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  1. Submit a ticket. Everyone has that directory in their logs but it does not refer to your computer. I am not sure but someone from Anet who answers the ticket can explain better. I believe it is some sort of referral where it gets files for updates or what ever once logged in from that directory on Anet's server. Not sure how that works exactly and this is just a guess but to reassure you. When you file a ticket please attach the crash file for them to get a better look.
  2. Thanks for that info. That should help the Dev Team as I have been told they are looking at what works for people. They are still trying to narrow down the cause of the problem to be able to fix it. It does take time and they are sorry for all the inconvenience but are very appreciative for all the feedback and the patience. We live up to the GW2 Community standards of being the nicest players out there. We know Anet WILL solve this. We just need to continue being patient. Thank you to all for your feedback. Different things have worked for different people from adding -windowed or -dx11
  3. Yes it seems the only way we can play for now until Anet fixes the problem completely. Others have suggested adding -dx11 to the command line (in lieu of -windowed ?? Not sure). Also I am not sure -dx11 would work for everyone.
  4. It is possible that it is working not because of the reinstall but because Anet has been working on it. Others have uninstalled and reinstalled and more with no success. So really consider this before taking this option. Putting -repair in the command line (best to make a new shortcut in case anything screws up) and trying that first is advisable before uninstalling. ___________ Submit a ticket as that is important information. 😮
  5. You can change it to windowed mode via the command line. You access that in the file's properties. Only edit a shortcut you make on your desktop since this will be just a temporary fix until Anet releases a new patch to fix this. They ARE currently working on things. I had submitted a ticket and they told me that. So make a new shortcut on your desktop (you can even just copy paste the one in your start menu as it is a short cut as well to the game) and then with the short cut on your desktop right click on it and select properties. Then in the shortcut tab of that where it says ...\Guild Wars
  6. I just saw this now when someone else quoted you saying they had the same problem. This sounds like a different problem than the majority are having so I suggest submitting a ticket to Anet and listing all the issues in point form going by date. I have noticed when they are overwhelmed they sometimes do not read the whole problem fully but just like when I have to talk to doctors it is the same thing: Point form and straight to the point and they usually DO actually read it all. Many times they may try to group you in with what other problems are but reading this I would say this is not the
  7. Wow you have done a LOT! But just so you know it is not you or your computer. It is due to the patch itself and Anet IS currently working on a fix. Question: Did the -windowed mode not work for you??
  8. Someone else stated the same thing (the File: D:\Perforce\Live\NAEU\v2\Code\Arena\Services\Handle\Handle.h(81)) saying that they did not understand how that it was D as that was their DVD drive.. either way .. the place to submit the whole log is in creating a SUPPORT TICKET and attaching it there. But Anet IS aware of the issue and is currently working on it.
  9. NOON as my last screenshot wasTuesday, ‎November ‎09, ‎2021, ‏‎12:06:05 PM (EST) as I was in PvP. Once I got out of PvP my game restarted and updated. That is when the problems started.
  10. I edited your quote for easier readability when making this post. I wanted to say read the other posts and you will see we are waiting on Anet and they ARE aware and the only temporary fix is to play in WINDOWED MODE which you can do via command line. Scroll this thread to see where we say how to do that. Other than that, just wait for a new patch to fix this as Anet IS working on it. Please be patient.
  11. There are also 2 threads on this in the Acct and Tech Support sections : https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/forum/8-account-technical-support/ Anet is aware of this issue and are working on it. The only temp fix that has worked for a lot of people is putting -windowed in the command line before launching the game and playing in windowed mode. Or putting -dx11 in the command line but that might not work for everyone.
  12. Wanted to add that ANET HAS posted in a related thread and said this (for all those who say it would be nice of Anet said something): Also Anet did get back to me when I submitted a ticket to say:
  13. That doesn't quite make sense to me but all I can say is from my own experience is that I was on when the update happened. I could play before the update. Update happened and I could NOT play after the update. Only thing that has worked for me as a temp fix is adding -windowed to the game's command line in the game's shortcut properties that I click on. I noticed many are just posting and not reading about the temp fix.
  14. You don't change to windowed in game .. because, just like for most of us in this thread, we cannot get that far into the game to do so. Are you able to make a new shortcut (in case there are any screw ups you don't want it to effect the original short cut) on your desktop and then go into properties and add to the command line -windowed at the end of it? Edit: Ah I see your 2nd post after that one. Okay if you don't feel comfortable touching the command lines that is fine. Always smart to be safe rather than sorry.
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