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  1. BUT content could be fixed easily for the pictures.... 32:9 seems like half of a 16:9 screen, however if it is just handled like a normal screen and a 1080 or 1440 or 2160 height limitation would be in place the chracters would be rendered without corruption.... the height is the limiting factor , the width seems important but on a single 49" screen or 2 or 3 27" screens even on 2 24" screens you'll have plenty to watch on a screen if it fits . looking at the knees to the neck of my characters feels... well.... lacking... However with bezels in case of double screens maybe a shift left or ri
  2. I received my 49" 5120x1440p monitor recently as well. I'd say the proportions of the screen are completely the same as the resolution people see while playing on 2 regular 1920x1080 FHD screens or 2 2560x1440 UHD screens. There is just no bezel in the middle. For developers it would probably be the same as a spanned 2 screen setup, just place a second screen and evaluate. 2 and 3 screen solutions and resolutions have been supported by the game since.... well 2012. Playing on 2 or 3 monitor setups has been a thing for well over a decade now, almost 2 even... I played on 2 1080p monitors sinc
  3. Oh,... it's a bear. I figured it be a fat hyena, which happens if you farm noobs and PvE-ers trying to find a way to get a Gift of Battle to fed your mount.the armor does fit with Warbringer, The bandages are a biut slim maybe. But all in all good effort. On the few occasions I still log in I still play WvW now and then, and it would suit my char warrior perfectly.
  4. maybe options to trade in my stack of teleports to friend to an account bound perma teleport to friend,same for other consumables (bank, vendor and BL pickup) when you have 100 get an account bound perma one at a vendor.or a vendor for the mystic forge stones I have 400 or so of those. allowing for easy buy leggy parts or something. I would be really happy to trade these in most have been collected for 7 years now.
  5. I'll settle for a normal tome now, instead of a contraption to house all scrolls... we have scrolls for the cities (all of them IIRC, so black citadel, The Grove, LA , etc. )we have scrolls for the crafting areas, the mad realm, the place where we picked up the griffon, home portal stone and a few more...Then we have not yet began considering the LS scrolls... you'd get a drop down list bigger then your screen.
  6. Just to stay consistent. Would "The Devs/Creators/Staff" be so kind as to add a Season 5 Tome?So I can have my: Living World 3: Season 3 Portal TomeLiving World 4: Season 4 Portal TomeIcebrood Saga Season 5 (or Whatever) Portal Tome...all together. Just follow the same system, only receiving scrolls from this season.Please? Pretty Please? -That's some nice tomes you have there! Thanks!
  7. The Icebrood saga 1:Finished 1st story step, DC-ed back to start screen, unable to restart story or get back into map (no WP). Symptom:Crash/DC upon confirming exit story part. (I did retain the mastery.) Issue solved, now to get my main in theis map... (TY for the move)
  8. I'm still upgrading my guild hall. Not that most will ever see it though. Save a few friends who joined it to stay in touch, but who are now mostly ghosts in Tyria. I have 1 member who is active. My guild is now lvl 30. My goal has always been to get to 40 and get the extra part unlocked. If I continue this I might make it before my 1st characters turn 10.... I used to be into alting and dye collections, still miss well.... 14 to 20 dyes or something. I made Dungeoneer yesterday, so that's completed.... Been here since headstart and was active for nearly 6 years, I 'm taking more and more time
  9. no fall damage reduction would complicate WvW for newer players without mounts or gliders....
  10. I still log in, though less frequently. There are still active guilds, quite a lot actually, the big ones work by word of mouth only.
  11. Great, We will see this soon^tm for a small amount of gems at a BLTC near you!
  12. My biggest problem is with the simple fact I have 27 character slots, consider this to be for the 9 classes and 3 play types, being DPS, Condi, or Healer. 27 characters, most of these characters have a build for open world PvE, 1 for instanced PvE, 1 for WvW and 1 For PvP even though I rarely play PvP. The simple fact I cannot even store all the main builds of my characters seems a weird issue. This equates to 27 builds. Actually saving all builds on these characters would be 81 builds using the old PvE,WvW,PvP storage system. Using my own system and considering my own builds I know by he
  13. So I have 27 character slots, what would I end up with? Is it still ok to view?
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