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  1. To be fair, you can find players who criticize every LS episode and every expansion and it's not just a few of them who do. I have a feeling that the next expansion will determine the fate of the game. If it underperforms, NCSoft may just pull the plug.
  2. Your friend is likely not buying keys nor opening many chests.
  3. I'd say that the answer is likely a no. They already have difficulties supporting and maintaining the game on PC so adding other systems into the mix seems unlikely.
  4. PoF wasn't designed with gliding in mind so there's no reason to expect Cantha would be any different. Skyscale is an optional mount as its not required for anything but a few achievements and a legendary accessory. Also, addressing something you mentioned in an earlier post, skyscale is not a flying mount like in WoW. Freeflying doesn't exist in this game. Yes you can do something with the griffon swoop but it's impractical to use.
  5. Yep The Great Content Drought of 2015. I wouldn't be too worried about the pre-purchase as you really don't gain anything from pre-purchasing it as soon as you can versus the day before.
  6. It's apparent that you've never used it otherwise you wouldn't have made this thread. What you've described about the game's combat log is very different from ArcDPS.
  7. Probably for the same reason that they changed how stability skills worked prior to HoT to only then start adding mobs and bosses that use CC skills quite often compared to earlier content. /tinfoilhat
  8. What else would they spend those resources on? Fixing the countless bugs that have existed in the game for years? Take care of all of the bots and AFK farmers? Not a chance.
  9. I've maxed all masteries and recently did it again on another account except for the fractal and legendary crafting ones. I'll share what I have found to be the most efficient ways to get XP as far as time spent. For HoT masteries, the most efficient are the following in order: Lake Doric Leather Farm Dragon's Stand (up to towers) Doing Lake Doric without boosters, you can get twice as much XP as you would from Dragon's Stand with boosters. Unfortunately Lake Doric has DR so you can only do it about 1-2 hours at a time. Even more unfortunate is that nobody
  10. Considering that they're not breaking any rules, those reporting them are more likely to see themselves get into trouble. That is of course if there's anyone that even looks into those reports anymore.
  11. http://dulfy.net/2017/09/26/gw2-path-of-fire-mastery-insights-guide/ You can also look at achievements and go for those ones as well.
  12. But isn't that what Anet does... quite often?
  13. Not really. If this thread were intended by Anet to vote on whether to have it one way or another then sure. Also, disagreeing with you is not derailing.
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