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  1. They won't retrofit a weaponset for a previous expansion. If you want a spear with the Aurene aura effect on the blade of it, get an Impaler of the Scion. You'd need to farm for it (Most likely places to get it would be either the Mistborn Coffers in Dragonfall, or you also have a chance to get the weaponbox from Dragonstorm) or maybe you've already got a Gift of Aurene box in your bank and weren't sure what to pick from it (This was me, that box was in my bank for about 3 years lol). With Landspear comming, it was a no-brainer for me to pick the spear from the box 🙂
  2. There will no doubt be an unlock method in the expac, same as skyscale got a second unlock method with SotO
  3. I've solo'd it using the skyscale instead of the rifles. This lets you get well ahead of the platforms and blast/take the agro from the turrets so that less hits the platforms. Just remember to fly through the magic orbs left by the turrets to refill your fireball ammo. Also remember to backtrack to the platforms after taking out turrets ahead, as the previous turrets respawn just behind the platforms as the last of them is passing the area they were. Soon as you've nuked the closest ones there, turn back to ahead and fly to the next spawn location of turrets.
  4. Generally speaking there are two situations you will encounter where there will almost always be invisible walls. 1) On maps with large meta chains, multiple lanes or fixed approach routes, and parts of the map locked off until the meta progresses, you will in most cases find invisible walls seperating the lanes and also blocking off all approach routes to the restricted area except the intended path. 2) You are trying to go over a high piece of terrain, large area of hill or mountain above an underground complex, or large cliff-faced area of which there's nothing accessible in the middle of it. In these areas you are walled-off because inside them the visible terrain often has no collision, it goes high enough to reach the map ceiling, and/or beyond what is visible from the invisible wall at the edge the surface terrain is simply not there and you can peer down into a pit full of the structural pieces that form an underground complex. One good example of the latter is Brisbain Wildlands. The surface above Skrittsburg is completely walled-off (barring a spot I know of where you can slip through). Go up the "mountain" above the Skritt city and there's places with no terrain collision and you can peer into the Skrittsburg tunnels from outside them. Completely useless place to access, and the only way out was back through the hole in the invisible wall or to waypoint out. Did have a laugh with a guildie though who was inside one of the tunnels by pretending I was a "ghost in the walls, WhoOooOooo!" hahaha! 😄 But yeah, most of the time you get a rock or something that has an invisible wall around the top of it, the top of said rock has no collision on it and the walls are to stop players getting up there and falling through the map into the void.
  5. The events with the wards/then on to Cellar of Arcana are not once per map cycle. The nearby events (right by the waypoint) for the gate defence/capture/fix stuff preceed the events to enter the Arcade and Cellar. If you want the event to access those to spawn, do the events at the gate and check in with Uenno between each one until you get the ward event. If you just sit near Uenno and the gate events don't get done, the wards event won't start.
  6. I don't really see Eparc as being some kind of softy/misunderstood. As it was stated by a few other Kryptis in this part of the patch, Eparc has ruled Nayos since "your world (Tyria) was young". So he's been the Midnight King for probably 100s of thousands of years minimum. Love isn't always altruistic, it's entirely possible for love to be possessive/obsessive, and given that his queen has almost certainly been a fixture in his life across most of those thousands of years it's completely understandable he'd not want to lose her/would be extremely pissed at her death.
  7. Quick tip for y'all. Mount Engage skill = Weapon skill 1. The Fireball skill on skyscale = Weapon skill 2. Go to your options --> controls --> second section "Skills" and add a second keybind for weapon skill 2 in the right-hand column (leave the left-hand column alone). Once you have done this, when you are on a skyscale the alternate keybind you have entered for weapon skill 2 will control your skyscale's fireball skill. Enjoy 🙂
  8. Here's my feedback. Skill 1: Is fine. I have no suggestions. Skill 2: Is fine. I have no suggestions. Skill 3: Needs to either be ground targetable (like Scepter 2, Staff 3, and Longbow 4) or just flat out appear on the ground centered on your current target. The duration is also not great (the shortest symbol duration by far out of all of them). If you're worried about too many ignition ticks if it's made a longer duration, then just cap the ignitions to the current max of 16 (4 seconds symbol duration, 1/4 cooldown on ignitions, max possible ignitions = 16) Skill 4: Honestly found this one to be ok other than it feels underpowered. (Pistol offhand is fighting with torch for condi build use, and with the current numbers possible from Torch 4 alone if you have the trait for the extra flip-skill throw, Pistol 4 + 5's damage just don't cut it) Skill 5: Very clunky to use. Would recommend hold-to-charge/release to fire, and the projectile should just detonate upon reaching your target. The knockback on level's 1 and 2, while it doesn't scatter the mobs, does push them out of any AoEs you or anyone else may have placed (Basically Ranger Longbow 4 type annoyance). Level 3 charge, the way it outright SCATTERS mobs with a 400 range 360 degree outwards push is Ranger Longbow 4 on steroids. The way level 3 scatters the mobs is also very counter-intuitive to the way guardian in general and pistol in particular are played. aka "oh a nice ball of mobs, let's cleave them with sword/axe/whatever or pierce them in a line with pistol" (Fires lvl 3 skill 5) "Uhhhh, now I can only hit one of them at a time because they're all over the place". If you want Skill 5 to have CC on it, I would suggest swapping the knockback for knockdown, or maybe a short daze on lvls 1 and 2, and a stun on lvl 3. So aye, mainhand pistol needs the symbol to be tweaked, and offhand pistol feels very underpowered. My general run-around guardian hybrid build does 1.5k more dps with Pistol/Torch than with Pistol/Pistol. I've found myself flat-out ignoring skill 5 completely when I was using offhand pistol because the mob knockback/unpredictable scattering was just plain annoying.
