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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrap the mystic forge event entirely and just add those recipes as a rare drop for the bonus events.
  2. We won’t know for certain but it seems that the other spotlight weeks will incorporate the jumping puzzles as an achievement. If we have to do the one in Ember Bay, expect to do the other two as well. AFAIK, the other two don’t require the checkpoints.
  3. Easy to miss if you unlocked it long ago and/or never attempted to craft them without the masteries. I only really noticed it when looking at what Miyani was selling on an alt which didn't have those masteries.
  4. Mechanics breaks up the monotony of just standing at an enemy and mashing your skills. They create more engaging fights.
  5. It depends on what the survey was hoping to achieve. Sending to just experienced players isn’t necessarily better. Surveying every player isn’t necessarily any better than surveying a fraction as well.
  6. False. You need it to craft all second generation legendaries.
  7. Surveys are not some loyalty/veteran thing. Overall surveys about the game are best done using random sampling otherwise the results may get distorted. Imagine if Anet did a survey about what GW2 players wanted but they were only sent to raiders.
  8. We’ll find out next month. For all we know, crafting may not even be involved.
  9. To be fair, none of the achievements for the other legendary trinkets were all that difficult either.
  10. I encountered it often with a Griffon when immediately mounting in the air after taking an air drop in Drizzlewood. It’s not hardware related.
  11. For both the first and last phases, you want to go to the one with the blue shield over it as it'll stop you from getting interrupted except from when it comes up at you from underground. For the last phase, you need to use the fire and attack the shadows.
  12. All story related achievements require you to re-do the instances again on the same character who has already completed the episode. It's something they stopped doing with HoT after all of the confusion and complaints.
  13. If you're going to do fractals then use: https://discretize.eu/ If you're going to do raids then use: https://snowcrows.com/ or https://lucky-noobs.com/ For open world, you can use whichever website. I'm not sure about sPvP builds and WvW as far as metabattle goes. Metabattle has had a lot of meme builds, builds with sketchy explanations, and so forth. A lot of people just see the builds as having as much worth as those belonging to another poster on the forums who did a ton of meme builds including one that gave themselves 60+ seconds of fear at Dhuum.
  14. Quickly get on mount to get back to the crystal again. I was able to progress it 2-3 times each phase. I also believe the attack has to do the full animation in order to count.
  15. I made this thread last week to highlight possible story instances which players may find themselves not getting credit for if they enter through the purple marker. With the next highlight week starting tomorrow, I figured that I would point out the possibility of them running into this issue with two instances: LS2E7 - No Refuge (Awarded when loading back onto the map) LS2E8 - The Mystery Cave (Appears to trigger after the cinematic when you're loaded back onto the map) EDIT: Looks like these ones were updated as the story step is progressing sooner t
  16. Morally right? In a video game? Leeching has nothing to do with morals. There are also various definitions of what actually is leeching. For example, if you have players who do 10K+ play DPS while others do 5K DPS, I’d consider the latter group to be leeching as they’re not pulling their weight. If you have people standing around and not participating in pre-events, such as for SAB, Destroyer, Modnir, etc, then I’d consider that leeching as well. What about if you were doing an event and someone arrives and “helps” for the last 20%. Would they be a leech too?
  17. Challenging content and super easy content can exist in the same game. I also don’t believe that it was the same group of players although that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t overlap among certain individual players.
  18. HoT and core Tyria gifts of exploration are different. They’re also used for very different legendaries.
  19. While it’s possible to get it solo, even with the issues, players have found it easier to do it in a group. I believe when I did it a couple months ago, I prioritized the targets which were further away so I’d have more opportunities to hit them.
  20. How many of those saying enrage timers actually impact those doing raids have actually done raids at all?
  21. The amount of work required for it was very much intended by Anet and I had no issues doing it all over again on an alt account a couple months ago.
  22. I looked and a lot of the celestial exotic gear is selling substantially higher than the cost to craft. It also appears to be the most profitable way to convert charged quartz into gold. This could simply be someone being dumb and flooding the market hoping to make some gold or they’re flooding the market in an attempt to bring down the prices. Celestial draconic plate sells for 27G and costs about 7G to make. That’s over 16G in profit from just two charged quartz. It’s also the armor piece that I found to have had a larger number of sell listings added recently relative to the other
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