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  1. That could be visually helpful and could cut down on your brains problem solving time. I was kind of thinking about something to make the ally characters profile outline even more obvious during Mouse Rollover. I'm used to it and can normally get my target in a blob but the outline doesn't grow large or bright enough to stand out as much as it needs to in general. I also run into problems actually grabbing the target when the blob is tight together and there are structure objects close all around like around Stone Mist Castle hallways. It's a little more reliable in Default cam than in Action cam but I still grab the wrong target or object sometimes.
  2. Maybe Specter holds up better or worse per game mode. In WvW like or make use of a lot of that but agree with some stuff. I want Measured Shot to stay the same for now. I like how it works and like other Specter skills, it has options and different movement is one of those options. It's been clutch a lot and if you're fine with Ally targeting, it's a quality of life feature. Ally targeting feels easier if you're used to toggling in and out of Action Cam a lot. Left mouse ally select is less frustrating, but action cam targeting feels more natural if you're eyes are used to seeing the character profile highlight. In zergs anyway it's not bad, but Anet needs to specialize in Specter UI or lean away from Ally targeting in future updates and keep it as more of mix of auto attack sustain and clutch moves. Ally targeting for Specters, maybe with a Scepter equipped or something, does need to look different to let the eyes know when you're targeting rolls over an Ally character profile. I run Power Specter-Acro-Trick and I agree, power is kind of an after thought but it feels alright, and I slot items and traits to have Torment life steal. Larcenous Torment needs to do considerably better. The healing and Rot Wallow Venom aren't as strong as my other two templates but the healing seems to still factor in an actual fight and RWV is a good supplement, and it's a steady source of Torment with a team around. I like the feel of Shroud skills and I have a lot of fun with it, especially shroud 3, but the radius, durations, and strength of those skills need to come up some and Shroud itself, along with life steal modifiers and other mitigation needs to hold up better while in Shroud or give non Traversing Dusk Force replenishing a boost.
  3. I think the build options that compound the problem builds just need to be adjusted or changed to something that more thematically matches the trait line or Elite. Something like Silent Scope really should have been a trait that allows the DE to post up more securely when Kneeling and do some Rifle work (instead of doing flips with a whole kitten Rifle for the easiest Stealth option) and it's only a few steps from that stance to get a reliable stealth and that procedure even includes a movement skill, but a change could also include a very short Stealth for the Stealth Attack that keeps you still and Kneeling until stealth breaks or you take you're Stealth Attack shot. Having to use a non build item is time away from the opponents offense and mitigation of attacks. On the flip side, that extra item easily used by people in larger groups and blobs all over would feel kind of excessive against a thief template that uses like one source of stealth staggered out for group support like maintaining Barrier.
  4. That's pretty lackluster, especially since deciding to use any traits that incorporate Shadowsteps means you're probably leaning heavily into it. They're interesting traits and it can be a fun dynamic to maintain but not strong enough to only take one of that type of trait and you'll need maybe three or more sources of Shadowstep, unless it's just supplemental to top something off. nvm: if it's just a tooltip issue.
  5. I'm actually not entirely against that train of thought, was just curious about parameters. Exponential numbers on skills or mitigation can be hard to contain in practice. If they ever wanted to try some kind equalizing mechanic for lack of other answers, they could maybe disable or bring down any speed modifiers after a certain number of players in a squad or something tertiary like that.
  6. If 40 people is the ceiling, what is the floor? I'd probably avoid even small friendly groups most of the time.
  7. "They say this should make defending feel more valuable as it denies more points." For example, if an issue they identified is that people aren't defending something, only a few number crunchers are going to care about that. There's no visual or tangible prompt to steer people towards the behavior they think is going to catch on.
  8. Wouldn't both sides benefit from that? The larger side can run more ? v 1 splits.
  9. How did that give you any other impression than literally saying take a second to explain. "here's food, 5 min, hitting sm outer". Simple and people know what they're up to and if that's what they want to join up with. I engage with tags plenty. I don't need to tag and I don't need to join squad most of the time. Don't talk about limited views when you don't know how a lot of people have been playing this game since before launch.
  10. What message are you talking about? I'm saying commanders should expect to play with a lot of people and shouldn't expect other people to scramble from maps for them. Is there some super secret handbook that explains otherwise? I've seen commanders quickly explain what they're about plenty of times if that's what you're on about, what do you mean how commanding works?
  11. Why are you so salty about this? I'm not telling people how to run their squad. I'm saying if they don't like being around people or dealing with people, don't play with people or find a smaller scale game mode.
  12. No. Problems are compounded. They're all playing the same way. I don't tag and I don't join tags so save it. I'm saying if people want to tag up, they should expect people to hang around and they can take some time to show them what's up if they want to pull a force around, or drop the tag and run a group, or don't complain.
  13. I don't need invisible tags explained. I know why people use them. Again, until we get legit open world and not limited slot maps, it's just a sad dynamic. It wasn't a total kitten show before because we all knew our servers. So many people don't know what's going on now and aren't likely to any time soon because there's no server culture roll over, just seemingly empty maps even when there's a queue or lopsided sides depending on which blob tag is logged on or not. I'm not trying to sound like I'm trashing you for running hidden tags. I'm trashing the dynamic that has teammates hiding from each other. If you want to fly under the radar, why not just simmer down to group size? Isn't taking on havoc size already pulling people and effort from the bigger tag or is it about hiding from that group so they don't light you up when asking for map space? That other squad doesn't need as many people as they think they do, you don't need to do them any solid like that.
  14. There should be a lot of tags all over a map all day. People shouldn't tag up in WvW if they don't want to take second and explain to players what they're up to or to get out of their circles. If they don't want to teach, don't be a commander. If they don't want people following, downsize to group size. I get why people feel like they need it right now, but until we get legit open world, Anet needs to quit letting guild and squads feel like WvW maps are their private maps. It's crazy that maybe the biggest points of contention in WvW is between teammates over map limits or lack of respect for the activity and teamwork some groups like to employ.
  15. It's a real problem that players aren't notified immediately and clearly by the UI if a commander designated their group as Havoc or for another purpose and those other tags asking people to leave map for space need to learn WvW game mode instead of trying to get the game mode to learn how their basic kitten wants to play. I guarantee if any of them get to put their entire guild on a map it won't be the factor they need to sort that map out. I'd ignore all that and tag up and drag aggro all over. If you're trying to be low key, downsize to group.
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