  9. The orbs respawn after a few minutes (It's about 5 minutes I believe). You can repeatedly fly though them for currency but of course there's a daily cap per map. From my own farming it seems Skywatch and Amnytas each have a cap of around 100 currency, and in Nayos the cap is about 300 (which makes sense since currenly Nayos is a half-map and has much fewer Arcane Chests to get daily currency from).
  10. Yup, as FortnitemareCourt said, you can just load your gear/food/sigils/etc into your bank ahead of the beta and your bank contents are cloned for the beta characters to use. That's how I've tested the stuff I wanted to look at.
  11. I was the one that pointed out the journal entry. When I replayed that section of story on another character I took a closer look at that particular instance. After Irja talks to Ramses when you first enter the instance, she hesitates near the camp entrance. She then pointedly walks out of the camp while you're talking with Peitha and co and disappears rather than go deeper into the camp to talk to the Tyrians as Ramses encouraged her to do. I can't recall where I saw dialogue reference for it. Suffice to say that if you're not the type like I am to constantly pan the camera around looking for details of what is going on, it's easy to miss her leaving.
  12. You seem to have missed/not noticed some dialogue from Ramses. After Irja goes to the camp and you finish-up there, Ramses has some later dialogue that Irja left the camp again (too scared of being around Tyrians). If you read the story journal for that part of the story, it's mentioned in there too 🙂
  13. Could be a bug, however the AA on the Weeklies has gone up from 40 per task to 50 per task. So there's 80 more per week there if you do all the tasks, and 70 less on the daily boxes across a week. So a net gain of 10 per week. It just looks like things were re-distributed a bit is all.
  14. My main tip would be to get yourself into the habit of strafing as you fight (aka circle your target) if you're able to. The constant movement will mean that in many cases you move out of AoEs as they are placed under you. If constant movement is too much/you're struggling with it, there are a ton of Low Intensity builds available on various build sites for GW2 that are easy to play, do good damage, and many are also quite survivable/tanky. My second tip would be to get yourself into the habit of scanning the ground around you and moving the moment you see any red rings on AoEs. Even the older style AoEs on mobs at the very least have a bright red edge on them. Newer ones used by many bosses/champs/newer mobs have far more visible solid orange circles/arrows to mark their most dangerous attacks. Third tip. Pay attention to the edges of your screen. Certain attacks/aoes will highlight the edges of your game window with an effect (seen mostly in newer content). Across all content the edges of your screen will turn red once your health drops below a set %. When you see the edges go red, you're in trouble. Turn and run, pop any defence skills you have/healing skills. You'll probably want to use at least one of your dodges. And as soon as the red rim has disappeared you can turn back to the fight and, depending on how full your health is, throw yourself back in or approach carefully and whittle mobs away at the edges 🙂
  15. Best place I know with a nice freebie way back up high is the Djinn stronghold at Jackal Run in Desolation (aka the Jackal mount heart). So long as you have the sand portal mastery, getting back up there is very easy. I also recommend doing the griffon races daily (not to mention this is an awesome way to get experience to level other PoF/Season 4 masteries). Also you don't have to follow the race route when doing one. You can fly wherever you want while the timer is running, and you'll teleport back to the start/can end the adventure and teleport back any time you want! Lastly whether you are on NA or EU, there's a great griffon flying community that runs regular workshops. The Griffon Academy [Wing]. We currently stand at 3 guilds since we ran out of room with 2! 😄 I can message with the discord link if you'd like it 🙂 Edited to add: if you search "gw2 griffon kindergarten" on youtube, look for the vid by Kat DreXed. Her basics tutorial vid is great!
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