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  1. I'm not bored of the maps we have. I'm bored with dead maps around a short queue heavy prime time and with most of the map areas not having any reason to exist. Our characters wouldn't live in that map or do anything else in it aside from what we do right now on the maps WvW already has. When WvW maps become part of the game world and more people than the EBG spill over population will actually see and maybe use it, then maybe throwing resource at a new map would be a good idea. WvW sadly isn't open world. A new WvW map would just be more space your character is almost never going t
  2. People rush there to fight the entire boon ball and either crash right into it or hang back only reacting to the other side while getting picked off before a rush that cleans up the rest of their side. That ball can't protect everyone regardless of how solid people think it is. It's a composition that has to hold up so instead of trying to pounce or pull what looks like an easy kill in zerg fights who are floating around their core, pull out or snipe their support holding things down and go down the list until their comp can't keep scrambling to make up for the loss in their dynamic. You
  3. None of the maps in WvW die out for large portions of any given day because of outdated textures or because those maps are kind of old. Touching up those maps for 2022 still leaves us right in the same place.
  4. Shroud leap feels really good and is one of my favorite animations. I agree, it's at a good spacing and pace with d/d and that combo is a lot of fun toggling action camera.
  5. That's probably the best way to build for WvW so you can float around and hit everything you run into. You can read the maps and feel the map movement stress when zergs roll in and start plotting. Maybe do more floating than roaming and feel the maps breath to find stuff to get ahead of. My guild are just other floaters who mostly do their own thing and ping the map when they see stuff but nothing super serious and I don't feel like I'm missing out on any scale fight not being in the blob. I almost never actually join squads or groups since I also get put in the back of the squad bus wit
  6. It's not open world. It's a contained game mode, but large enough to not have to take any heat for your bad performance or for being a goober and apart from selling off stuff for gold there's not much else you gain aside from a few good fights. No one really has a reason to try in WvW. It's too big to promote urgency and encounters but too small to benefit form an open world dynamic. You're going to have to hit up more activities each day and see if that injects some new interest, like going hybrid support or something you haven't really hit up yet for awhile or try to hold it down in so
  7. Just having a keybind to hold down while I drag right mouse or whatever people use to pan camera in default camera mode would be simple and effective. I mostly play WvW ( having to look around a lot for plotting and stealth signs while running) with a lot of weird terrain and dense blobs of people and I toggle between the camera modes constantly, more so than I use most skills. The two main issues I have is being able to land ground targeted skills behind me while I run and like someone pointed out above, being able to land AOE on different topography which the Action Camera angle lock doesn't
  8. That's just wrong. I hope your poor thief didn't die believing that. Specter with SA especially is strong right now in squad and zerg fights but even old DE and a few core builds could influence a large fight. At least Anet provides a lot of level ups and instant 80s if you need to bring your thief back to life.
  9. That would prompt fight clubs and kill trading sessions. I've seen those last 24/7 on other games. I hang with the fights but I'm not always killing other players and some stretches will have little fighting because I'm scoping stuff out and watching groups plotting and moving. I also build to cover people through a map or in moving fights. I could likely go an entire fight and not kill anyone even if I'm the one holding it together.
  10. There's no wandering or exploration and no lived in game world or populated quality in WvW outside of those blobs. Even if you're roaming or floating around you're probably going to at least scope out the lane they've dredged. That's natural though, it's a multiplayer game, people expect to socialize and flex around people while developing their character. The only real character development in WvW is vibing with your build tuned to a composition on some scale. People have to leave WvW for anything else.
  11. Well there's your problem.
  12. It's flagged. It would breed no more toxicity than Starwars Galaxies. At the most someone would grumble because they didn't want to get flagged so they'd have to watch their npcs getting killed. What faction activity did do was spread activity around, including to maps that would otherwise be almost entirely empty and got people to hang out and interact. No one had to take part but the maps felt more lived in or like an actual game world instead of a few game lobbies that don't talk to each other. It also got our pvpers, crafters, and everyone interacting more and talking to each other, especi
  13. Servers used to get some reward before the mega server. Back to my broken record, we should have some form of open world pvp, but if not that then Alliances should have been designed to incorporate all of the game modes, giving emergent and active or temporary rewards in open world or other game modes depending on specific activity or encounters in other game modes. Then me as an alliance leader could say, we're going to hit up this encounter in WvW for like an hour or two so our peoples in this other map or game mode get this specific reward along with us for a residual amount of time.
  14. I really wish specter got a focus main hand or off hand instead. I feel like it would have inspired better animations and movement. I kind of like Sc/Pistol, especially with Shroud and sw/dagger, but then scepter 2 makes me feel like the weak kid in dodgeball.
  15. There definitely needed to be a dedicated trait line, even for the unique support from Specter. Just bringing up some traits might supplement your groups support a little but it would be strained and would run out of gas. I used to float around blobs and squad fights with a quasi support build and it was stretched soo thin and it just wasn't enough of a factor once there was any kind of deliberate pressure. It's a world of difference with a trainline tuned to support even if it's still pushed to the limit, at least in messy WvW fights. How is it not a rogue or assassin? It has acce
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