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  1. Good news. The expansion reveal event just confirmed that seasons 4 and IBS would be given for free during the episode spotlight weeks.
  2. Xera can also be due to the gliding and perhaps with the bloodstone platforms members get teleported to during the second phase. I’ve seen people mess those up.
  3. My argument wasn’t about “how people choose to do a particular mode” but “how a particular mode functions”. In WvW, the bare minimum effort is to do something to reset the timer. Anything else done in between that time does not increase your pip gain for that tick. There is a difference between acquiring legendary armor through raids compared to sPvP and WvW. This is not a position that I will budge on.
  4. It does take awhile. I believe that I was spending an entire day to hit the weekly cap when I farmed the armor and ring. It wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.
  5. Be careful about countering someone's argument just for the sake of countering it as one that does this tends to tunnel and it just weakens their position. WvW and sPvP require no skill level to make progress towards the legendary armor. A brand new player can go straight to either and make progress. This is due to sPvP only requiring the player be in the match and pips being rewarded win or lose. For WvW, it's just a matter of maintaining participation which is fairly easy to do and doesn't require you to be active at all until you need to reset the timer. Raids, on
  6. It may be okay for you perhaps but would it be okay for others?
  7. The point was that in order to make legendary progression in PvE, players had to spend time working on their rotations, learning the raids, and actively participating in every encounter for its duration. This is vastly different from sPvP where you just need to be present in the match or repair the a wall once during a defend objective event (i.e. SMC wall) every 10-12 minutes. The rest of the time you can just AFK somewhere. WvW and sPvP can be jumped straight into without by a new player. You claim that it doesn't require skill to be able to weekly clears to eventually collect
  8. How I look at it is that the means to acquire the sets are not exactly balanced either. For the PvE armor, you would typically have to actively be participating and not to mention the time spent to bel able to earn LI. For both sPvP and WvW, it’s more of a time sink that can be done passively. For sPvP, win or lose, you make progress towards the legendary armor. For WvW, you just need to maintain your participation.
  9. Not by much and if that’s the threshold where you wouldn’t have an issue…
  10. Ok so they tag each event and then go “AFK” until the next.
  11. You have to look back and see that the original plan was for the only legendary armor in the game being through raids. It was only later that they added legendary armor through sPvP and WvW to appease those players but without a unique skin due to how resource intensive it was to create it. That was the compromise.
  12. I find this unlikely to happen as the individual currencies exist to pull players towards specific content.
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