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  1. "The blacklist" just released their end of season episode where half the episode was made during lockdown. They used animation to fill the gaps in live action, and appear to have done some recording at home for voices. In some cases, the quality is quite poor, which interestingly works well in the context of those scenes. Somewhere down the line, arenanet decided the compromise to voice quality wasn't one they were prepared to make for their game. If arenanet doesn't want to compromise on recording quality due to lockdown, that is entirely their choice.
  2. I disagree. A legendary armory is not bound to appearance. Either craft ascended or more legendary armor if you want more fashion wars sets. Just because you have an opinion on it doesn't mean that's the only course they have to take. I'd be fine with the same appearance on all my, for example, heavy characters if that's how the armory worked, but let's be real, anet makes good bank on cosmetics and a method to manage both the legendary armory and appearances is likely.
  3. Taking coalescence as an example, you're looking at 6800 or so gems just for the gold cost, not factoring in the time, achievements and work involved. So, rough back of the envelope, you're looking at 10k gems minimum. I'm sure you'd be fine paying a low ball 5k gems, but anet ain't going to make that a reality.
  4. The term you are looking for is 'toe walker', like cats or dogs, sheep etc, as opposed to humans, that are ankle walkers.
  5. Just buy with karma from cathedral of glorious victory. Get a few stacks and return a few weeks later.
  6. Valve takes a 30% cut from sales on Steam. Are you prepared to wear a 30% bump in gem prices through steam?
  7. The guild Cape on my charr Ranger looks like he turned his napkin around.
  8. What would an expansion bring to wvw or PvP anyway? They could make it an amazing experience and you wouldn't need the expansion to play it anyway.
  9. No crafting stations and the mists isn't particularly conveniently organised
  10. I like to believe I'm shouting at the baddies and telling them to 'retreat', rather than my own team.
  11. As far as I'm aware, it's the only, or one of the few, exclusive areas that allows you to return the your last position on your previous map. This allows you to go to the mistlock, unload your bags, refresh salvage and harvesting tools, etc, and return to your previous map and continue. It also has excellent crafting station layout, and quick access to fractals. Compared to LA in particular, it has faster access to trading Post and guild bank
  12. I'm still able to create interesting character names today, nearly 7.5 years after release. It isn't that hard
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