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  1. I really am enjoying the Charr content thus far. I have a couple questions. Thanks for taking the time to read! Can we get new faces/hair/horns for Charr please? We can NEVER have too many options :o I love this new long bow skin, the problem is, longbow is a very dicey weapon in that most builds/specs currently won't use them often, they just suffer a lack of identity and viability. Can we PLEASE do something about Dragonhunter's longbow being totally unused? It feels super bad having an elite spec's weapon be so weak in pve. Please give me a reason to use these beautiful longbow skins aside
  2. My biggest concern with the Rev changes to hammer is.. hammer is rarely used outside of wvw now, doing these changes at this point will it make hammer totally obsolete? I would favor changes that actually make ALL weapons attractive to open up better build diversities over obsolescence. Is there not some way to make this a more attractive weapon for pve? As a backline hammer rev, I really enjoyed how it plays even in pve but there's no room for it in fractals or raiding at all. I would strongly prefer changes that make things not soo cookie cutter in the sense that only ONE set of weapons for
  3. Man oh man, I didn't think I'd get these responses but all of them are awesome. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me on here. It totally gives me some hope to find people to play with.My time zone is Eastern time in NA. I tend to play various hours, usually up by noon and online until I go to sleep. I try to hit up prime time when I see people tagging up in wvw and try my best to follow the group. I die an awful lot being outside of the squad mind you, but it's still fun and I am still progressing just by following them, albeit likely slower then they might be. I've been picking up
  4. I would love it's current 'restrictions' to be reduced by at least half of what it is, if not full flight.
  5. That's helpful though not entirely sure. It would be a support firebrand type build for wvw is what I was thinking, but it was mostly just in general finding some good support stuff to help a group.
  6. We all know making Minstrel's is very pricey.. but is there a possible combination to mix from badge gear in wvw for example?Perhaps mixing Cleric's with Knight's? I'm kinda at a loss and wanted to experiment with support firebrand or even scrapper but making these armors is out of the question for me currently, I lack all the supplies lol Any info on what to combine would be really helpful and appreciated.
  7. Not that I am aware LOL.My wvw rank is something like.. 12? I think? I jussst started this stuff. Got the warclaw last night though :D
  8. People see this as an assault on pc games and stuff that use this.. but in reality? It's aimed primarily at all these mobile and facebook style games that machine gun lootbox/their pay to win currency in the face or you get hardcore blocked from progression. This affects these games we play to some degree but I don't know if the black lion chests count as the same because you can SEE everything that is in it and you are guaranteed SOMETHING from the visible list. Who knows :/ In a way? I like to see the bill pass because it IS very very predatory. The industry KNOWS it's predatory because the
  9. Thanks for the response. I've been really debating on if/where I'd like to use my transfer. I understand I get a free one since I haven't moved realms since I've been playing.
  10. Yeah, from a lot of people.. this seems to be what I'm hearing.. sounds kinda dull tbh, pvDooring -.-; F'sake lol. Been doing this, killing sentries, recapping smaller targets etc already actually. It's all I really can do atm. Seems like all modes in this game block off any new players entirely in similar fashions for similar reasons. Sure it can be obtainable to anyone who wants to push but it's very disheartening for sure. Edited to add: I am thankful for the replies people have given so far, but I'll still keep trying. Can't accomplish anything if you just sit and don't even try, right? :)
  11. warclaw doesnt take too long.i dunno what 'higher rank' is for you, but having basically a rank that scream 'i am new here' can indeed keep people away. it indicates that you might not know the basics of the mode be it about supply, objective mechanics(upgrades,tactics/improv), warscore, commonly used builds and their roles in various scales of combat or commonly used siege placements for attacking/defending etc. because explaining all that to a new person can be tiresome and many then might not stick around for long. basically a higher rank means that you know what you are getting yourself i
  12. Can i have the Griffin rent now? I'm not the sort of person who gets all mad at people having rental mounts at all despite my having done the collections for them. Rental mounts tend to be gutted compared to the full mastery unlock anyway. I don't see how it would necessarily be a terrible thing. :/
  13. Yep yep! That's some of what I was doing since I get creamed without support LOL.
  14. I have been searching for a guild or group that's on Kaineng that would be willing to teach me more about WvW. Trying to find one has been extremely difficult. I have played this game since it came out but only recently did I decide to give wvw a try and I've found it to be fairly fun. The only problem is, I found that without the warclaw and higher ranks, nobody wants you. It sucks, I don't WANT to sit there afk flipping forever, I want to actually have people to run around with. I'll basically learn to play whatever is needed, I have every profession leveled. I have a bit of ascended gear. I
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