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  1. So world of warcraft is more entertaining to watch than play? Apparently. The people must not like the game very much to rather watch other people play Apparently people that watch sports must not like the sport very much if they’d rather watch than play. Apparently people that watch music performances must not like the music very much if they’d rather watch than play it themselves. Apparently people that watch TV/movies must not like the their lives very much if they’d rather watch events through imaginary characters than experience them firsthand. The difference there being that those le
  2. i don´t know, is a book authorradio hostprofessormusicianforum poster.....................also automaticly a narcisist for sharing his work/mind/activities/...? This makes me feel that mmo players are going the way of the dinosaurs. I notice mmo players are usually the first to call out mobile games as not being real games either so, it's not surprising that streaming isnt in their repitore as well.You know what would be really healthy for probably most people... Stop needing to call others out for your opinions. Stop calling them out as though somehow "you" possess some hidden knowledge tha
  3. I did not understand that at all either. I think the OP is referring to the group of people known as "gamer dads" - male gamers with growing demands on their time from family, work, etc. , so they can't spend as much time playing as they used to. There was a lot of focus from game journalists and developers on how to accommodate gamer dads for a while; not sure how much it's died down now. Maybe they've shifted to a more gender-neutral term.Once they get a little older nothing wrong with teaching them about your hobby and using it as an opportunity to get closer to your child while they lear
  4. Sage advice. Maybe not owe... I agree with the statement, I really do. I would only ask that maybe you could loan us some civility and honorable behavior. I will pay you back with the same and interest.This is directed at the OP to this quote. It is good advice to live and let live within what can be allowed. If you decide to come and kill chickens on my lawn all bets are off ;)
  5. Why does it have to be a matter of "blame"? You would only be at fault here for something if you choose not to try and grow as you live. At least speaking for me I would never blame you for ruining anything because you are shy or awkward. There are many reasons you might be that way that are not your fault and not within your control as you were raised. However if you are an adult and recognize this about yourself you have an opportunity here. You could use this socialization to grow. Maybe not all the time but start slowly using voice comm. Try and find a group of people that are mature and w
  6. You should try this straight in WINE and not the package and see what happens. Does it error does it play? Do you get exactly the same issue? You might also try using the gallium nine standalone with that card.
  7. It seems like people who want to use Linux certainly would like their preferred apps to run in Linux. I found the more I used Linux over the last few years the more I wanted to use apps that were created for use in Linux rather than the MS or windows alternatives. There is stuff I don't like about some of those apps but I choose to overlook those things in that I pay MS no money at all. That is a motivating factor for me to use it. It is either pirate Windows or legally use Linux. I could certainly and easily just take what I want but why do that when I have a totally viable alternative that
  8. You are acting like this is some sort of "free" bait and switch? Nothing is hidden. there is no scam. you can find countless hours of footage and opinion about this game online. no one is giving you a "paper pizza" here. you are knowingly coming into this knowing what this game is or you are willfully remaining ignorant. Again nothing is hidden. It is an MMO in its own style that sometimes resembles something else... The problem is what makes you think that you can get the full game for FREE :)
  9. I am guessing it is possible but you would probably have to do it all yourself. Compile all needed drivers, alter the system in such a way to accommodate either running WINE and all needed components or something similar. I looked for only about 5 min but did not find much on searching for data related to this. If you could get WINE running and your graphics drivers who know can say :) I am not very proficient in UNIX so maybe this has already been done actually.
  10. The only power players have to bring about a "fall" is stop buying gems to a large degree and just simply stop playing the game in massive numbers. That day will come. People cry and cry. They want their this or that to go on forever. That which has a beginning has an end. This game will to. People should enjoy the game now because it won't be around forever. ~snip~I present to you in this corner one, the original Guild Wars, that which has a beginning has no ending...last I checked the servers where still on and people still log on and play. Also, Second Life...it appears to have no ending i
  11. The only power players have to bring about a "fall" is stop buying gems to a large degree and just simply stop playing the game in massive numbers. That day will come. People cry and cry. They want their this or that to go on forever. That which has a beginning has an end. This game will to. People should enjoy the game now because it won't be around forever. Partly the reason I still actually log in sometimes is that this game runs like a champ on my old PC with Linux. As far as demotivation. The majority of the player base never comes to this forum. The devs if they are that swayed by the s
  12. People do love their nostalgia. It might please them for a time. It was fun when it was back then but now the fun is in the memory of it for me. I cannot say I want to play it again when I am already not playing the current version for years. People will find what they remember it was like is probably not exactly what they are going to actually play which was what it was really like. Nostalgia for me is most fun watching other people's. I have no time for it. Guess staying here sounds simpler.
  13. Hey there Armor, I am back (sort of) I had for the most part deleted everything for sometime now but decided to start transitioning back to playing a little again. Tried the current package and it works better by a decent margin compared to the last time I was using it (not sure which version I was using last year). I am getting faster load times and better FPS. I still get a little stutter but mostly in dense areas or high population spots. Did you ever get your package working with Gallium-nine? I get lower FPS using it through straight wine-staging with NINE but I get zero stutter just a
  14. I also have steam installed in openesuse with Proton 3.16 beta setup. I am not getting options for this in lutris when I try and install a runner? Did you have to take additional manual steps to make this runner available? I don't user Lutris very much normally do this manually with WINE so I am not that savvy with it and might be looking in the wrong spot or missed a step? I try and test all these different methods of playing GW2 with Linux and would like to test this as well if you can provide more info.
  15. They should not have to constantly clean all these needless posts up. People should have the decency just to search and scroll down like 1 or 2 more posts and see the others. I am wondering if they sticky a post right at the top will people even see them there or is it just about having a selfish need to make your "own" thread? Since they have not said no one actually knows and speculation gets a little old when there is no more data thus far.
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