then I can turn them into a sort of shield or ram to work off of. I think they should have leaned more into Specter supporting other players but m
  4. And all of the "small stat increase" compound each other even just going in and out of territory, and the flow of fights already suffers some from that.
  5. I'm a little worried they specified synergizing with SA with specter. I'm more hopeful about the "as well as updated options for stealth and defensive gameplay" part. If they're doing a legit rework of SA then that's great, but overlooking those long kitten cooldowns again feels like thief players are further being funneled into certain builds, which is the same as funneling people into certain content and whatever prep they require/or access to that content. The fact that they're adding stat buffs in place of armor repair in WvW however small already has me worried about some their
  6. I haven't noticed that. It could just be a different build baseline on the new servers in your matchup. Servers aren't very distinct at this point but that might be how they roll. Maybe a lot of their pugs build to keep up with the fights so they can keep up with the bags and nodes and they evolved into a yolo culture.
  7. You're showing what you're all about by ignoring my first post. You're argument was weak out of the gate but people still responded seriously and you keep deflecting. No one was trying to get personal with you. You got butt hurt because you were either proven wrong or you didn't like the answer.
  8. No, you entirely and selfishly dismissed all other players and my explanation why your changes aren't needed. Namely because they'd be only your changes. Dress up your post all you want with colorful words and attempted levity but you know you're deflecting when not only I but others in this thread already answered you in detail. You don't like the answers because you want the game tailored towards your schedule and play time so you can get your legendary you mentioned and bounce. You can pout all you want but WvW players aren't trying to coddle you so you can get back to pve.
  9. The reappearance is on the forums because people need a flavor of the month bad guy to cry about. What you're saying is, that Mark gives some heads up but otherwise, DE gives about as much of a indicator of an attack as any other class gives off. The poor insight and ill informed and lazy arguments on these forums really shouldn't be pushing 20 pages.
  10. In open world or wherever I'll weapon swap to sword/dagger if I need to for adds and stuff and I Life Steal/leech/siphon on Interrupts and will take something like Pitfall. I'll also pierce with Rifle and I use Death's Retreat a lot (I use untargeted and I toggle action cam a lot so I can control it's direction and movement). Anything Area of Effect that you can fit in without having to throw too much out helps and bonus if it's something that compounds what you're already doing, like some kind of damage or effect from Interrupts, blinds, immob, etc. That way you should get a decent group
  11. Yes to the part in bold, glad you understood. Reality stings I guess. Play WvW for awhile longer and think about not allowing anyone to walk into a gate while in combat. Don't get an attitude and act offended when you're trying to change mechanics others don't have a problem with, into something most people would have a problem with, for you're benefit.
  12. Did I say that part in bold? No? You're argument is so bad you have to make up someone to argue with. "kitten amount of mobility, cc, teleports, evades and blinds?" You're not getting a huge amount of any of that on one build. That's called build decisions, try it out, you might like like it. You can be childish and dramatic all you want, you're still wrong. Stealth is toxic to someone like you because you refuse to do anything about it with your own build or effort. If you happen upon an actual problematic build, hit it up or leave and give your feedback someplace. Just be legit a
  13. Because those mechanics aren't broken regardless of your own personal inability to mitigate them. Hit up Anet about some of the problematic build and trait combos if you need to keep screeching about something. Stealth is part of how a thief mitigates damage in lieu of passive counters. If you take that out, then of course it needs to be replaced by something, no one is going to take you seriously if you're claiming otherwise because that would just be ridiculous. We all understand if you need a more sure fight for yourself, but gimping entire classes for your benefit is selfish and size
  14. There are always other players, on all three sides, who are looking for small scale fights. Maybe going door to door trying to catch people gathering their nodes isn't the best way to find those other players. Again, the mechanics aren't hampering your game play, you just might not be as honest with yourself as you think you are. I tend to dismount early in a lot of areas so I won't get knocked off as an opener, I have a hard time believing entire maps are running away from you on their mounts, even if they wanted to. Regardless, that's WvW, and a lot of the action is going to be large s
  15. The game mode mechanics don't promote pve over pvp, players do and if you took out anything you thought was a pve gimmick, you'd see the exact same amount of those people as you do now, or you wouldn't see them at all. But then people who aren't you and who aren't in your time zone will have their server and match dynamics effected. Other people breeze through those guards and like to have them there for participation and it's a good heads up on your sides map. If they run into a gate, set up some siege and open a wall. They'll come out like you want (unless you were all about that fight
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