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  1. An Exalted helmet would be amazing. The one with the 4 horns. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Exalted#/media/File:Exalted.jpg
  2. How about a backpack item that let's you have a spectral ghost hovering behind you. Here is a nice Mesmer picture of what I mean: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mesmer#/media/File:Mesmer_01_concept_art.jpg
  3. I just hate that you have to give up Chronophantasma if you want to buff the party. That trait is like the only difference between Chrono and Core Mesmer (and Continuum Shift but that one has a lenghty cooldown.)
  4. I love playing as Power/Boon classes but the alac chrono feels a bit outdated compared to all the other ones because: - Most of those builds for the other classes have mostly the chest, legs and trinkets with concentration to keep their alac/quick uptime to 100%. If I want 100% alac for the party I need gear that gives me 100% boon duration. None of the other classes need to invest so heavily into concentration. On the other hand if you want to give perma quickness you don't even need concentration at all? Why is that even the case. Also why do I need to take a specific core traitlin
  5. Would this also adress the many DC's and lags that I and many others are experiencing since the SAB update? The game is literally unplayable for me.
  6. Let us see the mount skins in the hero menu with the dyes which we have applied to our mounts, the same way we see the glider previews in our dyes and not in standard dyes.
  7. I know they would have to make the 3 backpacks from scratch but now that the game apparently does get better and better in terms of playerbase and profits, I'm sure it wouldn't bet too much to ask for.
  8. 1st dps: The dps difference between condi/alac and power/alac is way too big. Apparently to snowcrows the difference is around 8k damage so there is not point in ever using a power/alac ofver a condi/alac. 2nd Signets: The passive effects of Force and Shift Signets are way too strong and the active effect of the Force Signet is just useless as you can just use shield 4 if you need a push ability. The Active of the Overclock Signet is fine but an overclock mode would've been better as this would allow you to still use the Mace 3 and F1-3 abilities during the effect. The Overclock mode cou
  9. My biggest problem with the GW2 fashion is that there are barely any headgears that look good and cover your whole head. We really only got Grenths Hood, Abaddon Mask and the Ice Reaver Helmet in 10 years but are drowning in diadems, sparkly stuff, facemasks and headgear that shows your face. How about a Balthasar Helmet from the original Balthasar Outfit, a Mist Stranger Helmet, Brahams Wolfblood Helmet, a Mordrem inspired helmet, a Champion Blademaster Cellona inspired helmet, a Champion Forged Shieldbearer and Forged Champion Warmonger helmet (PLEASE) and Champion Captain Sutekh shoulders.
  10. So far maintaining the alacrity is a lot more annoying compared to Renegade/Mesmer as your Mech is sometimes all over the place and you need to keep attacking with mace 1. This creates the problem that if the enemy is mobile, invincible, you get CC'd, you want ro revive a player, etc. your alacrity output gets harshly affected. That's why I think the trait "channeling conduits" could spread alacrity every 3 seconds to help you keep alacrity up in those phases. Also why does the force signet do knockback instead of pull. His main weapon is a mace. Why would I want to push enemies away?
  11. I though it would be interesting if we could get a new rune of the golemancer or change the existing rune tu summon one of the new Jade Bulwark found in New Kaineng City Would look amazing to have 2 different green golems.
  12. I do like the playstyle of the Untamed and am glad that he finally got some more impressive visual skills like the new pet skills and cantrips. The problem I see is that his only role is being a dps. So far the best dps with a hammer is: start in pet-unleashed mode -> press f1,f2,f3 -> swap to unleashed mode -> use new ambush skills -> use your utilities and weapon skills -> wait until the ambush is ready again -> swap to pet-unleashed -> use f1,f2,f3 -> swap to unleashed and use ambush -> repeat. So you're 99% unleashed and only swap to
  13. Know that we have the https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Canthan_Spiritualist_Backpack I thought it would be nice if we could have a real tentacle version of it. Either way with roots/nature as a theme or mechanical arms like a cyber version of https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Wurm#/media/File:Bestiary_wurm.jpg similar to Dr. Octopus from Marvel.
  14. I just read that: "Conflux is a non-unique WvW-exclusive legendary trinket. Up to two rings can be stored in the Legendary Armory, allowing to equip two rings at once, one in each slot. " Does that mean that you get two of the white orbs if you equip 2 of the rings? Seems obvious but I have never seen a person with two of the white orbs floating around in the game. Can anyone answer that?
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