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  1. i had this happen then noticed at the top in game it said English US i clicked and changed it to English uk and that fixed it dunno if that will help with your problem good luck
  2. My problems started before windows updated just after gw2 update, windows for me did not update untill the following day
  3. nevermind logged out just to double check its actually working and freeze again
  4. same issue but if you press ctrl shift escape use arrows to go down to guild wars 2 then click delete on keyboard that seems to work so don't have to keep restarting pc
  5. Still did not work and another restart of my comp tried the task manager alt tab windows tab none of them work only complete reboot 😞
  6. Tried run as admin still doing same thing have keep restarting comp everything just freezes
  7. yep thank you so much better on the eyes 🙂
  8. Maybe something to aim for in game gathering gold is not really a project but getting in game skins would be
  9. Strange i just relogged to get the update and got a mail with 2 unlocks but they already unlocked 😛
  10. just completely removed gw2 from pc and did fresh install just did a chak no noise :)
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