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  1. I don't think we'll see them change this anytime soon as the devs themselves love participating in their boon ball GvG fights. It's a very narrow minded way of "balancing" that game mode. It's funny watching certain streamers, who's newish to WvW complain about how hard it is to build a PUG zerg. That's because a lot of players left and the players that are still playing the game mode KNOWS an inexperience PUGmander will lead them to demise when facing a comp boon ball. so far ... They've killed roaming. They've killed pugmanding. They've killed pirate shipping. They've killed siege defending.
  2. The nerf to strike damage really made Cele the king in WvW. Going Berserker doesn't hit as hard anymore as it used too. I know they did this to prevent those crazy one shot builds. However they didn't provide compensations for those nerfs. Add to this, the EOD e-specs (harbinger, willbender, mech) are heavily skewed to benefit the celestial stat.
  3. bittersweet. I miss playing with my "server" even though we were sort of a meme server. I've played with those guys for 10 years. 🥲
  4. Ele has been fun to play with in PvE. Needs some tweaking (which is a given since this is beta). Ele forum already has pretty good discussions about these issues. The one thing I wanna mention tho, and this is true in pretty much all of the betas I've participated in, is that this new weapon are just so undertuned. You want to entice the players to play with this new weapon. Start strong and balance them later.
  5. Bunny.9834

    Guns ?

    I support this. I was wishing the 3rd E-Spec was gonna be a Hunter Type Spec. Rifle would be a Long Range Single Target Condition Weapon that focuses on bleeding, cripple, and immobilize.
  6. Spear has an identity issue. What is it trying to achieve? Is it suppose to be Range AOE? Is it meant for PvE or Competitive?
  7. Warrior Spear failed in both the combat and visual aspects. It seems like it was an afterthought compared to the other ones.
  8. Goodluck landing those combos in competitive. It's pretty comical. It's like AA but with initiative.
  9. Made a collage of Staves that look like Spears https://imgur.com/a/TFF0kK9
  10. Yeah it's super unreliable in PvP cause of the constant enemy movement and it's slow to cast. Other than that, it has a lot of potential cause the rest of kit is fun to play.
  11. Spear is CLUNKY. This mechanic would've been nice if the casting times are faster. It's annoying trying to land these combos without quickness. The rest of the kit feels so weak compared to the Ranger and Mesmer, who has similar feel in terms of being a Duelist Type Weapon.
  12. I would like it if they make the final version of the Etching lingers a little longer so you can use it strategically instead of rushing to cast it right away.
  13. They need to make Staff a range condition weapon. 4/5 PvE Fire Staff skills already applies burning. They need to add a good amount of burning on Meteor Shower. Air Staff 2 and 5 needs help too in PvE. After seeing Air Spear 2 and 4, I wish those were in the air staff kit.
  14. With the land spear coming with JW... the big question is... How are we going to match the new spears with pre-existing skin collections? Aquatic Weapons have not been included with the newer collections of BL skins. If you look at the Wiki, land weapons have 300+ skins while aquatic weapons only have 100 or less skins. I'm guessing that it will be next to impossible to update all these collections to add spears. One simple solution that I suggest is for Spears and Staves to share skins. Some of the staff skins already look like spears anyways. Thoughts?
  15. Range Tempest with a Spear is the ultimate Mage fantasy.
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