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  1. Aye, it takes up-to 72 hours for the gems part of the purchase. This is because the anti-fraud check on the payment method used needs to complete before you'll get the heavily discounted gems. It's a protection measure in case a stolen card is used to purchase the game, so the gems can't be used immediately/liquidated into gold or other items and offloaded from the account to another one.
  2. All you need to do to use an updraft is just dismount mid-air (same keybind as you use you mount-up) when you enter an updraft. You then just pop open your glider to use the updraft, and re-mount once you reach the top.
  3. Something is already being done. Anet are working on WvW restructuring, the 4th beta of it is soon (see the recent blogpost on the main homepage). You select which guild you want to represent in the next match ahead of the reset, and you and anyone else in your guild who select the same one to rep will be on the same team in WvW
  4. It's worth progressing a lvl 80 alt to the end of the lvl 30 chapter/start of lvl 40 anyways, as the first instance of the lvl 40 chapter gives you a free Black Lion Chest Key 😄 It honestly doesn't take that long for a scaled-down lvl 80 to roflstomp through the early story ^_^
  5. Pre-nerf pocket raptors.... (goes cries in a corner from pocket raptor induced trauma) Yes, they were EVIL!! EVIL I TELL YOU! Back to the topic tho. Yes Season 3 is worth getting. Aye some of the story is annoying if you're the type to want to skip dialogue, but the variety of maps in the season is great, the story as a whole is solid and covers several very important plot beats. The Ancent Magics mastery track grants you a useful additional downed skill, and you gain access to some of the easiest to farm sources of ascended trinkets/backpacks in the game (the masteries gain some ret
  6. Kaineng meta, the pre events with the 7 zones literally mean nothing in the overall scheme of it. The lab events start regardless of how many zones were stabilised. The 7 zones correspond to 7 teleporter destinations. Failing a zone disables the teleporter for it. Which honestly isn't a big deal when the main event is just following 2 escorts and gathering at a central point for the boss. You can bunch people at the 2 labs while the pre events are running, then just do the defence/escorts/boss as normal.
  7. I used to command TT years ago with [DV] and then with gw2community.com (who have since disbanded, but people may remember me as the "Crazy Commander" who cracked jokes about the "Snotballs of Doom" aoe attack from the wurms). I'm aware of a run that gathers at 12:50 pm UK time every Sunday that does advertisements across several maps and in LFG ahead of and during the gather time. I don't have the time these days to sit down and organise a run myself, but if anyone's setting up a run when I'm online and available and they're short of people to handle the arena mobs (or fill in as an emergency
  8. The Goldclaw convo at the monastery. If you talk to him and his publisher afterwards, it actually sets away an achievement collection that is a whole dang mini storyline with voice acting at several parts. The egg is likely a reference to the process in GW1 for getting yourself a baby black moa hatchling mini, which involved a bunch of stuff around echovald 🙂
  9. My biggest frustration is you don't keep your stacks when a map closes. Anet wants people to swap as fewer maps is less resources. But fishers will stay put until the last moment if the 1 hour closing window is long enough for them to finish out the day/night. For fishers who NEED the high stacks for a particular part of day, and the 1 hour closing window stops short of that time/cuts that time in half, they have no choice but to start over on a new map. But sometimes you can swap maps and 5-10 minutes later (still in that timeframe where the 1 hour would cut off before/during the other part o
  10. edit: apparently there's now people on reddit who have done collection once and say you have to buy the shards again. Seems Anet picked rubbish wording on the blog post which can be read to mean they're once only. Edit: got the "single purchase" bit from a datamine, and the wording of the official blog post indicates the final collection is what is repeated and the shards grant access to the colleciton. If that's not what Anet meant, then they chose bad wording.
  11. Edit: got the "single purchase" bit from a datamine for the vendor, and the wording of the official blog post indicates the final collection is what is repeated and the shards grant access to the colleciton. Apparently on reddit there's now posts from people who have completed it once and say you have to buy them again. So if the once-to-unlock is not what Anet meant, then they chose bad wording since that blog post can be read that way.
  12. A tip for getting Celestial gear, there's a variety of stat selectable stuff ingame for cheap. Headpiece, buy the ice golem helm box of the TP for around 1g. Shoulders/legs/gloves/boots, buy the bladed armor boxes from the Itzel vendor in Heart of Thorns for Airship parts + 1g (if you've done any fair amount of stuff in Verdant Brink, you'll be swimming in airship parts or have loads of crowbars and can just run around the map opening supply boxes to get the parts quick). Weapons. If you need a celestial pistol, rifle, greatsword, sword, or staff, grab one of the Iron Legion weapons from the T
  13. On that point I'd have to disagree lol. I love both mounts, and on a short distance within the flight-bar range of the skyscale? Yeah skyscale does the job easier than griffon if you struggle with precise griffon landing. But when you need to go any real distance or have to navigate down/around/back-up through a series of obstacles, griffon will get you there a lot quicker once you get the hang of it. It can also, when used right, fly forever unlike a skyscale which must land regularly to reset its flight bar. Just check out any of the griffon stunt flying vids on youtube to see what it's capa
  14. When Festival of the Four Winds is running, there are mount rental npcs scattered around the Labyrinthine Cliffs map where for a small fee you can rent the mount specific to the npc and you get a special action key to summon the mount for a set amount of time (I think you can also rent a raptor in the Queen's Pavillion so you can do the race in there). One of the npcs high up at cliffs has the skyscale. Of course you're renting the base version with no masteries, but you can still give them a go. The only rentable mount that's around all the time is renting a rollerbeetle at each of the r
  15. My tip is to have 1 or 2 revenants in the group with Dwarf Stance equipped (Bonus if they are running Renegade spec) They spend the entire fight auto attacking/spamming F4 off cooldown if they've got Renegade equipped, and reserve all the rest of their energy for the Dwarf Stance elite. Every time Li pulls out one of his one-shot-down mechanics, or the 1-2-3 mechanic, the rev(s) hit their elite. If you have 2 revs/2 subgroups, entire squad gets 50% damage reduction so even if they fail the dodge they don't typically die from it. If you have 1 rev, stick them in a group with the squishest peopl
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